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Today is May 18, 2018, and I want to note for all of you that events of extreme importance happened on this day, the day of Jesus's ascension in 30 AD.

A special note related 
to the Easter series ...
Regarding the May 18th
"Jubilee of Jubilees"   

Today is May 18, 2018, and I want to note for all of you that events of extreme importance happened on this day, the day of Jesus's ascension in 30 AD. 

On May 18 of that year, three great universe events occurred: 

Event #1: First, this is the day of Pentecost, the great initiatory moment when the followers of Jesus and in fact all humankind received the bestowal of the Spirit of Truth, which in turn led directly to two other great events. . .  

I want to thank veteran UB student Joshua Wilson for alerting all of us to the other two crucial events that followed upon our Master's ascension and his sending of the Spirit: 

Event #2: Michael, our Creator Son and universe father, received formal confirmation of his "master sovereignty" of Nebadon--the local universe of his creation along with his co-creator, our Mother Spirit.
It was about seven forty-five this morning when the morontia Jesus disappeared from the observation of his eleven apostles to begin the ascent to the right hand of his Father, there to receive formal confirmation of his completed sovereignty of the universe of Nebadon.

Event #3:  Our Mother Spirit, Christ Michael's universe consort and cocreator of our local universe, becomes personally knowable by all contacting individuals. 

Subsequent to the elevation of the Creator Son to the sovereign authority of a Master Son, the Creative Mother Spirit becomes so augmented in personal qualities as to be personally recognized by all contacting  

Proclamation of Equality (see 33:3.5)

Also, on or about May 18, 30 AD, at the Jubilee of Jubilees on Salvington, Michael published the "Proclamation of Equality" for all in our local universe. We can celebrate both together each May 18: Michael's sovereignty and Mother's co-rulership of our universe. As Joshua Wilson puts it: "Let us pledge ourselves in loyalty to the Son and the Spirit, and encourage all whom we know to do likewise. Glory to God in the highest!"
From Byron Belitsos, EvolvingSouls.org


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