TRANSCRIPT-Origin & Exposure of the Chronogarchy Hidden Time Controllers: Book Contributor Mark Snider & Alfred Lambremont Webre


Origin & Exposure of the Chronogarchy Hidden Time Controllers: Book Contributor Mark Snider & Alfred Lambremont Webre






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NOTE: This interviewer as a Tribunal of Conscience Judge has issued an Indictment and Judgment against YouTube and its corporate parents/controllers Google, Alphabet, and Blackrock for Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity as intentional disinformation perpetrators of the genocidal technologies pandemic. See:


TRANSCRIPT-Origin & Exposure of the Chronogarchy Hidden Time Controllers: Book Contributor Mark Snider & Alfred Lambremont Webre

ALFRED: Welcome everyone. I'm Alfred Lambremont Webre, and it's a great privilege today, to be in the conversation with, Mark Snyder of revolution, radio, and other enterprises about the book, the Chronogarchy in which a chapter, appears of a previous, dialogue that Mark and I had on issues about the Chronogarchy. So welcome Mark.

MARK: Well, thanks Alfred. I think I'll start out with a question that I remember from reading your manuscript. It said that time travel and correct me if I'm wrong, but time travel can actually make you insane at times, especially if you're moving between timelines and that's why they were experimenting using children. Is that true or.

ALFRED: That's a very interesting question. One of the principal sources that we have for the Chronogarchy are whistleblowers from the top secret, agency within the US Government Project Pegasus, which is a DARPA, CIA kind of partnership, for time travel, and time travel surveillance. The Chronogarchy, which I'll explain more, uses the US Government and military intelligence agencies to develop this technology and then apply it and conduct time-travel surveillance and other things.

So, with this technology, then, US Chrononaut Andrew, who is one of our principal whistleblowers describes eight different types of time travel technology. One of them is relatively stationary called the Chronovisor that was originally developed by the Vatican, and then contracted out by the Vatican to the Pentagon, which then developed it further into two- dimensional Chronovisors, and three-dimensional Chronovisors.

We are human souls - or other types of souls - that are incarnating into a time-space hologram known as our Universe. And every event in this hologram has a time-space address, time and place. So you can enter that address into a Chronovisor and dial it up. And the Chronovisorwill take you there. So it's like watching, you know, you can go forward in time and dial that up, and it'll take you there and backwards at time.

Now that's over simplifying it because there are different timelines. And if you go to the future, you don't know whether it's probabilistic, it's not deterministic. You don't know whether you're on a timeline that will not materialize because certain deterministic factors. But to answer your question, what Andy said is that initially, the Chronogarchy, which is the shadow group, these interests, and I'll define the Chronogarchy shortly, contracted out to DARPA, CIA to develop these machines.

And they in turn, went to the slums in south America and got street urchins, because they were, I guess, the most expendable people that they could think of, and did their early experiments on them because they, they wouldn't be missed. And finally, when they, got up to, you know, so that people wouldn't be automatically killed in these things, they had regular children, but they found that, adults had too much ideation.

So in experiments they would do with actual time travel, they would do with children. Although I know that, there were adults who were time-traveling.  I know that Andy Basiago’s father was one of the controller in Project Pegasus. He time traveled back to Abraham Lincoln Gettysburg address, and he and Andrew met each other at the Gettysburg address, and bumped into each other.

Andy’s father had not publicly acknowledged him because Andy Basiago said, Hi Dad. And,  they had not to recognize each other, because they would have blown their cover and really got into problems there. So these are some of the things that our operational issues on time travel, that if you go into Netflix and other places where time travel movies are really popular you can witness,  because they're a very popular genre.

You'll find all of this stuff there because that's how they leak all of this secret time travel material out into the public to make it “non credible and fantasy”. I'm not sure whether that's totally responsive to your question, but, is it?

MARK: Yeah, I think so. So have we had time travel since world war II, did Germany, were the Nazis, the one that really invented time travel?

ALFRED: That's a good question. because that's kind of buried in; that's kind of buried back in there because, you see teleportation is time travel along a single timeline and time-travel is teleportation across multiple timelines.

And teleportation has always been with us. and that is through natural star gates. And that has always been practiced by civilizations. In fact, if you go into the reports of where did the Mayans go, there's some reports that the Mayans simply access natural star gates and teleported, and left their cities that way.

And I have a colleague who, whose avocation is to photograph the UFO overflights over the US Capitol area, which has been a traditionally, a very busy area. And he has photographs of a classical Mayan, a Mayan from the classical period. who's standing in full regalia, classical Mayan regalia at the edge of the reflecting pool of the in front of the U S Capitol who could have only gotten there through natural teleportation through a star gate.

So we have always had had that sort of time travel through natural star gates. And, what we're talking about now is the, the intense use and application of, technological, time-travel for purposes of manipulation.

I think that interdimensionally, that has always been part of our circumstance. I would say Exopolitically, and, part of what we would call the Lucifer rebellion, which is 250,000 years old. Let me read from the actual book. This is chapter one of, of the Chronogarchy book.

So it asks what is the Chronogarchy and it reads, "the Chronogarchy is an interdimensional hidden power structure, monitoring the time-space of earth as its domain of influence operating as a secret government using quantum access time travel technologies to carry out its operations and mandates in the third density of Earth's time-space dimensional hologram, the Chronogarchy develops and deploys a variety of quantum access time travel technologies to carry out its elaborate long range past present, and future base construction and manipulation of artificial time-based meme legend within which to entrap and enslave humanity and human souls."

"The Chronogarchy is an interdimensional Alliance dedicated to the oppression of the community if human souls and includes a factions and human institutions such as religions, governments, military intelligence agencies, line families, monarchies media, medical pharma, as well as B our conic spiritual entities, including fallen angels. That's the Lucifer reference, demonic entities and exophenotypes hostile to the community of human souls, such as the Draco reptilians and Ryan grace, and see sentient AI, artificial intelligence, US President George HW Bush, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Donald J Trump, and Joseph Robinette Biden were pre identified, groomed briefed by the Chronogarchy secret presidential time travel pre identification program.

Now, just to give, to answer your question to get into the time span, we will include in the Chronogarchy. there's a section in my previous book, the third book in the Omniverse trilogy called Emergence of the Omniverse, where it's shown that a manipulative category of ETs say Draco reptilians control, part of the reincarnation process, where to unconscious souls set up like a false light.

And when unconscious souls die, they'll set up like, you know, images of Jesus and the individuals, the dead person's relatives and everything. And the dead person thinks that they're going to heaven, but they're just going to this chamber, this reincarnation chamber, and then they're scooted right back into a body. And they're immediately sent back into an automatic forced reincarnation cycle. And the purpose of it is to keep them here in kind of a suffering reincarnation circle for the production of louche this kind of soul energy, and to keep them suffering and creating louche so that they are part of the Chronogarchy also because they control time and the person's life by monitoring their life from the fourth dimension.

That's to give you an idea of how layered and multi-dimensional this whole operation and enterprise is,.

MARK: You know, in your book, you showed a pyramid, a hierarchy, and with different groups in there, the Jesuits were in there, different groups, the Illuminati, do you think the Nazi should also be in there?

ALFRED: Well, yeah, because it's very interesting. I've always spelled that the Nazis as NOT dash SEE NOT SEE, they don't see spiritually because the third Reich I think was set up by the Illuminati, and Hitler and was part of the intervention.

If you go back to the late 18 hundreds, you had the world masons that laid out the plans for world war one, world war two and world war three. And, the Masons are controlled by the Order of the Garter. And then the Order of the Garner it's, it's the Monarch of the UK, the Monarch of England and the Prince of Wales that are the two principal officers of the order of the Garter, these are Luciferian officers.

One version of Adolf Hitler was that he was conceived at Luciferian ceremony. Various versions was that Hitler was conceived by the father of King Edward the eighth, and Hitler was the half-brother of King Edward the eighth. So that you had King Edward the eighth on the throne of England and then King George the sixth, because Edward, the eighth abdicated at king George, the sixth on the throne of England, and you had Adolf Hitler on the Throne of Germany, and they were half brothers, and they were both Illuminati puppets, you know, and that's what's going on.

And of course, Adolf Hitler was, was totally enwrapped in the occult, when he went to, to Vienna, the first thing that he did when he went to Vienna was to go to the museum there to get the spear of destiny, the spear that allegedly pierced the ribs of Christ. Yeah. when I went to Vienna for the UN outer space conference, I went over to that, to that museum.

And I spoke to the director and I said, show me the Spear of Destiny, show me that thing. And he says, what are you talking about? So there's layers, you know, either he was bluffing or there is the esoteric and the occult layer of society. And then there's the kind of bureaucratic, and the one doesn't know what the other layer knows.

MARK: Okay. Do you think that Hitler and the Nazis escape to Antarctica after world war II?

When I went to Argentina to deliver an exopolitics lecture, at this, at this conference, at the center for UFO information, that's right at the edge of this mountain, that's known to be a UFO mountain. I was taken and shown the hotel where Adolf  Hitler stayed when he first landed in Argentina.

And it's very well known down there.

MARK: Wow. So do you think one group went to Argentina and one group went to Antarctica?

ALFRED: No, no. Argentina was the landing point. Then they went to Antarctica. It was just kind of a landing point.

MARK: I see. So do you think that there, we have a breakaway civilization that the Nazis are the breakaway or not? What do you think?

ALFRED: Well, I think that it's a very fluid situation now, and, and I think that the good side is winning my interpretation of this solar system is as follows that this solar system has been greatly impacted by a kind of star wars, good versus evil situation that we've had in this sector of the galaxy and universe, about 450,000 years ago.

And we know we have the proof of it that, there was, first of all, we had a very advanced, inner planet, human interplanetary civilization here with advanced verdant, planets earth and Mars. And, there was a nuclear war on a very large advanced planet, which destroyed that planet, which then became the asteroid belt- Maldek.

And that was about 450,000 years ago. And in that war, Mars was also greatly destroyed from a verdant planet down to kind of an oblong planet, with a very thin atmosphere and no surface vegetation, just reptilians on the surface and about a million humans underground.

And, we can now prove that there are radioactive nucleotides on the surface that are of the sort that they have in hydrogen bombs. So, that's how we know that that war occurred and we were able to date it. And this is all timed into what we call the Lucifer rebellion, where if you take the theory of the omniverse universe, multiverse omniverse, that is in the spiritual dimensions, there was a rebellion against the divine order by high spiritual beings, angels like Lucifer, who in this sector of our universe, took a large portion.

There were at least 32 planets or planetary systems that went over and Lucifer and his lieutenants, Satan and Caligastia, who set up, this system as a rival to the divine system. And for the last 250,000 years, that's why life has been so difficult here, added to which was an invading pathogenic predatory in organic artificial intelligence in league with the AI, all of them, their purpose was to defeat and take away earth.

And its contiguous 32 life-bearing planets which went along with the Lucifer rebellion as divine incarnation planets. Now, thankfully that has been defeated. And you can say that we are sort of one of the early generation of souls that are now retaking the earth and that's, that's how our function and that's why you have books like Exopolitics.

That's why you have books like The Omniverse. That's why you have the Exopolitics movement. That's why you have books like The Chronogarchy. And, but that's why you have things like the pandemic. And that's why you have things like world war one and world war two. Well, there's still, there's still a reptilian factor trying to blow up this planet as they blew up metal deck is.

MARK: It's the pandemic. Can we talk about this? Because I don't know if you want to put this on YouTube or whatever, but I kind of want to get into some of the,.

ALFRED: Yeah, let's go for it.

MARK: You were talking about AI. Do you think the COVID shots are trying to insert a kind of AI in people?

ALFRED: Yeah, I've been told, you know, that there's in fact there's, I was told that there are a whole large number of white hat, worldwide hat, military units that are aware of this and that are ready to move in on the perpetrators of the pandemic. We as a tribunal, would I say, we have a tribunal of conscience.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: As a result of this passage in the interview, You Tube has unlawfully blocked ExopoliticsTV on You Tube from uploading videos, an acts that constitutes Genocide and Crimes against Humanity, and readers are urged to permanently BOYCOTT YOU TUBE, and its parents, Google, Alphabet and Blackrock.]

By contast, the "so-called Grand Jury - The Court of Public Opinion" allegedly presenting evidence of genocide and crimes against humanity to 364,944 views on YouTube did NOT draw a Strike or any Penalty from You Tube. Why the Disparity?


HERE IS THE NOTICE OF Unlawful of Rejection of Appeal by Alfred Lambremont Webre of ExopoliticsTV:


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There's now a new Nuremberg 2.0 grand jury.

We've proved all of that. There are three batches of the vaccines that were at a #(1) designation placebos, the (#2) number two where the mRNA designation, which are trying to change the DNA of the human to AI DNA so that you would be incorporated into the transhumanist AI and the (#3) third, the batches that had a three at the beginning, this is what I was told, were the batches that were death shots.

And those are the ones that have resulted in death. So in, in, in the first it was a placebo with no great effect, excuse me, I'm just going to drink some tea cause of my throat.

MARK: Sure. So the first one, the first one was probably the saline solution.


ALFRED: A lot of people probably got that saline solution. Yeah.

Yeah. Okay. And the number two was the mRNA Bioweapon, and that was to do a DNA transformation on them to, to incorporate the transhumanist agenda and to entrain them to the art evading artificial intelligence so that they would be susceptible to the AI as God.

MARK: Yes, doesn't the COVID shot take away your natural inclination to look towards God or the universe or creation however you want to.

ALFRED Yes. Yes. And in fact, we have video from the Pentagon showing that they were experimenting with those vaccines and they were vaccinating ISLAMIC guerrilla warriors in the middle east, eliminating their God gene. So that is a way to eliminate the human beings Openness to God.

What we know is God is a signal that comes through the interdimensional portal at the core of our universe, through the interdimensional portal, at the core of our galaxy, through the interventional portal at the core of our solar system, which is the sun. And it comes right in through here.

MARK: I've heard that some people that get this shot depending on what batch they got and what they got in the shot will actually become like a different person.

ALFRED: Yes, yes. they, they become different people. And not only that because of the spike protein, they become bio weapons themselves and is dangerous to be around them because they in turn are, are emitting, spike, proteins, turning other non vaccinating people into having those same effects, such that, and this, this comes directly from Pfizer's research papers.

So I said a, a non-vaccinated pregnant woman who comes within proximity of a VAX mRNA, a person would lose their baby.

MARK: Well, hasn't Dr. Michael Yeadon. I think he was, a research scientist for Pfizer. And I think maybe a VP, he said that he thinks the COVID shot is, an attempt to reduce the world's population.

ALFRED: Yes. And in fact, our tribunal in November of 2020 issued 108 page indictment, which you can access freely at PEACEINSPACE.ORG, in that indictment, we indict perpetrators heads of state of all nations that are involved, health departments, vaccination companies, the whole gamut.

And we go back and we, we we've located things like secret meetings that occurred on May 5th, 2009 at Rockefeller university in the president's room, organized by Bill Gates and David Rockefeller Jr. With the purpose express purpose of reducing the population of the earth from 7 billion to 1 billion and setting out the pandemic.

And from that, they commissioned the Rockefeller report, which then was produced and published one year later in, in, 2010. And the Rockefeller report set out all of the milestones of the pandemic, including the 2012 London Olympics whose opening ceremonies was a pantomime of the pandemic, where they had Boris Johnson and the NSS nurses coming through all in hospital beds.

This was before Boris Johnson was even, you know, thought to be the prime minister. Then they had the world military games there. They had event 2 0 1, which was in 2019, that was all set out. And Peter Schwartz who was commissioned by the Rockefeller foundation. And by that secret group that met on May 5th, 2019, he was head of a group that was contracted -  the world business forum.

Peter Schwartz was a fellow futurist of mine at Stanford Research Institute. And he wrote the genocidal Pandemic entire scenario and published it in 2010 as the 2010 Rockefeller report and wrote that as a scenario for the 2019, 2020, 2022 pandemic. And he's as much a war criminal as anyone else. And we have indicted him.

MARK: so if I had to, I'm trying to, in my mind, paint this hierarchy, so maybe we have Satan at the top than the fallen angels and then the Draco reptilians, and then the Illuminati and then the globalists, and then the Nazi breakaway society, whatever you want to call it. So I don't know, does that, what do you think of that? I mean,.

ALFRED: Well, yes, that, that that's a model, you know, and you have Jesuits and you have the Luciferian Israelis and all of that at the top of it. If you want to put Lucifer there, what one reliable interdimensional source the Urantia book says is that Satan has been tried and executed I mean, Lucifer Satan is a Lieutenant of Lucifer.

So yeah. Yeah. So at the top, Lucifer has been tried and executed. He was offered, you know, sort of compassion, you know, whatever, but he refused it. So he was executed. So all these Luciferian still worship something that doesn't exist anymore. So the point is that the Luciferian power of this very rebellion is over.

And we are we human souls that are incarnating now on a divine oriented where we claiming this solar system and the contiguous solar system and this play planet for divine or order and morality and justice and natural law and goodness, and righteousness.

MARK: So we've seen such a tremendous outpouring of evil in the past year or two, but we're also seeing it balanced by a lot of good as well. do you think there's going to be a false flag alien kind of invasion.

ALFRED There could be, you know, there could be many, many different scenarios. However, it is much more plausible. It is much more plausible@this stage that the regional collective governance council and people can go to EXOPOLITICS.COM and look at the interviews and the analysis that we had, with the with the NORAD officers that interacted with the regional galactic governance council of the ethical human civilizations of the Pleiadians, the Alpha Centaurians, the Sirians, and others in the regional galactic governance council that have been overseeing our human solar system for the last million years. It is much more plausible that we're now picking up the pieces of the Lucifer rebellion and that we're just sweeping up, you know, the ends of it.

And that this is the last kind of attempts of the dark side to make noise. And, that's what's true.

MARK So if Lucifer's not around anymore and we've just got, Satan is.

ALFRED: No, no say, listen, when I say they're gone, all that is gone, All that you're dealing with now are the, the lower ends of the pyramid. And you know, these people who are kind of running around on automatic, who don't know anything trying, you know, there's a French phrase called sauve qui peut, they're all trying to save their own hide.

MARK: Oh my goodness. Yeah. That does explain a few things. It seems like the, the stuff that's coming out from NASA is just kind of ridiculous sometimes to whatever the straight story. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I, I can't even listen to them anymore. It's just, you know,.

ALFRED: Yeah. I mean, they, they were just complete lies forever and ever, and now it's just, you know, I mean, it's just not nothing. And that's why we always relied on whistleblowers;  whistleblowers from Mars, from the Mars jump room program; whistleblowers who had been in the Mars jump room program; whistleblowers who had been in the DARPA CIA time travel teleportation program, who at great peril and at great cost went public.

And, and so we have always relied on those whistleblowers and never on the official cover stories of these agencies who, always crafted their public stories on disinformation and misinformation and false stories.

MARK: I know you wanted to talk about Hillary and when Hillary collapsed,.

ALFRED: Well,  that was the chapter that you and I did and yeah, on, on that one, but you know what I'd like to mention if I could is this - and THE CHRONOGARCHY is a very lengthy book and it covers such a large thing territory, but it's a book it's a non-fiction treatise that is accompanied by a novel multi-dimensional novel.

We created a Novel because these things are so inter-related, and it's such a new area. You see, we humans have, have been taught to think that the threat is coming from outer space, right. We, live in a time-space continuum and we've been programmed to think, oh, they're coming from Outer space to get us. And we're controlled from outer space. Whereas in fact, they've been controlling us via time, the hidden dimension.

And so what we did, because it takes a new way of thinking about time we created a novel to go along with the NonFiction Treatise called Timelines of the Chronogarchy, which is we put the thesis of the Chronogarchy in a novel format.

And we entered it in the process. So it's an award-winning NaNoWriMo novel. Well, anybody who went through the NaNoWriMo process gets an award. So I would like to read a paragraph from the novel, would that be okay?

MARK: Sure. Okay.

ALFRED: Here we go. Let's start with the year 2022, the year of the publication of the Chronogarchy book. Fundamentally, that was the year when the two timelines started visibly separating on the timeline hologram that we know on earth.

The two timelines reach critical mass and are separated on earth as timelines, zero, the base timeline we would know as earth timeline and our timeline one, the AI artificial intelligence, organic earth timeline. Zero is the timeline that existed in this period of history, starting with the discovery of the universes by the Sumerian astronomers in 3,500 BC, the discovery of the multi-verse about 1895 by William James.

And following through to the publication of the book, Exopolitics, Exopolitics articulated on earth. Once again, that earth exists in a highly populated and organized universe. So this plot is that the timeline, the two timelines, the organic earth timeline of the divine souls and the artificial timeline that the souls who follow the artificial intelligence, that timeline starts splitting in 2022, the year of the publication of the Chronogarchy book.

Now, what is quite amazing, is that, about two weeks ago, there is a psychic Sarasota Ocean, who went public with a reading saying that, that the major timelines are now splitting.

And that is the greatest danger that we have on the planet. That there's going to be a natural, organic timeline for the human souls and an AI artificial timeline. And that's exactly what we wrote in the novel. So we, so we published an article, a news article recently in the last 10 days or so, that talked about that.

And, isn't that amazing!

MARK: You know, that is amazing. One of the things that's kind of happened to me lately, just within the past month or so, is that I start to like, see something like, you know, what I, I'll say to myself, what I think is going to happen is X, Y, and Z. And then I kind of forget about it. And then in three or four weeks, X, Y, and Z happens.

ALFRED: I'm reading from the headline of Channeler Saratoga Ocean, and then a NaNoWriMo Award-winning novel Timelines of the Chronogarchy can converge on the same message, "Warning, Timeline, Split visible. Now prepare yourself - The Split between the organic timeline of divine earth and the AI artificial timeline has reached critical mass in 2022, the year of the publication of the Chronogarchy book.

Dr. Raymond Keller, who is a Venus visitor, he actually spent six weeks on Venus

MARK: What was his name?

ALFRED: Dr. Raymond Keller.

MARK: Is he still alive?

ALFRED: He's alive and he did a wonderful book review of THE CHRONOGARCHY book, which I could read in just a moment, but he got back to me and proposed to do a book interview on the Chronogarchy book on Groundhog day 2022, which was on 2, 2, 2, 0, 2, 2 - February 2nd, 2022.

Here we have, that synchronistically channeler Saratoga Ocean in a January 11th, 2022 video is basically delivering a similar message that the timeline split between the organic timeline of the earth and the AI timeline is visible now in 2022, and as human souls, we have to repair ourselves.

And what she says in her video starting at 18 minutes and 22 seconds is number one, stay anchored a natural earth and is higher timeline. Number two, be clear about values and their relation to natural errors.

Number three, stay the state of gratitude, enjoy the physical environment. Number four, stay clear of the metaverse a virtual second earth created by AI that has no heart, no love only AI maintained perspective and see for yourself. So we were just talking about that number two and three vaccine, that is the and that's to get you onto that AI timeline, right?

And so here is the here's the book review by Dr. Raymond Keller of the Chronogarchy and nonfiction treatise that forms the scientific basis behind the novel timelines of the Chronogarchy, whose plot line is the splitting of the organic natural timeline of divine earth and the AI transhumanist earth in 2022, the year of publication of the Chronogarchy book.

I mean, isn't it kind of far out that we're talking about this now, and we can see the splitting of the timeline between those people who are become, you know, those who are aware of what's happening to those people who have been taken, taken over by this right. And, and the people who are still on the divine timeline. Correct.

Wow. There's so much. Let me, let me dissect a little bit, I could to ask you a few questions clarification here. Now you talked about Raymond Keller and you, did you say he had been to Venus?

Yes. If you go to and enter Raymond Keller, you would see he's written about four or five books on Venus. And he is one of the Earth experts on life, on Venus. And, and he is a Venus contactee and a Venus visitor. And he spent six weeks on Venus and Venus is the most advanced life-bearing planet in the solar system.

And Venus was able to avoid all of the travail of the Lucifer rebellion. It had its war with AI artificial intelligence, and it won it much early on. Venus has kind of Earth's, older brother or older sibling brothers, sister.

And during the Eisenhower administration, Venus had an ambassador that lived in the Pentagon called Valiant Thor that kept the vibration of the earth up. and Venus has always been, you know, very, very advanced. And I did a five or six interview series with Dr. Raymond Keller, and, and his colleague Robert Potter on ExopoliticsTV. And you can go to, enter "Venus" in the Search bar, and you can see that five or six program series on Venus.

MARK: Sure. this is very interesting to me. Was he on the surface of Venus or was he in their inner, the equivalent of the inner earth? Did he go down through one of the poles and into the inner part of Venus?

ALFRED: Here's the thing, Venus is shrouded from the Earth. Earth has been kept in the dark. Venus has a cloud cover to keep it in the dark, but Venus is up at fifth density, at five D and Venus is covered with futuristic cities that are incredible. They're just like these futuristic cities.

And so you go there and you're in these futuristic cities, which are amazing. And, some of the positive developments are, is that Venus has now, settled, settled the colony on earth moon and is, raising the whole vibration and the whole social interaction of Earth's moon. So it's taking it out of the, kind of the war zone, and it is, you know, Venus is now going to help Earth begin to reach its potential as a positive human planet.

MARK: So, you know, we hear from NASA that Venus on the surface, it's like 800 degrees or something ridiculous like that, and that the clouds are full of sulfuric acid. This is just all nonsense.

ALFRED: This is, this is Disinformation. Okay.

MARK: Okay. Okay. Now, did you say Raymond Keller met Val?

ALFRED: I'm not sure. I, I don't, I'm not sure whether he met Valiant Thor or not, but he has, written multiple books, about all of these people. And Raymond Kelly is familiar with all of the major living leaders and, you know, Venus ambassadors and, and was a distinguished visitor from Earth to Venus.

MARK: Well, I'll have to talk to this guy. Oh.

ALFRED: Yeah, yeah. Here is, let me read, Dr. Raymond Keller's review of the Chronogarchy, which is dated 31, January, 2022. Would that be okay?

MARK: Sure. Yeah. Yeah.

ALFRED Here it is. Book review by Dr. Raymond A. Keller of, of the Chronogarchy Alfred Lambremont Webre JD, and is a graduate of Yale University and Yale Law School, and a former Fulbright scholar. He has taught economics at Yale University and constitutional law at the University of Texas.

In addition, he served as the former general counsel to the New York City Environmental Protection Aministration, and former director of the 1977, Jimmy Carter White House Extraterrestrial Communication study, and former non-governmental organizational delegate to the United Nations, the author of Expolitics, politics, government, and law of the universe. He is the recognized father of Exopolitics, the science of relations among intelligent civilizations in the multi-verse.

Now, Alfred Webre has come out with a new book, the Chronogarchy, the word Chronogarchy is a neologism that signifies quote those who rule through time or the manipulation of it.

These are the wizards standing behind curtains and directing the matrix system to which we all find ourselves objective. The exopolitical expert describes the Chronogarchy as "an interdimensional Alliance dedicated to the oppression of the community of human souls and includes factions in human institutions, such as religions, governments, military intelligence agencies, bloodline families, monarchies, media, medical pharma, as well as our chronic spiritual entities, including fallen angels, demonic entities, and exophenotypes hostile to the community of human souls, such that the Draco reptilians or Orion grays and Sentient artificial intelligence in the Chronogarchy.  Alfred Lambremont Webre delves into the real nature of space-time, and inter dimensionality.

He interviews many of the leading authorities and experiencers in these fields, thereby facilitating an awareness of the people, powers, and organizations, constituting the network of the Chronogarchy's existence and helping us to formulate viable defense strategies in the coming years of increasing tribulations. We also learn of the good guys helping us from behind the scene, so to speak, thereby putting a light of hope at the end of a long tunnel.

So there we go.

MARK: That was very interesting. Alfred was that music was that from your side?

ALFRED: You know, I apologize. That was my, my ever-present, mobile phone. I apologize for that.

MARK: That's no problem. I've been hearing a lot of strange stuff on the air lately.

ALFRED: I forgot to mute that.  For about three weeks, I was without one, because my prior phone burnt out. but then I got one, cause it was difficult to operate without one, I was out of the habit, so I forgot to mute it. So I apologize.

MARK: Nope. I just figured it was some strange interference. I was on my radio show this weekend, there was this, all this weird noise and I was anyway, I'm paranoid. Now. Now you were talking about a different timeline and in your book you talk about this 2013 timeline, you know, the big flood in the Capitol that was supposed to happen that never did happen. It was another timeline.

ALFRED Right? Right. Well, yeah. You know, there there's we, we go through one of the parts of the Chronogarchy book and show the tremendous defeat that the Chronogarchy suffered because the catastrophic timeline Lost and the positive timeline Won. In a nutshell, Andrew Basiago again is the key whistleblower because in 1971, he was one of the Chrononauts for DARPA CIA.

He did a one time Chronovisor probe from 1971 to 2013 that found the US Supreme Court Building in Washington, DC in 2013, under a hundred feet of brackish water. Okay. So in 1971, they went to 2013 and they found the US Supreme court under a hundred feet of brackish water. When they came back, he debriefed the US Lieutenant of the U S Naval intelligence who was assigned to him

And the guy got so nervous Andy says the guy dropped his cigarette. The DARPA-CIA reported directly back to US President Richard Nixon, who promptly gave the order for $2 or $3 billion to be spent to build the deep underground bases program. Okay. That's how, how all the DUMBS got started for the U S military and all the elites and the Norway seed bank, they all thought that in 2013, the earth was going to be hit by some kind of Comet and, and they had to save their skins, right?

So they, they kept it quiet for the public, but the elite was going to be saved. Right? You got you, you got the picture. So they built the deep underground bases, but what happened? I love this. God just loved to kicked their asses! Okay.

What happened is that in 2012, in 2011, October 28th, 2011, the Earth shifted timelines. It shifted timelines because God, the signal coming in through, through the interdimensional portal at the core of our universe, which is God's source and at the core of our galaxy, that portal which the Mayans called Unab Ku, and the portal at the core of our solar system shifted to positive and Earth shifted to a paradise planet.

So Earth shifted from catastrophic to positive. So these guys were left with a bunch of underground bases. That didn't mean squat because we're on a paradise planet now. And they set up everything for a catastrophic future.

Oh yeah.

They're just total. They, they, they fall off with Lucifer and Satan down into the abyss forever.

MARK: That's interesting. That's quite interesting. They were going underground. They were going to Hades and they put themselves down there.

ALFRED: They put themselves down in Hades. And now in 2022, we have the split. They, you know, they are the ones that are on the AI timeline and they're going off without souls into the AI timeline forever, probably by.

MARK: Do you think this whole evil structure, you know, this whole medical tyranny is going to crumble?

ALFRED: It has crumbled. Where were they? They don't exist anymore. Today, just today, two or three provinces in Canada declared the COVID, the COVID measures over; it's crumbled. It's done. It's over.

MARK: I heard that. So what's the status with Ottawa?

ALFRED: the problem with Trudeau is that he is totally swallowed into the Illuminati. He is so caught up in Lucifer and Satan that he can't shift. He's going down with the ship.

MARK: Wow.

ALFRED: He, he is an evil Sucker. He is so evil. He Is so evil and he's, he's going down with a ship. Wow.

MARK: Well, I'm G I'm glad Canada has really stood up like this. Oh yeah. It's just fantastic to see these truckers. So are you, so it's optimistic, we've got some good things to look forward.

ALFRED: Of course, of course it, on October 28th, 2011, the earth shifted to a positive timeline. Do you think God is, God can be mocked. I mean, what is this?

MARK: Okay, good point. It's very interesting because it looks dark. Sometimes it really does.

ALFRED: Chiaroscuro, that's light amongst the darkness.

MARK: Okay.

ALFRED: Yeah. And you just follow the science of the omniverse and it's there.

MARK: That's, that's great. That's great. So does this have anything to do with, quantum entanglement and spooky action at a distance and all that stuff that Einstein talked about and other people?

Yeah, those are very interesting terms. I mean, I'm sure that quantum entanglement has multiple meanings and, I know that, Andy and I talked about being quantum entangled since 1971. When, when, I'm just gonna reach over here and get a copy of my Exopolitics, because, this is a book that I wrote that founded the science of Exopolitics.

I wrote it here in Vancouver in the year 2000 in the year, 1999, it was published as a free ebook online the year 2000 published as a trade book, a soft cover in 2005 and in 2005 or thereabout, DARPA CIA time traveled it back to 1971 where Andrew was sitting in DARPA, CIA time-travel headquarters. And they brought out a satchel where they bring time-travel materials brought from the future to the past.

And they opened it up and out popped Exopolitics by Alfred Lambremont Webre, a book that I wouldn't write until 1999, but they had brought it back up because they were performing surveillance time-travel surveillance. And, and that's part of what the Chronogarchy does. Okay. That's how they operate. so they, they went into the future and they got this and, and, uh,.

MARK: So the bad guys have the time travel. Is that true?

ALFRED: Well, let's say that it's chiaroscuro, let's say that, that with it, that, you know, white hats can infiltrate that Chronogarchy and God runs the Chronogarchy.

And lo and behold, in 2011, the earth shifts timelines from a catastrophic timeline to a positive timeline and their entire network of deep underground bases on earth and their entire plans are totally mooted. So that they're all going to the gallows from bill gates on down. Right.

MARK: Are we going to see executions?

ALFRED: I don't know. You know, there's, if you go to our,, indictment and our judgment, we talk restorative justice versus retributive justice. These are people who have, Archonic souls. They don't have human souls, they have Archonic souls, but their functions, the organization's if you look at the judgments that we asked for is to claw back all of their unjust enrichment, cause they took billions and trillions in the pandemic is the clawed back and then to put it into restoring the Earth and the human community.

So it's all restorative. So, you know, I mean, it's, it's all this, you know, a complex restorative justice is, is much more progressive and positive thing than retributive. I remember I was in, you know, part of the Cuban revolution, because Fidel Castro used to come like come to my grandmother's house for Sunday dinner when, when he was growing up.

And then later, right after the Cuban revolution, they took over the Havana sports stadium, where used to have indoor game sports. And instead of basketball games, you turn on the TV and they they'd have firing squads and executions, you know, I mean, that's retributive justice, but what does that do to the people? I don't know.

I'm more into restorative justice than I am into retributive justice. And those were the recommendations that were made in the indictment and in the final judgment of, of the tribunal. And we're just one, tribunal of conscience among another. So we'll see.

MARK: So, but you don't think the battle is over yet do you, with the Illuminati in this call?

ALFRED: It's all time, you know, it's basically over, you know, like you can have some people whenever it's this resist resist, it's kind of like a chess game.

When are the Dracos going to vacate what's that bargaining session? When are the Orion grays is going to vacate? I think that basically the regional galactic governance council has vacated the Dracos on the planet. You know, the Rothschilds, the, Rockefellers that, you know, they're, they're over man, the habits, you know, they're lost, they're gone.

MARK: That's very optimistic. That's good to hear.

ALFRED: Because we know that they're gone. They're there. They're just trying to hold on. But once their eyes open up, they'll just go, wow. You know, they'll, they'll get on the restorative justice span. Rather than get retributive justice, get their heads lopped off.

MARK: Well, I remember when Phil Schneider was talking about these deep underground bases, that was way back what, and.

ALFRED: He whistleblew the pandemic in 1995 and they executed him.

MARK Is that what that was about? Yeah. Wow. I didn't know that. That's incredible. Geez. what about China? Ha where does China has the China ban time travel and TV shows?

ALFRED Of course, of course. Look Mao Tse Dong was a skull and bones operative. Wow. Mao Tse Dong was an intern of Yale in China, the Yale and China hospital, which was run by the skull and bones, skull and bones was founded in 1776, Yale university as a second chapter of the Bavarian Illuminati founded by the Rothschilds.

MARK: Wow.

ALFRED: By Weiskopf the Jesuit, to infiltrate the American revolution and make it Luciferian? Okay. The cover story is that skull and bones was founded in 1832, but, so that Mao Tse Dong was an Illuminati operative inside China to direct the Chinese communist revolution, communism and Bolshevism being Luciferian you know, PSYOP.

MARK: Do you think China will attack the U S?

ALFRED: They already have won.

MARK: Do you think we'll see covert warfare with tanks and, you know, things like that.

ALFRED: They didn't need to,.

MARK: You don't think that'll happen, then.

ALFRED: It doesn't need to, why does it need to be?

The U S has self-destructed. Yeah.

MARK: What do you think China is going to do next? Or do you think that whole thing is going to collapse as well?

ALFRED: That's a very good question. because, they are clearly an Illuminati force and, China is, and, we have the China Russia Illuminati force, and we'll see what the regional galactic governance council does.

MARK: Do you, do you think that we're going to, I mean, we've seen our supply chains kind of compromised, and we're also seeing these huge snows where the snow is hardest concrete. So is this kind of chemtrail leftover kind of thing?

ALFRED: The U S has just been so fragmented. I remember when I first arrived at Stanford Research Institute in 1977, Peter Schwartz was there as a futurist and Peter Schwartz is the genocider, who wrote the 2010 Rockefeller report, which was the timeline and the outline and the marching orders of the 2019 to 22 genocidal technologies pandemic that's who Peter Schwartz is.

And Peter Schwartz organized this meeting, and they took me aside and they said, "Alfred, the United States is going to be fragmented into multiple zones."

So that's going to happen. We're going to see that, see,.

They were probably briefed on that by the Chronogarchy who has seen that on Chronovisor. And so the Chronogarchy is probably working with the deep state and working with the Illuminati to fragment the US in the same way that they fragmented, the Soviet union. And, they just have a bunch of selfish people who are, who are involved in it and running this.

So the battle isn't over.

Well, we're in the middle of the process. Now, now, if people would wake up and get into their hearts and surrender to source, we can pull this thing through, but, you know, there there's so many, there's so much skepticism and so much noise. And, and, the power of social media, social media and big tech is those things are mechanized, mechanized, Luciferianism.

I mean, you know, the Facebook - that's part of the terraforming of the invading AI artificial intelligence. AI chose AI prophets and hosts like Bill Gates and, and the heads of the big tech in order to Terraform the humans, through social media and through the internet to turn the humans into AIs, through the social media and through the internet,.

MARK: You know, this is so crazy, but, and a lot of weird things have gone on, but I do feel that, people like you and me that are part of the alternative media, we've made some really, some real success here in the past year or two. What are your thoughts?

ALFRED: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, there is a large degree of awareness now, and I think this is, this is what I think there's a splitting of the timeline and a splitting of the planet. And so that portion of the population will split, and this is prophesized. I was first told this prophecy in 1982, after after Peace Quake, a peace concert in San Francisco civic center Plaza that we helped organize.

And we went after the concert up to Mount Tam, and this kind of psychic woman said the planet is going to split, you know? And so we have the timeline splitting now in 2022 and all of this contingent that is going off on the AI timeline. They're just going to drift the way into a separate noosphere and disappear. And we're going up to 5D and we're going to be left with a new earth and with a paradise planet.

And all we have to do is hold to it. And we're on the paradise planet now. And they don't even know they, they don't have a clue because they've given up on their souls. All they see is hate.

MARK: Well, Alfred, I didn't want to take up your whole night and we've had a great conversation. I have a ton of more questions, but heck we've been going almost an hour and a half here, so.

ALFRED: Well, look, I, I ask people, you can go to our new learning platform at Omniversity go to It's a new learning platform. There's a lot of, literature and books there that you'll love and Exopolitics, Exosciences, Psisciences, and Spiritual sciences, but you can, you'll be able to pre-order, the, the Chronogarchy book there and the novel Timelines of the Chronogarchyan, you'll be able to pre-order it, up until March 1st at a third of the price.

And then on March 1st, it goes to the regular price, but you'll, you'll be able to get it in, in ebook form and in soft cover form.

MARK: Well, thanks so much Alfred. It's always a pleasure to talk to you as stay in touch. Great.

ALFRED: Thank you very much. Good evening. Take care.


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