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The @Real Jesus Times - Divine Justice reverberating into Earth's Divine Plan: Institute of Christ Consciousness

The @Real Jesus Times - Divine Justice reverberating into Earth's Divine Plan: Institute of Christ Consciousness
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Donna D'ingillo
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June 28, 2021

Activation Human Potential in the Name of Christ; Seeding Cooperation with Earth’s Divine Plan into Planetary Mind Circuits


Topic: Activation Human Potential in the Name of Christ; Seeding Cooperation with Earth’s Divine Plan into Planetary Mind Circuits

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Planetary Transformation Conference Call

Institute of Christ Consciousness

Contact: Donna D'Ingillo <[email protected]>
At the Center for Christ Consciousness we believe that every person has a spark of God within them and a divine and sacred purpose to his or her lives.
May 22, 2022

T/R: Donna D’Ingillo

PRAYER: Paradise Creator Deities, our Divine Universe Parents, and all of our wonderful helpers including our beloved Magisterial Son, hold us in that sacred space of your holy presence. May our hearts and minds and spirits conjoin as one, bringing us into more soul relationships with one another, activating those higher circuits and helping us calibrate to them that we may grow from this experience. As we hold focus, we ask for what we are holding today to be seeded into the planet to help our brothers and sisters in their awakening and reckoning processes. We are so grateful that we can collaborate with you and bring about more healing for this world, and to transform, not only our lives, but those of our social institutions to reflect the divine patterns of life that we have the privilege to and the ability co-create with you. We thank you for this opportunity to be of service, and we ask for your WILL to be done now with deep gratitude in our hearts. Thank you.

MICHAEL, My beloved children! Settle into my PEACE which is upon you now. This is Michael. Take a few moments to engage with me now as your Sovereign Creator Father for there is an endowment I wish to seed into you to help you as a beloved human child to grow more into the potential contained within you seeded in you by our Paradise Creator Father of all. Simply focus on my NAME and invite my presence to envelope you, hold you in my embrace of LOVE. Receive me, my beloved children. (Pause)

As you focus on my NAME, invite these energies to go deep into your bodies, feeding you with a spiritual substance necessary for your growth. Cultivating your potential is part of your sovereign ability to achieve higher states of Father-consciousness. Much has been given to you to discover the nature of your intrinsic being that you may cooperate with the divine plans contained within the primal energy of your life. This is your spiritual foundation, and it is my desire as your Father to help you deepen your access to your potential that you may perceive more through the gleanings of your Indwelling Spirit of how you can develop this more as you go about your daily living.

We have spoken to you about your potential in past sessions. Now it is vitally imperative that humanity, not only awaken to what is contained with you as a culture, but to truly be active in co-creating with your Spirit that which has been given to you to produce over the course of your lives, not only at this phase of your human existence, but all throughout your ascension career.

In this particular moment; however, what is significant to focus on is this cultivation of your human potential. I invite you to receive me and allow my NAME and the energies and dynamics of that it contains to calibrate into your budding humanity in your growing soul. (Pause)

Cultivating your potential takes you into a realm where you begin to function like an artist. You have been given all that you need to develop this potential, but you do it a little bit at a time. Think of your life as a canvas and you through the cooperation you render to your Spirit provides you the means to paint a grand and beautiful picture of who you are becoming. This is part of the self-mastery process that you would become a great artist for your life and bring about new aspects of your sovereign personality to lend to this world as a great gift.

Humanity as a whole has been given this task. It is a dual task you might say. Because at one level you are developing a higher version of yourself and that version of yourself contributes to the growing collective potential of humanity, which is now being birthed to create a lovely planetary culture. In do this, you are now actually participating in the grand design of all LIFE. It becomes incumbent upon you to deepen your exploration about this vast environment of LIFE by asking questions, inviting your Spirit to convey the divine perspective to your conscious mind. You glean more insight into the meanings and values that you are learning as you explore this rich domain.

In time, you begin to trust more in the natural energies of SPRIT and LIFE all around you. And here is where you become more activated in your potential because now you have learned to trust in the greater processes of LIFE of which your spiritual development is an integral part. It is given to you to decide to take this on for yourself. We do not force you to grow or to change or to transform. It is your choice. But we do encourage you, and we do provide you the means for you to achieve this, but it is all up to you!

So sit with these words for a few moments and let its meaning integrate into your own thoughts and feelings as I continue to minister my presence into you and help you feel that vitality of my essence that is here to support your growth process and help you find that deeper willingness to cooperate with the Spirit Within. Continue to focus on my NAME and let my presence deepen in you now. (Pause)

The time is upon you as a planetary system to make conscious choices about how you will live. Do you seek spiritual attainment as the most worthwhile objective for your life? I do not say this explicitly to you, but to raise the question in the collective. This question is being presented to many individuals now. Some are responding to a deeper inner prompting, helping them perceive that there is something beyond their present awareness that is beckoning them into a bright new world full of tremendous possibilities that can be accomplished through the cultivation of your potential.

I invite you to hold this intention for your brothers and sisters who have still yet to awaken to this inner call. Beyond confusion, there is certainty. There is peace. There is faith. So many of your brothers and sisters are looking for something, not yet recognizing that they can go beyond the confusion and find this realm of certainty, peace and faith. You have found this in yourself. So I invite you to focus on this intention for others to find this, that their potential may be activated and bring about a great activation of humanity’s collective potential, to break through the inertia and be escorted more on this grand adventure of becoming what has been seeded in them by the Father Himself.

So, as I continue to share myself with you, let my presence emanate from your hearts into the planet. Feel that need for humanity’s potential to further activate and allow these words to spiral around the planet: ACTIVATING HUMANITY’S POTENTIAL IN THE NAME OF MICHAEL. ACTIVATING HUMANITY’S POTENTIAL IN THE NAME OF MICHAEL. ACTIVATING HUMANITY’S POTENTIAL IN THE NAME OF MICHAEL. Continue to receive me and let your heart expand in my LOVE and radiate outwardly into the planet as these words weave into the circuits of mind. And let them deepen into those places where there is great receptivity for this activation to help more people to tap into this deeper presence in themselves. If it is helpful to simplify your focus, simply see my NAME pulsing upon the planet, holding the planet in a huge field of LIGHT and LIFE as my LOVE reverberates through you into the globe. Allow your energy systems to calibrate into this larger dimensional dynamic you are focused upon now. (Pause)

There is an innate quality of cooperation within human potential. The FABRIC OF LIFE is designed to function in a unified whole—each individual part communing and cooperating with the whole dynamic. This is the plan for all life, and it is now time for this cooperation dynamic to become more fully embraced by humanity that you may act together to build this new social structure based upon the divine values of TRUTH, GOODNESS, and BEAUTY, all of which are a reflection of divine LOVE.

The fact that you are witnessing so much divisiveness and polarization is an indication for you to become aware that this is antithetical to the divine plans of life. You see the pain and suffering it has caused. This is being used to help you make that choice—to tap into your potential and allow the Spirit to guide you in the cultivation of this that you may move into greater cooperation, not only with your Spirit, but with your brothers and sisters who share these values of like-heartedness and like-mindedness in the Spirit.

You are now entering a phase where humans are beginning to recognize this need for cooperation: to put aside individual differences and to come into that recognition that you are all members of a spiritual family and you all have gifts and abilities to share with one another. As the energies of the rebellion recede into the past, more and more this cooperation within human potential will become more relevant and perceptible, and you will want to engage with your brothers and sisters more naturally, less ego-centrically and more within the greater SELFHOOD of the Creator who is the WHOLE dynamic of LIFE.

The cooperation grows in stages. You learn to cooperate with one another through your various social institutions. But truly, the most fundamental cooperation begins with that collaboration with your Indwelling Spirit. So, let this COOPERATION dynamic engage with you now of that potential you have within you, and let it add into this greater collective dynamic where humanity is being activated in what my NAME and my ESSENCE is here for you to achieve individually and as a planetary culture. Come together in COOPERATION as this potential continues to be activates in various places all around the globe. (Pause)

I invite you to engage with this COOPERATION dynamic by focusing on these words now to integrate into what you are already holding: COOPERATION IN CONSTRUCTING URANTIA’S DIVINE PLAN. COOPERATION IN CONSTRUCTING URANTIA’S DIVINE PLAN. COOPERATION IN CONSTRUCTING URANTIA’S DIVINE PLAN. Invite these words to spiral around the planet, weaving this COOPERATION dynamic more deeply into the circuits of mind to help you in your collaboration with others catalyze that potential. For this is one place where this potential turns into actual. You make it real through your collaboration and cooperation with others and the Spirit Within.

As we have indicated to you previously, humanity has never fully developed this. Now it is time. More people are responding to this call for the need of the hour is great, and we look to you—the residents of this world—to make these changes, to construct the divine plan for this world. It is through these circuits that we provide to you with the language you need to return to its rightful meanings and values that you may cooperate and collaborate with how your Spirit is guiding you in developing and actualizing your potential that contributes to the divine plan of the planet becoming real in material form.

Let this COOPERATION dynamic continue to bathe the world, speak to the need of the heart for COOPERATION to end the divisiveness and polarization that seeks to weaken your potential, keep you in states of inertia and confusion. Feel your own willingness to be more cooperative with your fellows and the designs of life all around you. (Pause)

As these dynamics continue to weave into the planet, let us now elevate our gaze to the Paradise Deities who originate the divine plan of all LIFE. Thank them for this wonderful, stupendous, enormous DIVINE PLAN, and let the reflection from Paradise reflect upon this planet a greater magnitude of LOVE, and know that this gift is so powerful. And it is given to you to use, to learn what it means and to use in cooperation with your Spirit who is teaching its mysteries. Send forth that exclamation of appreciation and let the divine reflection embrace you and this beautiful world. (Pause)

Cooperation with your Spirit and your brothers and sisters is the highest form of service you can render to life itself. As you send forth your appreciation to the Paradise Creator Deities, receive a deeper imprint of your right to exist in your personality sovereignty that you may feel more of the activation of your own potential—that willingness to cooperate with the divine plans of life and have a deeper assurance that you are a part of this and have a vital role to play. Let that impression deepen into your body and catalyze new life sparks within your being to grow into who you are as an illuminated soul having a human experience on this world. (Pause)

Let us now descend from Paradise to engage at the planetary level directly into the planet’s core. You might consider this to be the planet’s heartbeat and you are standing in it and it is electrifying, energizing, vitalizing you in new ways. Hold that intention for more activation and cooperation to help humanity’s potential actualize during this important time and bring about the creation of these concepts of Spirit that will build this heavenly social structure and create a new way of living for all life here. Feel its potency and dynamism, almost as if you are being supercharged with life and vigor. Stand in this and know this is your divine birthright to not only receive but to materialize through your efforts one day at a time. Let all of these dynamics integrate now. Your part becoming greater, unified in the whole, and the part of this planet become more greatly unified in the whole of all LIFE. (Pause)

My beloved children, I am aware of each one of you. You live in my LOVE. Do not hesitate to come to me when you need that boost of refreshment. I will renew you in Spirit as these energies continue to deepen in you and bring you into new understanding of your role in life. Sometimes you will have questions and there may be still some confusion. This is all a part of the natural exchange of the dynamics—moving you from the rebellion patterns into the true dynamics of LIFE. So, when these periods come upon you, come to me and I will renew you, and help you gain more access to your own Indwelling Spirit that you may perceive more broadly from the divine perspective and come into greater understanding of what is underway in you. For you are all now being integrated into something much greater than you can possibly imagine for the Spirit knows how to pace you in this growth process.

Let there be no more worry on your heart, but just a deeper willingness to cooperate with the Spirit that more of your potential may come to full life and express its beauty. Continue to allow these energies to integrate for a few more moments as we complete our objectives for today. (Pause)

Beloved children, thrive in my LOVE and grow in the LIFE dynamics of your Mother. It is all becoming more real to you and the sum and substance of your being is moving you into higher states of God-consciousness and expression. Live life each day remembering you live in the presence of the Creator, and your happiness and satisfaction and purposefulness continue to grow and lead you into the fulfillment of your heart’s desires. I will leave you now, my children, with my blessings upon you. Good day.

Repentance, Redemption, and Salvation Infusion into Planetary Consciousness Supporting Reconciliation of Humanity with Deity


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