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Do you know how many times the name Trump was mentioned in this article?
Just kidding! - 707 actually


That was funny MsRhuby :-)

Very convincing info. There is also the décor of his tower home. Dripping in gold and adorning/idolizing Apollo Sun god/satan. Right on the ceiling for all to see. I think it makes a whole lot more sense if THE Antichrist does not consider him/itself evil. Trump probably thinks he is awesome for pushing this deadly plandemic + deadlier vaxxx.
Time will tell, but I have seen Trump as THE Antichrist for many years now. That's how I knew the shit was going to hit the fan...he won the presidency in 2016 GAME OVER

Betty A. Harbison

I have researched many different sources and seen many interviews with crediable witnesses including the sources you write about. Some of your material is not accurate. I feel that you are only looking for information that makes Donald Trump look bad, and not putting out the information that would contradict your personal opinion.


If you think God is with abortions, sexual immorality that the democrats haven't read the Bible.

Leanita S Nedostup

in numerical add the 3 six's to equal a 18 which is reduced to a 9...that's a pure number in the creation code per bonnie gaunt's books and nikola tessla's codes of 3.6.9; which have to do with amino acids and the health of a physical body. and when you reverse the 3 six's they become 3 of 27/9...
and alfred, so many of your 'qualified' people you present are difficult to look at and to listen to....and don't have really any benefit to an average/everyday/person...which is created in the likeness and image of the original creator....perhaps they are from the genesis two chapter, in a garden where the female is deceived after sex with a tree named good and evil and gets a male child from the lord and is named Cain....go back to gene' get what is a true in the end...via the symbology' as trees; yeah, and men as the babble/of books of bible of yeah....66 books....and men or man as a number 6 in general....666...neurons/protons/ in carbon based bodies....unless you are genetically altered...and, that's the program/script that is running now....with the jabs of ???? who knows what??? and wearing Masks, so you can't breathe???? and some are wearing 3 masks.....the don of not hiding his face; nor breathing carbon get the mono ...virus.....ARE YOU????


Trump also signed peace treaty with isreal and created warp speed mark of the beast vaccines. Not looking forward to all the deaths from the vaccines. Covid is not that bad. Repent from sins and turn away and you will be fine. Love not your life unto death! Sorcery is pharmakeia meaning pharmacy, medicine, witchcraft, magic
Jesus is coming soon! Pray Repent and eyes to the sky!

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