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Claudine Lefrancois

Thank you for sharing your log and the factual videos.
I agree with Trump's intense and widespread mind deception even amongst those who promoted themselves as the last stence of truth in a world filled with propaganda. Namely people like Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot who proclaims to "Getting The Truth Out".
She got so deep into the false narrative melting pot that she couldn't tell the truth from the deception.
I feel that Trump and his dark web supporters have infiltrated the truth movement with the clear objective to trick/trump everyone into giving up on trying to find truth anymore.
Drak web can be through websites or multidimentional web of entities projecting ID-entities through the tool called The Web.

This video explains why Republicans failed to remove him as a candidate for presidential election in 2016 and why they still can't find the courage to Impeach him.
I think that their inability to admit Trump to be a criminal, decietful, hateful man and to take away his ability to run again for election will be the fall of democracy (or what's left of it) in the world.
Trump has been the perfect tool of the anti-christ. Devide and conquer even by deviding family members against each other. Canadians laughed at the US after electing Trump in the 2016 election, and now they are all over FB and the internet promoting Q and Trump.
BTW- using the Kabala Gematria (1234567654321) Donald 5, John 4, Trump 4= twice 45
Qanon Gematria is 41121 or 45... as in the 45th president maybe??? I would not be surprised that trump's supporters funded Qanon..

Once again, I appreciate your dedication to truth and justice.
Claudine Lefrancois

Claudine Lefrancois

The situation our world is in: forcibly in "lockdown", propaganda and decietful leaders twisting the truth, victimizing people and nations with accusations, deviding the world and creating walls amongst nations... all of it begs the question: Is it possible that Democracy is no longer effective as a political means to protect "the people" and nations?
If so, we better be prepared to figure out the next way to govern ourselves. I hope we find a way that is ethical, loving and caring of absolutely everyone without exceptions!

P.S. To govern: go, vers/to, n (abreviation for Noun, or physics=neutron i.e. a particle of energy).
To govern ...to go to "name" hopfuly everyone's name... we should all govern by going to our original name... our soul/sole name.
We are all from one Source.
In the movie Avatar -which we all are- they say "I see you" as part of the collective.
Yogy say "Namaste".

I see you!
Take care,

Linda J Gentry

I believe in the end that Obama is the antichrist they want to resurrect Nimrod

Leanita S Nedostup

claudine contradicks her own self; self deceived, as Eve, in the script; who had sex with the tree of good/evil; and birthed the man from the Lord/namely Cain....like the mac....'s...of cain;
'and alfred, what happened to Peter Kling and his book of prophets. of new world order, per the Jehovah's Witness version, pete looks just like Fred Franz, of JW's...oh, and the one you still have on, who reads other people's souls....he said,, he was going some where else and the new walk in would not be able to read souls...but, he might be here for awhile, what hog/pig/filth that you listen to and promote....good grief, let's all just listen to our own true selves; because all this is just cor.rupt. ion....keep your own I.ON...and keep it simple and single....not this mixed up mess that i just spent time reading, that mixes all the different be.lie.f's/systems/for profit's....all needs to be scrapped and start all over....we each need to just examine our own morality and get it right...love our self in a way that causes no harm to anyone or thing....and do good to the ones you have in your own en.viron.ment...good meaning do the right word/action for the circumstance/situation...if it's incorrect...correct it...if it is to be supported ...give a helping hand...do unto others; the way you want yourself to be treated....so, just watch what you say and what you do....watch out for all the scams/thieves/liars....there are many all around, every day; every where....but, if you say I do not consent....you protect your own self.


Testimony from Heaven that identify the 8 Kings

God sent three men who died back to this life to witness to key events that establish the last 49 year time period to the end of this age. One in 1975 prophesied to the 1st King who marks the beginning. One in 2015 identified the purpose and person at the 24.5 year mid-point as the (5th and possible 8th King). The third, in 1943, even though being the first one sent back from the dead to testify, affirms the timeframe of the other two, while providing the understanding to determine the number of years left to the end of this age. All three NDE's are well documented and in the public domain.

The eighth king rules to the end of the age:

"The beast that was, and is not, is himself also an eighth, and is of the seven; and he goes to destruction." Rev 17:11

WW2 Hitler was a shadow type of this person causing the death of 42 million. The death toll caused by this WW3 "8th king" will be in the billions then expanding out unto the extinction of almost all life on earth except that the Son of God returns to reset mankind and bring in the new age.

Trump? ... his personality type and potential to manipulate and control mass groups and political systems is present but he seems unlikely as most the world leaders do not receive him as a "savior type" and were glad to see him exit. Yet, it is unlikely he will just go away. He is not without several troubling indicators, the most blatant is his involvement in setting up the country to accept the process to a rushed six month irreversible experimental gene altering drug, that was conveniently available for the man made "gain of function" virus that was released on the world, that will probably become mandatory on the population. The government and news media propaganda influencing public opinion, along with legislation being passed, is setting up the foundation for the coming persecution of those unwilling to take the drug and the "mark of the beast" as prophesied in the Book of Revelation.

Obama? ... the mystery man, who received the Nobel Peace Prize shortly after he became "king" having done nothing other than rise to rule, returns to reveal an archetype of a first and second coming, who also fits the biblical prophecy of belonging to the seven, and completes the NDE vision of Natan the Jewish teen who saw him as the face of the ruler of Gog responsible for WW3 and the total destruction of Israel.

Another mystery man? ... who is connected to the 7 but totally unexpected.

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