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Star Dreams Initiative (SDI): Part 2 – Project Plan

A: Mission
B: Central Goals:
C: Design - SDI: A functional Off Planet Culture Landing Pad (platform)
D: Operating from a Universal Paradigm - Empathic (Agape/Universal Love Centered)
E: Becoming Galactic Citizens
F: The Permanent Warfare Economy; a Ban on Space-based Weapons:
G: New Energy
H: Exopolitics and human perception
I: Why the government has been Silent
J: Case Study: An Off-Planet Culture on Mars
K: Exopolitics Project: Implications
L: Mars Off-Planet Culture -  Case Study details:

A. Mission:

The mission of the Star Dreams Initiative is to outreach to, establish interactive contact through a communication protocol and engage in “Public Interest Diplomacy” with one or more of the Off Planet Cultures (“OPCs”) which may be engaging our planet Earth at this time. 

“Public-Interest Diplomacy” is a terrestrial concept developed by Western Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) who established unprecedented, transparent quasi-diplomatic relations with organs of the Soviet State during the Glasnost Period with the former Soviet Union in the 1990s.  Public Interest Diplomacy in the Star Dreams Initiative requires empathic cooperation between representatives of the mainstream of terrestrial culture, and of a participating Off-Planet Culture. As in the Glasnost period, this cooperation can only happen through nurturing relationships amongst the parties. 

“Public Interest Diplomacy” also represents diplomacy with the goal of influencing government policies so they can be in the best interest of the general public, of the collective of humanity. 

The Star Dreams Initiative will focus on strategies towards nurturing relationships between humans and representatives of Off-Planet cultures, including multi-dimensional relationships based on mutual understandings of Universe reality, founded on caring and honesty, with intelligences from other worlds. 

The goals of the Public Interest Diplomacy include a negotiated, consensual plan for mutual, transparent, open interaction and public diplomatic relations between recognized scientific, ethical-religious, and governmental bodies of the terrestrial and specific Off-Planet Culture(s) engaging in the Star Dreams Initiative. This over-all plan would include appropriate Inter-Species Treaties under principles of International and Universal Law.  Public Interest Diplomacy, where appropriate, may include representatives and advisory observers of Galactic, Interplanetary Governing Authorities.

B. Central Goals:

1. Transformation of the permanent warfare economy on Earth into a sustainable, cooperative, peaceful, Space Age, Universe-oriented society;
2. Establish interactive, substantive communication and contact with Off Planet Cultures engaging our planet at this time through programmed stages of interaction.
3. Integration of Earth and human society into a larger, organized, advanced, spiritually-developed Universe society.

C. Design - SDI: A functional Off Planet Culture Landing Pad (platform)

The “Landing Pad” is a familiar archetype of present-day human communities desirous of making contact with Off-Planet Cultures (“OPCs”). A “Landing Pad” welcomes the representatives of an Off-Planet Culture to land their vehicles and interface with the human community.

One such Landing Pad receiving a high level of official governmental acknowledgment, is the UFO Landing Pad in St. Paul, Alberta, Canada, which was inaugurated on June 3rd, 1967 by then Canadian Minister of National Defence Paul Hellyer.

The Star Dreams Initiative seeks to create the functional equivalent of a “Landing Pad,” for a willing, inter-active Off-Planet Culture, through the mechanism of Public Interest Diplomacy.  Before a “physical landing” and “official contact” with an off planet culture spacecraft takes place, there must be a mutual understanding founded on interactive communication.  The interactive communications, substantive negotiations, legal treaties, and plan for open, transparent, integrative diplomatic relations between terrestrial and the participant Off-Planet Culture(s) are the goals of the Star Dreams Initiative and are the functional equivalent of a “Landing Pad.”

The design of the Star Dreams Initiative is based upon the creation of a multi-dimensional platform of understanding, or in other words, a blueprint of knowledge that leads to a common worldview, or paradigm, for mutual understanding between a terrestrial Project Network of Project Researchers, Non-Governmental Organization (“NGO”) Participants, and International (United Nations) Representatives on the one hand, and Off Planet Culture participants interactive with the Project.

This Project is an initiative to help create a platform for mutual, interactive understanding within a New Paradigm, acknowledging that Earth exists within an interplanetary and inter-dimensional Universe society of evolving, intelligent civilizations.  Contact, diplomatic relations, and integration between Earth and Off-Planet Cultures can thus be based on Universal and Spiritual Law, as well as our more familiar terrestrial International legal principles.

Failure to move forward towards a plan to communicate with the "Off Planet Culture" and to align our government policies with Universal law could result in catastrophic consequences for our world, in the form of looming ecological catastrophe, and/or self-destruction through nuclear annihilation or other global conflict, resulting in a breakdown of our human social order.  To quote Werhner von Braun, "The universe is hostile only when you do not know its laws. To those who know and obey, the universe is friendly."

D: Operating from a Universal Paradigm - Empathic (Agape/Universal Love Centered)
Open, transparent, diplomatic dialogue between our world and Off-Planet Cultures, by respecting Universal & Spiritual Laws, is a necessity if our human society is to successfully come through the challenges facing it in the next decades.  The protocols of communication with advanced and evolved intelligent off planet cultures must be studied and understood.

Dr. Courtney Brown, Associate Professor at Emory University, summarizes his findings, based upon interactive observations and communications through remote viewing sessions with specific Off-Planet Cultures, as follows:  "Somehow love is the theme of God, the glue that keeps the universe together. But only highly evolved beings realize the full extent of this reality. I do not claim to know why love is a glue of the universe. We tend to think of love as a mushy emotion. My remote viewing of highly evolved beings suggests that the human concept of love is very primitive, but I really do not know of any other word to describe the flavour of what I sense. Whatever love is in these evolved beings, it is not mushy. It is matched with clear thinking and effective action. There is a smoothness in their lives that is enviable."

The lack of empathetic Public Interest Diplomacy may be one key reason why there has been no open OPC contact with official representatives of earth, except for spiritual remote viewers who have a pure intention. To achieve authentic, empathic communication of the sort required for Public Interest Diplomacy, Earth representatives must open themselves up in communication with Off-Planet Cultures to the experiences of Spirituality and Agape (Cosmic Love).  Remote viewing modalities offer science-based protocols for multi-dimensional interactive contact with the higher evolved intelligences. 

Human fear can block the multi-dimensional communication process with higher evolved multidimensional intelligences. In the words of one Star Dreams Initiative Adviser, [Exopolitics diplomacy requires] “a vibrational synchronicity with those we are communicating with and must be nurtured within the diplomats representing the peoples of Earth…. Personal growth and personal transformation is essential.  Where we are at spiritually (love) seems to determine our capability to interact directly or via telepathy with higher intelligences.  Dr. John Mack's research has demonstrated that different experiencers had different experiences with the “multidimensional ET beings” that often seem to mirror the experiencer’s vibrational energy or spiritual level.  I therefore feel that the Star Dreams Initiative must encourage both exopolitics diplomats and society as a whole to focus on love, caring, compassion, and trust in Universal Law, trust in God/Source, as the foundation of our interactions with off planet cultures.”

E. Becoming Galactic Citizens:

The Star Dreams Initiative (SDI) will advance existing knowledge gained through the modality of remote viewing (RV) that is based on scientific protocols and developed from formerly classified top secret military & CIA programs.  Remote viewing-derived data suggests that an organized spiritual galactic society exists and that we can one day become members of its organized communities and structures of self-government.

As claimed by many “contactees,” remote viewing data suggest that we are now being given a gradual and evolving opportunity to join the rest of the spiritually evolved Universal Galactic Society in peace.

The late Harvard Medical School Professor of psychiatry and pioneer researcher of human/alien encounters, Dr. John Mack, believed that we must become Galactic Citizens. 

One article reported a wide-ranging 2003 speech by Dr. Mack 20 months before his death: "There will be a restructuring of [human] reality.  It's arrogant to put it in a box,’ [Dr. John Mack] said.  Mack has investigated Unidentified Flying Object (UFOs) and subsequent reports of alien abductions, near death experiences, spiritual/mystical aberrations, organ transplant memory, magnetic shifts, zero energy power sources, cold fusion, spirit visitation and more. These studies, he said has led him to conclude the extraordinary experiences of individuals will lead to changes in how the world population views reality. Mack called it a ‘world view shift in consciousness.’

Mack said there will be changes across the board in every aspect of society. ‘All institutions will be affected,’ Mack said.  He said the mental health profession will view extraordinary experiences not as pathological conditions, but rather as a starting point for personal growth and learning. Philosophically, people will understand the universe as one teeming with life forms, some seen, some unseen Mack said.

‘It's arrogant to believe human beings are the pinnacle of success,’ Mack said. He said people will understand the oneness of the world while appreciating the differences.  Science, Mack said, will study subjects now considered taboo.  He said politics will be changed most of all. Mack said the economy will move away from a war-based economy. He suggested the military should be used to build infrastructure instead of making war.

"’We need leadership that thinks beyond borders,’ Mack said. "Nationalism in its malignant form would become unthinkable." Mack said keeping political power meant keeping an enemy in front of the subjects at all times. If the people question that, they are accused of lack of patriotism. ‘Does that sound familiar?’ Mack asked.

“Mack said people who have experienced alien abductions understand his views, ‘They get this,’ Mack said.  He said ‘we must become galactic citizens and so far we have not done very well. There must be councils (of extraterrestrial aliens) trying to figure out what to do with us without exterminating us. They've been very tolerant,’Mack said.”  (UFO convention speaker says we must become 'galactic citizens' By Kay Jenney The Daily News)

F: The Permanent Warfare Economy; a Ban on Space-based Weapons:

A central goal of the Star Dreams Initiative (SDI) is transformation of the permanent warfare economy on Earth into a sustainable, cooperative, peaceful, Space Age, Universe-oriented society.  Together, we can put an end to the highly profitable war industry by putting our differences aside, uniting and working together by promoting win-win solutions to decision makers.  Before our perpetual war economy expands into space and before we are allowed to rejoin Universe society, we must ban space weapons. 

A coordinated strategy to get world leaders to sign a treaty banning space weapons will put a lid on the war economy.  It will result into a cooperative, democratic Space Age society that goes beyond fear and focuses on honoring all life on our planet and in our universe, instead of destroying it.  With today's technology, a peace-based economy can be just as profitable as a war based economy.

Humans can resolve international conflicts through empathy instead of force through better communications and the art of diplomacy, by first better understanding the deeper causes of conflicts. By resolving the injustices that create terrorism and by resolving conflicts with so called “rogue nations”, we can then, in lateral application, transform our highly lucrative war industry into a lucrative peaceful space exploration industry.  There is no need for space weapons, and it violates Galactic and Universal Law.

G: New Energy

Unless humanity commits more resources to exploring and integrating new clean energy sources other than the fossil fuel-nuclear sources, we will face catastrophic environmental disasters in the coming future. Many of our potential unsolvable ecological challenges can be partially resolved over time through the solutions that will be proposed in the Star Dreams Initiative.  Through the acquisition, reverse engineering, manufacturing and integration of advanced technologies from off planet cultures, humanity could gradually loose its dependence on the need to burn oil and coal, therefore, reversing the process of polluting our precious air.

H: Exopolitics and human perception

As professor Mack understood, politics will be changed most of all by our contact with an off planet culture.  Exopolitics, as a discipline, is the study of politics, government and law in the Universe.  It includes the study of political, governmental, and legal aspects of interactive contact and social integration between humans and Off-Planet Cultures on Earth, in space or through multi-dimensional realities.  The exopolitics model provides an operational bridge between models of terrestrial politics, government and law, and the larger models of politics, government and law in Universe society.

One of the challenges in basic Exopolitics research is that information derived from apparent contact with Off-Planet Cultures has been so compartmentalized in this field that each person involved looks at the phenomenon of inter-active communication with Off-Planet Cultures from their unique, and at times, limited perspective.

For example, remote viewers have a different model of perception in regards to interactive communication between terrestrial and Off-Planet Culture when compared to human military agencies.  The military appears to operate from a variety of different models of perception, ranging from perceiving inter-active communication with Off-Planet Cultures as a National Security threat to perceiving Off-Planet Cultures as an opportunity for institutional evolution.  Likewise, Scientists also have their own models with respect to interactive communication between terrestrial and Off-Planet cultures, as do UFO researchers, abduction researchers; conspiracists; "experiencers/abductees"; astronomers; religiously-oriented observers; native people and spiritually-oriented observers, etc.  The perception of such ‘visitors’ can also vary based on what part of the world the observer comes from, based on the culture’s history and myths.

In addition, the primary scientific database underlying Exopolitical research and activity is derived via the scientific method from a wide variety of sources, including at least the following fourteen (14) formal Categories of data:

Category A – Voluntary Conscious Physical Contactees
Category B – Involuntary Semi-Conscious Physical Contactees (Abductees)
Category C – Voluntary Semi-Conscious Alter-physical Contactees (Star People)
Category D – Voluntary Psychic Contactees (Channelers and Visionaries)
Category E – Neutral Psychic Contactees (Remote Viewers and Shamans)
Category F – Whistle-Blowers From Inside Secret Government
Category G – Documentary Evidence From Government
Category H- Superficial Excited Witnesses and Sightings Reports
Category I – Astute Debriefers, Debunkers and Interpreters
Category J – Alien Artifacts
Category K – Independent Archeology
Category L – Occult Societies
Category M – Science Fiction
Category N - Revelations authorized by Universe Governance Bodies.

The Star Dreams Initiative is not a basic Exopolitics research project. It is not the mission of the Star Dreams Initiative to “prove” that Off-Planet Cultures exist. The Star Dreams Initiative consciously seeks to complete earlier research accomplished in establishing interactive contact between humans and Off-Planet Cultures.

With regard to the design and methodology of establishing Public Interest Diplomacy, another Star Dreams Initiative adviser states, “Whatever way is used, it should generally be regarded as non-threatening by both the general public and governments involved, and eventually must be inclusive rather than exclusive of public awareness.”  The “Exopolitics Project” is for Outreach to, Contact, and Public Interest Diplomacy with a Possible Off-Planet Culture (OPC).

I: Why the government has been Silent

Professor of political science and remote viewer, Dr. Courtney Brown, has strong arguments as per why world governments have covered up the UFO and extraterrestrial life issue.  From his book Cosmic Voyage(New York: Dutton 1996), Chapter 36:

“One of the most common complaints among people interested in UFOs is governmental silence on the matter.  The only thing that enrages these people more is what they perceive to be attempts by governments to ridicule, repress, or dismiss UFO reports.  I too went through a stage in which I felt my government was not doing its elected duty by keeping information on this subject form the people who did the voting.  I have changed, however, and it may be important for me to state my perspective on this matter.”

“I should remind readers at the outset that I am a professor of political science. One of my specialties within the discipline is public opinion and mass behavior, which directly relates to governmental concerns regarding the subject of Ets and UFOs.”

“The government certainly is aware of much of the ET activity on and near this planet.  Some books have been published that have focused on information released from the U.S. government using the Freedom of Information Act (for example, see Good 1987).  But one need not go far to confirm that the government is aware of the fact that the ETs are active on this planet.”

“In my own experience, I have talked to retired senior military officers who bluntly stated that they themselves were involved in secret and high-level data-collection activities with regard to UFOs, and that the government was doing its best to deal with the events-but with little success.  Moreover, I have talked to airline flight personnel who have told me of experiences in which commercial jets were followed by UFOs.  In some cases, the pilots were debriefed, and then given strict instructions not to discuss the matter with anyone else. These particular pilots obviously did not follow those orders to the letter, but others do.”

“The government knows about the ETs, but it does not tell its citizens.  Why should that be?  Carefully consider the situation that you would be in if you were the president of the United States, to use my country’s government as an example.   You are aware that extraterrestrials are invading the nation’s airspace at will, without ever asking for permission. Moreover, at least some of the ETs are doing things to many of your nation’s citizens that the citizens do not appear to enjoy, and the government-with all its military and security apparatus- can do nothing to stop these things from happening. Absolutely nothing.  What would you do?  Would you go on national television to announce the arrival of the ETs?  What else could you possibly say other than, “They are here, and you can panic at your discretion”?

“You could consider revealing that the visitors have arrived, and that the government is trying to open diplomatic relations with them. But how long would you be able to get away with this if the ETs did not respond?”

“It may not have been the correct strategy, but minimally, it was a defensible strategy to postpone the public’s large-scale awareness of the problem until the government had a chance to try to deal more successfully with the matter.  No nation’s leaders wish to announce failure if there is any hope of success.”

“I do not know exactly how much the government has known over the years.  But I know the nation’s leaders do not have the full breadth of information that we have been able to collect using remote viewing. Thus, information in this volume will be helpful to establishing a new phase in human-ET interactions. But I see no benefit in seriously attacking current and former governmental officials with regard  to past government policies concerning the ET phenomenon.  Mistakes may have been made, but a perfect policy was probably never a real option given the situation.”

“On the other hand, I strongly believe that the time has come to seriously consider a change in the previous policy of denial. Historically, humans have always been passive with regard to interactions with ETs.  We have watched the ships fly by, and some of us may have been abducted.  But always the ETs came to us, and we just watched it happen.  Now we have the ability to move from a passive to an active stage in studying interstellar life.  With this ability must come a new grasp of our need to participate responsibly with this larger society.  Just as ETs have studied our society, we can begin closely examining theirs.  Moreover, educating our own public about the ETs is the first step toward establishing reciprocal diplomatic relations.”

J: Case Study: An Off-Planet Culture on Mars

Through remote viewing, key researchers in the area of human-OPC relations have identified key characteristics and goals of an apparent Off-Planet Culture on a planet adjacent to Earth (Mars), useful in designing a critical path for the Star Dreams Initiative.

Summary of the Martian Remote Viewing Data
Remote viewing exercises by Prof. Courtney Brown, PhD of Emory University report the possible existence of a present Martian Off-Planet Culture, humanoid in form, living under the surface of Mars, as well as on Earth in underground bases in the United States of America, and in intentional rural colonies in South America.

This Martian culture reportedly may be survivors of a Martian-Solar System cataclysm in the distant past. The survivors of the Martian cataclysm, rescued from this past cataclysm in a time-travel operation approved by a galactic governing body known as the “Galactic Federation.” The time-travel rescue operation was reportedly conducted by the an Off-Planet culture known colloquially as the “Greys.” The Martian survivor-culture, now existing under the surface of present-day Mars, may be about 150 years technologically in advance of our human civilization. The remote viewing data suggested that the Martian OPCs may be desirous of initiating contact and integration with human civilization, including migration to Earth, as living conditions on Mars are difficult for the long-term. These initial data suggested that mutual benefits to the Martian Off-Planet Culture and to our human civilization may result from good will contact and public interest diplomacy between our two cultures, and set out a proposed general course of action for mutual contact.

Dr. Courtney Brown summarizes the strategic outlook of the Martian civilization he has been observing and communicating with through remote viewing sessions as follows:

“The Martians are not interested in warfare, and their only major defense is clandestine activity. They're hiding. The rest of the galaxy is watching to find out what humans are going to do when we finally take our heads out of the sand like the proverbial ostrich, look up and say, ‘Alright, we admit that we are not alone in this universe, or even our own solar system. You exist -- let's talk.’  The question is: are the humans going to freak out and send missiles or are we going to say with compassion, ‘We hear you have troubles. Can we help?’  That's what the galaxy is actually looking to see -- are we going to be mature participants in what we now know is a robust galactic community of life, or are we going to stay in the daycare of the galaxy and remain primitive? This is the biggest spectator sport in the galaxy!”

MARS EXOPOLITICS STRATEGY - Remote Viewing-based Analysis by Dr. Courtney Brown

Our government leaders must be closely involved in the next step of active human participation in contact with the extra-terrestrials. I have already stated that this next step will involve direct physical contact with the surviving Martians, not the Greys (Galactic Federation). We will one day work with the Greys directly in a fashion that will be more satisfying to us, but that day is not today. There is nothing to stop us from opening lines of communication with the Martians now.”

“First, it must be understood that any contact with the Martians must be at least partially sanctioned by leaders in our planetary government, however feeble this government may currently be. At a minimum, leaders of the United Nations must at least be consulted with regards to these contacts. Moreover, no attempt at contacting the Martians is likely to succeed unless the nation or organization that actually makes the contact relates all communications directly to the United Nations Security Council. All member states must be informed as soon as such a meeting can be arranged.”

“This is an essential ingredient to success, not a product of my own moral position. The Martians want to come to Earth. They are not going to acknowledge to humans that they exist unless they have an assurance that they are working with representatives of the entire planet. Their best defense against a volatile and often violent human species has always been silence and secrecy. They will maintain that defense unless they have a reasonable chance at attaining their goal of being accepted by the majority of humanity. They will not likely prejudice their own success at being accepted on this planet by giving the initial impression that they are siding with one of the many nationalistic factions.”

“With this said, however, practicality dictates that there may be only one nation on this planet that is capable of accessing sufficient political and technological resources in order to succeed in persuading the Martians to come out of hiding. In my view, that nation is the United States of America. My remote-viewing data suggest that the initial formal contact with the Martians will involve the use of radio communications. The U.S. already has much of the necessary equipment for such a project, and it could enlist the assistance of other nations in supplying additional communication equipment as necessary. Radio telescope can be aimed at both Mars and the Moon in an attempt to initiate an open dialogue with the Martians. My data suggests that any ET's based on the Moon will be silent in this dialogue, but it is probably wise to include them in the transmission circuit, since the Martians on Mars will likely consult with them regarding any Earth-originating transmission.”

“I suggest any that the President of the United States authorize (with United Nations sanction) the transmission to Mars of an invitation to begin direct talks between Earth-based humans and the chosen representatives of the Martians. The transmission should indicate that humans are warmly receptive of the idea of working with the Martians with regard to issues of mutual concern. The message might also suggest that a prompt reply by the Martians would indicate a willingness among the Martians to become cooperative neighbors with humans, and that this would be very helpful to future relations between the two planetary cultures. This may be a polite diplomatic way of twisting their arms a bit, but it may be essential right now. The Martians have developed a habit of secrecy, and they have to be told that it is worth their effort to break this habit and to work with humans directly, and soon.”

“The question remains as to which president may authorize this transmission. My clear sense is that the time for the transmission is now. Thus, it would be opportune if the current President of the United States authorizes the transmission. Yet, regardless of who is working in the White House at the time of the transmission, one thing is certain. The leader who initiates successful communication between Earth-based humans and Martians will make a major impact on the development of human culture that will last for thousands of years.”

“In general, there is probably no single event that will influence the future of human collective evolution more than contact with an extraterrestrial civilization. Whoever is brave enough to risk doing such an extraordinary thing as thing as beaming a transmission to Mars asking for a planetary dialogue to begin will be remembered favorably, both on Earth and across the galaxy, for a very long time. This act will finally signal to the waiting galactic community that humans are now sufficiently mature to enter the community with full membership. Such membership is earned, not awarded as a gift. What it takes to earn it is the collective maturity to accept the reality of who we are: complex beings in a universe filled with life.”

“Following this transmission and the Martian response, it will be necessary to begin planning to receive the Martians who are not yet on this planet. My suggestion is to offer to transform the current Martian underground base in New Mexico into a processing center. I am certain that Martian medical technology is sufficient to guarantee that no new diseases will be introduced onto this planet as a result of the Martians arrival. Indeed, if this were apt to happen, it would have happened long ago, since many Martians are already here. But this does not mean that humans should accept this knowledge passively. It will be important for future doctors to become fully aware of the intricacies of Martian physiology and psychology. Thus, we will have to process Martian refugees in much the same way that we process refugees from other Earth-based cultures.”

“There will be a question of citizenship. First, it must be recognized that any Martian children already born on Earth should have immediate citizenship in the countries of their birth. Martians born in the caverns underneath Santa Fe Baldy in New Mexico, for example, are automatically citizens of the U.S. Moreover, their immediate relatives have rights to expedited permanent residency in the United States. Similarly, the United Nations must encourage other governments to grant citizenship to Martians born in their territories, and to extend permanent residency to the relatives of these citizens. The reality is that the United Nations will have to orchestrate the arrival of many new Martians who do not have children born on Earth, and our world governments will have to work together to develop a plan to permanently locate and accept these new and hopeful travelers in search of a home.”

“It is not possible to emphasize how IMPORTANT human behavior is in this new stage of our existence on this planet. Literally the entire Galaxy is watching to see how humans behave toward our planetary neighbors in need. Though we have not always been aware of it, we have been helped by extraterrestrials during much of our evolutional history. The real test that we face is whether or not we are sufficiently mature to be able to look beyond ourselves and to act with COMPASSION towards others in real need. Are we capable of participating in the single most important act of interstellar cultural interaction that has occurred across the millennia, the act of helping other species with their evolutionary struggles?”

“My remove viewing suggests that we are now capable of this level of altruistic behavior. With all of my heart, I hope I have not erred in my perception of this single and ultimately important piece of information.”

The Greys
“In my opinion, the Greys are not yet ready to work physically with large numbers of humans on an equal level. Their telepathic abilities are extremely advanced, and they have a great deal of difficulty dealing with the intensity of our emotions. Moreover, when we are around Greys, our emotions tend to move rapidly toward unrestrained panic, and so it is understandable why telepathically sensitive beings might find it unsettling to work near us in an uncontrolled environment.”

“But this is not to say that we should not have other types of human-initiated contact with the Greys. Indeed, it is to the benefit of both ourselves and the Greys if we begin such contact as soon as possible. My recommendation is that human diplomats should begin using Scientific Remote Viewing extensively for communicative purposes with the Greys.  Moreover, I suggest that humans initiate contact with both subspace and physical Greys across all of the evolutionary types that are operating near Earth today.”

“Extensive experience has demonstrated that Greys can tolerate subspace human contact quite well. This means that humans have an ability to work with Greys directly via this subspace connection. This would be particularly useful, since the Greys need to have the experience of working with fully aware humans so that they can be encouraged to break their pattern of behavior of working only with humans in a clandestine fashion. Thus, the Greys need our help in dealing with them as much as we may have benefited - and continue to benefit- by many of their efforts. In case these efforts do not come immediately to mind, let me remind readers using one such example that there exist substantial remote-viewing data from a number of viewers suggesting that the Greys are heavily involved in storing vegetation and animal genetic samples from the very environment that humans are busy destroying. We will be very grateful for their efforts along these lines in later years when we begin to rebuild this planet using these stored genetic stocks. The relationship between humans and Greys is very complex and we need to be both patient and constant in our efforts to improve our abilities to communicate with them more openly.”

“Perhaps the best way to advance communication between humans and they greys is to use Scientific Remote Viewing to ask the Greys how we might be able to assist them with the genetic project that is related to their own species' evolution. In the past, conscious and willing human help with this project has been nonexistent. Greys have had to work with humans who have little or no understanding of the complexities of the subspace life.”

“I suspect that such attempts at communication will not yield immediate responses from the Greys, in the sense that their ships are not likely to land next to the United Nations building the moment the first human diplomat asks a Grey if we may help them. But repeated efforts are likely to produce great rewards, and we must remind ourselves that the Greys have been waiting for a long time for us to mature sufficiently to be able calmly to communicate with them.”

Galactic Federation
“As with the Greys, we will need to use Scientific Remote Viewing (SRV) to establish permanent human representation in the Galactic Federation. There are physical means by which humans could communicate with Federation authorities, and I am certain that these physical means will be used soon. However, SRV is necessary at this time for one very important reason: the Galactic Federation is primarily a subspace organization.”

“It is virtually impossible for only physical beings to govern a Galaxy. The reason is that physical beings are temporary creatures who participate in the physical world only for brief periods of time. Moreover, much of the life of the physical beings is consumed by childhood and old age, and there are actually very few years of adult productivity in the life of even a long-lived human. On the other hand, the galaxy evolves in a time frame that can only be understood as spectacularly long, relative to a single human lifespan. In order to monitor and assist the evolution of a galaxy of life, the beings must have an active memory that is much greater that say, seventy years. The dramas of even one species' evolution often consume thousands of years, and if the Federation is involved in helping this species, then beings involved in the project would need to be around a long time. Physical beings cannot do this.”

“Physical life is something that all of us participate in. It has at times been called a school, where subspace beings learn how to be better in some way. But physical life is really much more than a school for subspace creatures. It is a very real dimension of existence. The primary difference between physical and subspace existence is simply that everyone can visit the physical way of life only temporarily, quickly making their contribution before rather abruptly leaving. But it is nonetheless an authentic way of life, however temporary our participation in it may be.”

“To locate the Galactic Federation within the physical Universe could be suicidal to both the organization as well as many species. Given the vagaries of the physical social evolution, who is to predict how physical societies may change? One day they may favor assistance to other societies. But physical beings may quickly change their minds if, say, their economy is not performing well one year. One cannot govern a galaxy with personalities as fickle as those that are typical of physical beings. Galactic governance requires a longer perspective, and no forms of life other than those found in subspace can yield this required longevity. Thus, it is not by accident that the Galactic Federation is a subspace organization. It could never have been otherwise.”

“The time will come when humans have technology that spans the physical-subspace divide. But until that time comes, we need to use our own nervous system, trained to listen through our own subspace aspects, to talk to the Galactic Federation authorities. We already started our representation in the Federation as soon as we began to use our own human consciousness to communicate with Federation authorities. Both my monitor and I were early participants in this process of human representation. Now is the time for physical human authorities to authorize such representation efforts of cosmic wanderers and explorers such as myself and my remote viewing colleagues to give way to those trained representatives of a human planetary government, and now is the time for the United Nations to formally sanction direct human-Federation talks.”

“Let there be no mistake about this. Neither the Martians, the Greys nor the Federation authorities will do anything to force us to act first. The signal to the entire galaxy that we are sufficiently mature species to deserve a formal voice in the community of worlds is our own ability to recognize who we are among whom we live. We are not children anymore. We are a species with a destiny.  Let us begin crossing the new frontier of the destiny proudly. Let us leave our cynicism and our fear. Let us speak, finally, to those who have waited so long and patiently for us, out there.”

From Courtney Brown, Ph.D., Cosmic Voyage, op.cit.

Joseph McMoneagle is a former military remote viewer and was interviewed by Jerry Snider in Magical Blend Magazine where he also spoke about Mars: 

Snider: In Mind Trek you relate a mind-bending experience about a remote viewing experiment involving NASA photos of Mars. Could you tell us about that?

McMoneagle: That experiment was done at the Monroe Institute in Virginia. They asked me to come in early in the morning, which I did, and they locked me up in the windowless remote viewing room to ensure I didn't see who was bringing the targets. They knew it was a man from NASA, but I did not. So I went in and took a two-hour nap in the remote viewing room. The person from NASA arrived, carrying a sheet of paper with seven sets of coordinates. Everyone at the lab assumed these were coordinates for earth targets. When we started the session, they read the target coordinates to me, and my first perception was of a pyramid. I started describing this pyramid, which I assumed to be in Egypt, but it didn't make sense to me, because I was describing corridors and rooms that I knew didn't exist in the Egyptian pyramids. So I described all seven targets in detail. The first six I described correctly, but I messed up on the seventh one because I was getting tired. Everybody was mystified by what was going on, because it was apparent that we were looking at archaeological sites. When I came out of the remote viewing room, they asked me what I thought about the civilization that had built these particular monuments. I told them the people were much larger than human beings and that their culture was very, very old. That was when I was told what the targets were. The man from NASA was absolutely blown away because I had provided correct detailed information on the first six of seven targets.  Only he knew what was at each of these locations. About five month later we got a call from him and he told us that the next Mars mission would be targeted against one of those coordinate sites. That's the last I ever heard about it, other than that on the next Mars mission the spacecraft was in some way, shape or form killed en route. It was sent the wrong code or something and shut down. It didn't operate or function after that.

Snider: In Mind Trek you write about sensing the emotional reactions of the entities who lived there.

McMoneagle: Right, my sense of it was that the people who built these monuments belonged to an ancient race, and that the monuments were not built as a place to call home, but as an interim stopping point for something. My sense was that the large majority of them stayed, but a small faction moved on in search of what would have been a new place for them to live. In fact, most of these monument seemed to hibernation-type chambers, designed for surviving a very bad climate. I also had a sense that some of the information toward the end was almost as if a psychic time capsule had been left. It was formatted to be found by psychic means, which was a very unusual feeling for me, because I normally don't get those kinds of feelings.

K: Exopolitics Project: Implications

One Star Dreams Adviser notes: “One of my first intuitive action was to try to learn as much as possible about the Martians.  About their psychology, spirituality and the action they have taken so far in relations to human behavior in outer space. I found some fascinating information in Jim Marrs' book, PSI Spies (a book on the history of the CIA & military remote viewing), about planet Mars and corroborated information from remote viewers.  So far, all data suggests that the Martians are similar to humans but without any negative intentions against our human society or individual humans. Martian diplomacy is not unlike diplomacy with France, except that this diplomatic effort seems to have been instigated by the Galactic Federation [an Off-Planet Culture governmental agency]. This arbitrator is the spiritual reference of love/God/Source that both our cultures can choose to align with.”

“Therefore, I believe an important part of the Star Dreams Initiative is to recommend to the International community, such as the United Nations, to have a trusted and highly qualified group of spiritually evolved, scientific remote viewers, who would be in contact with the Galactic Federation.  This would establish weekly reports of this spiritual Guidance that can then be suggested to decision-makers in regards to our interaction with Martians and our policies with Martians. This can become a co-created project between the spiritual government and humanity, as it already is since many of us have received much guidance. This guidance can become more methodological but never absolute since we conserve our free will at all times. This connection with the spiritual hierarchy would simply allow for additional data to be considered with other data, to set policies re. the Star Dreams Initiative.”

L: Mars Off-Planet Culture -  Case Study details:

The Exopolitics Project proposes an initial case study built around systematic follow-through of remote viewing data generated in the mid-1990s by human research suggesting that such a possible Off-Planet Culture presently exists in our Solar System on the planet Mars, which is desirous of mutually cooperative and peaceful relations with human society.

Remote viewing is a specific modality based on scientific protocols that can serve as a bridge for initiating beneficial contact with Off-Planet Cultures, and lead to full exopolitical integration for mutual benefit, including as part of a Space Exploration Agenda of Mars and the Solar system by human space-exploration agencies.  On January 14, 2004, U.S. President George W. Bush announced his new space vision. Saying "the desire to explore and understand is part of our character," President Bush Wednesday unveiled an ambitious plan to return Americans to the moon by 2020 and use the mission as a steppingstone for future manned trips to Mars and beyond after 2030. He said: "We do not know where this journey will end, yet we know this -- human beings are headed into the cosmos," Bush said. "Mankind is drawn to the heavens for the same reason we were once drawn into unknown lands and across the open sea. We choose to explore space because doing so improves our lives and lifts our national spirit." CNN, January 15, 2004

Human & Martian Ecological Survival:
Intentional contact and inter-relation with a Mars-based Off-Planet Culture could impact positively on our transformation of the permanent war industry on Earth into a peaceful, sustainable, cooperative Space Age society.   Contact with a possible Matrian civilization could aid in our terrestrial society's integration into Universe society. Because of the ecological cataclysms Mars has suffered in the past, Martian society is focused on environmental survival.  Mars is astronomically close to our planet Earth.  If the preliminary remote viewing data are correct, Martian civilization may be about 150 years in advance of Earth from a scientific perspective, and may have developed key technologies for outer space travel and clean energy production.    The Martian civilization's apparent proximity to Earth civilization in distance and time (150 years in advance) would seem to be highly fortuitous.  Earth civilization can provide the Martian civilization with a hospitable natural environment to which to immigrate. our apparent mutual and interdependent needs at this time. The Martians having survived cataclysm may be able to teach our tereestrial civilization how to cope with possible looming environmental/ecological emergencies on Earth.  A recent study suggests that abrupt climate change and ensuing environmental and social emergencies may start on Earth as soon as the year 2010.

Exopolitical Diplomatic Context:
The Exopolitics Project will develop inter-active public interest diplomacy protocols, setting out the parameters of the project and appropriate proposals for Outreach, Contact and Public Interest Diplomacy, including inter-planetary treaties establishing formal relations and governing essential functions such as space weapons ban, planetary exploration rights, security, technology transfer, and immigration, and publish and communicate these to human authorities, as well as to Off-Planet Culture authorities.

The human authorities will include the United Nations Secretary General. United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, United Nations Security Council; United Nations General Assembly; and Member Nations of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, and interested NGOs and educational institutions and educational media. Communication of these Exopolitics Project protocols will be made via Remote-viewing (and where feasible, radio-telescope) modalities to: (1) Martian governmental authorities, as identified in remote-viewing sessions; (2) Galactic Federation authorities as identified in remote-viewing, an interplanetary body; (3) Other interested OPC actors, such as the Greys.

Phase I:
The Exopolitics Project will evaluate the feasibility of the Mars OPC Hypothesis as an initial case study for intentional Outreach and Contact with an Off-Planet Culture. This evaluation will use a variety of modalities, including (1) Mars historical context coherence through exobiology and exo-archaeology as updated through Mars Rovers’ and other probe evidence; (2) Mars and other OPC-Contactee evidence; (3) Mars Remote viewing evidence; (4) Content and context analysis of OPC-related Phenomena such as Crop Circles (5) Consultations with Exopolitics Project Advisers and Experts.  Periodic Feasibility Reports will be published of Phase I results of the Exopolitics Project for dissemination to human and OPC authorities.

Phase II:
A negotiated, consensual plan for mutual, transparent, open interaction and public diplomatic relations between recognized scientific, ethical-religious, and governmental bodies of the terrestrial and specific Martian and/or other Off-Planet Culture(s) engaging in the Star Dreams Initiative. This over-all plan would include appropriate Inter-Species Treaties under principles of International and Universal Law. Public Interest Diplomacy, where appropriate, may include representatives and advisory observers of Galactic, Interplanetary Governing Authorities. If it is valid, The Exopolitics Project will carry out strategies for initiating contact and integrating with Martian society, including their possible immigration to Earth culture under the first Solar System interplanetary treaty and/or governmental scheme Star Dreams Initiative.


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