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David Howard

Trump... is scum. Biden... is scum. Captain Mark Richards and Bob Lazar, may team up for a 2020 presidential run


Such a wonderful show! Thank you Everyone!!❤️😘

Claudine Lefrancois

I loved this round table.
The only reluctance I have is about this huge assumption that Trump is the one directing the cleanup of the Dumbs.
I base my observation on the fact the he cannot find where his presidential motorcar is from the steps of Airforce One to it. He can't close an umbrella on his own. Uses a sharpie to sign his name. Repeats himself 3-6 times in the same sentence for what seems to be a lack of continuity of the thought process. I could go on for pages.
I am not buying that irrealistic assumption at all.
What if it was someone in his administration? Well, I think that they are all too busy writing up laws that benefit the Elite, and CEOs of our Corporate Socialist system and now the Dynastic Dictatorship.
The cleanup of the Dumbs may be by some secret groups of fed-up humans who know too much and want to regain power of their own souls.

Adrian Lucis SATAN


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