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ABOUT Paul Davids

Paul Davids is a leading expert on the history of science fiction cinema and the Hollywood connection to extraterrestrial-related phenomena.  He was executive producer and co-writer of the Showtime film Roswell, starring Martin Sheen and Kyle MacLachlan, which was nominated for a Golden Globe as Best Television Motion Picture of 1994. 

The UFO issue has been a matter of science fact for him for almost two decades, ever since his widely reported 1987 daylight disc sighting in close proximity. In 1996, he was guest speaker at the banquet for the 50th anniversary of the White Sands Missile Range Pioneers, where he spoke about the Roswell Incident.

He has produced numerous informational programs about UFO’s and been a frequent speaker at major UFO conferences, including symposia for MUFON and NUFOC, the UFO Crash Retrieval Conference, and the X-Conference.

Paul earned a B.A. from Princeton University, where he won the university's three top creative writing awards all in one year (including the F. Scott Fitzgerald Prize). Afterwards, he studied under full scholarship at the American Film Institute Center for Advanced Film Studies in Los Angeles.
He is the noted author of six STAR WARS books for Lucasfilm, was a producer of the popular TRANSFORMERS animated TV series, and has also made films, such as Starry Night, which was released by Universal Pictures for TV and DVD, and Timothy Leary’s Dead.

His website is