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Doc Waterman

This would be better if Emily Cragg knew more accurately who the ancient Israelites are.

Contact me if you desire.

Doc Waterman

Craggy Emily

You must have a hell of a boring life to keep clinging to this shite.. Go back to lunar photos of aliens on deckchairs please. At least that was amusing.

A and J

Dear Emily,

My husband and I have some information that we would like to share with you. Would you be so kind as to reply by email so that I can send it directly to you?

Thank you so much,


allan maclean ltcol

i am a son of edward V111 born in 1928 stolen and sent to australia.

Emily Windsor-Cragg

Don't know how to contact you folks.

Doc Waterman, see Yair Davidy, "The Tribes: the Israelite Origins of Western Peoples, published in Hebron Israel, undated. The Tribes of Dan and Judah emigrated to Cork County Ireland.

A & J: You can reach me by email at [email protected], but I don't have an addy for you here, unfortunately.

Allan McClean, LtCol., I don't have an email address for you either, and it would be nice to get in touch. Please write me at [email protected]

Thank you all.

Patrick Cook

Hi Emily,

I just watched a video of you on YouTube - Axis shift, Nibiru, & Positive Timeline: ETs move Earth to Orion inside techno-Sun/Dual Sun device? ..

and wanted to lend some support to your theory (switching of suns) and the evidence of a gradual pole shift currently in progress.

I noticed our sun changed from Yellow to White a while ago. I'm sure everyone can remember drawing a sun as a child, and it was always yellow.

I've had a lifetime of contact experience, near death and past life review as a child, just to give you an idea of the drive behind my personal search.

Star watching is something I've done for years and Orion's position (as all other stars) have indeed changed. Stars in fact have changed position and moved while under observation. I've observed this many times and also with my son.

On another occasion we saw a large planet in the sky (a little smaller than a volley ball), it was green and blue and had streams of vapor from all around its surface as it descended directly towards the earth at a very slow pace. This was about 4pm and no real clouds to speak of in the sky at the time.

From my understanding of physics, this should have caused massive earth quakes and tidal waves from the gravitational forces at work, but nothing. My son and I sat there and watched it dumbfounded for a while before returning home. Unsure what to make of that.

Just wanted to lend some moral support. Best of luck to you.


Sally Wong

Dear Emily

it's unmistakable: you look like your father.

1) Vatican - although you mention them above as " infiltrating & " occult"
in the interview with Kerry Cassidy - you mention censoring the Catholics as wrong because censoring is wrong!!??

Please see Eric Jon Phelps (author of Vatican Assassins) about how 'diabolical and murderous' the Jesuits are wherever they are left to themselves unabated, for example,
they set up Hitler to rule and kicked your father out.


Hi...I am the grandchild of King Edward VIII & Wallis Simpson. My father was born in 1937 as Wallis was pregnant with him already during the abdication crisis in 1936....He was dumped in East-Europe by the establishment. Edward aka David gradfather had many other children with many women....

What prove do I have? My life was made hell after my father died in 2008....& pictures, info & my DNA.

david jones

What is the name on her birth certificate? who is her mother? by what right does she call herself Lady Emily. What proof other than speculation is she the daughter of Duke of Windsor? Many unanswered questions here

david jones

As for looking like he supposed father I think that person needs to have their eyes tested. Absolutely no resemblance at all. The major difference is the shape of the face, followed by the nose, eyes,etc.

John Hurst

Emily, Are you aware that Ch. 61 of Magna Carta as invoked in 2001 and a Barons Committee was established? See my Blog for a copy of the petition that was served on Elizabeth.

Here is a video about it:

Regards, John Hurst.


There is NO legitimate claim. William is the legitimate heir by rightful inheritance and law. Even were Charles to be refused the crown by Parliament, William is the legitimate issue of a marriage that had Crown and Parliament's approval. A more sound comparison would be to James II - he was removed from the throne in favor of the daughters of his first marriage. His son with Maria Beatrice of Modena was barred from the throne, as was their line. So Catholic James and his papist heirs, no. Prot daughters? Yes.

If Ms Cragg was EDVII's illegitimate daughter, she would be ineligible because she's illegitimate.

Jarumir Khan

Question: Is Angela Merkel the daughter of Adolph Hitler ?

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