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Robert Sweetman

Let me first qualify my statement. I respect the honor and integrity of a persons creative expression in life as a free human spirit.

However when a human-being as allowed themselves the means to which they have made significant evolutionary levels of intellectual, emotional and spiritual enlightenment, upon which the collective maturity of human consciousness ascension, is evolving to a higher-state of acknowledgement, expression, and symbiotic relationship with our Creator and the rest of all living creation we can connect with to build a more perfect world of pure love.

A level of God-consciousness if you will, much the same as the quantum physicist Aswait Aswami in his book, "The quantum activist" now retired from the Univ. of OR.

A place in the collective consciousness of man, that has risen so far beyond the standard model of western culture in the socio-economic-political and philosophical means upon which we currently interact, to meet the essential needs of our lives, is no longer relevant, self-destructive, and counter-productive, against what human individual and collective potential is sitting there to be tapped and given expression to, but deliberately undermined by those who work hard to make sure the weak energy that interacts in this model, is like analogous to a state of depressed self-reinforcing socio-economic herd mentality environment, that not only are people self-aware, but preventing the truth as love to be accessed.

For millions of people who experience this acknowledgement, particularly those of us who were an integral part of the last big wave of spiritual positive energy that flowed through us, that we expressed openly to the world of all life around us, that was known as the Peace Love generation, that the same negative power of energy tried to crush us in the 1960's.

Many of us are still alive to give greater meaning to our lives and what we can share to keep the fire burning., upon which the dark force of evil no longer undermines, the human evolutionary leap to a higher state of love we express to the world around us, by a more deeper integrated symbiotic relationship we give expression to with our creator, that we share with others, as the manifestation of the truth.

For love, truth, God, energy and love are one with us to give ultimate meaning and purpose to, that drives the greatest prosperity, joy, love and happiness we experience as how we express this to each other as souls who are given a physical state of expression we interact, through the means of our anatomy and physiology we use, to experience Heaven on earth, like making love to the woman you love, rafting down the Mad River in the Bridger-Teton Wilderness, or hiking the Pacific Crest Trail through Yosemite National Park near Tuolemme Meadows, as one of the most awe inspiring experiences of love, beauty and joy you can feel in your heart, that is both priceless, free and the revelation of what it means to be free.

It is an acknowledgement, that you have reached a point where you realize, the very idea that what you create is seen through the lens of private property and as a commodity, you acknowledge that this singular philosophical conceptualization, is not only self-destructive and counter productive through which we live in peace, love, balance and harmony with each other, and is in fact, the genesis upon which violence, conflict and inequality through using a caste system of hierarchies are built.

Since the time I was 4 years old, everything I have ever created I have shared openly with others to which they can appreciate and draw from, upon which they can improve upon, alter, share with others is an expression of how love is expressed between us.

I have never thought of anything I have ever had possession of throughout my entire life, as seen through the lens of having an obsession for thinking what I have some means of control over, as mine.

I don't conceptualize anything that exists in the physical plane dimension in which we interact with through life, as anything other than temporal in space in time, and is always subject to being shared with others who may have a need to use it, or interact with it in a way that helps benefit others.

The ultimate driving force of energy that exists throughout the entire unified theory of quantum, morphogenic fields of information we can draw from, is analogous as both energy and love we allow to pass through us, as co-creators of all creation, to which we unite our consciousness soul of existence, can be expressed through the love we share with each other as a means to unite us all as one with all living creation.

Thus we are one with everything we interact with, and to otherwise deny others access to which they can interact as an expression of love, is antithetical to what it means to be one with our creator and each other.

A fact of life that rises far beyond what the standard model of philosophical belief systems that are based on 1000's of years of how western civilization has expressed itself, that is based on artificial constructs of values, that have been established by male patriarchal dominant types, whose level of love as energy that passes through them and their level of consciousness enlightenment, is powered not by the immense positive energy that they can draw from the unified quantum field of consciousness expressed as love, peace, sharing, kindness and care for others, but through the weak dark energy that is devoid of accessing higher positive forms of expression through love that is possible.

And thus the physical world we create for ourselves to interact with, upon which we draw from to facilitate how e express ourselves throughout life, including the consciousness means of mediated interaction, that is balanced or off-set by how much energy as love that is expressed by the sum total of quantum energy that is pulled from all of humanity.

In short, the level of love, peace, harmony and balance that all of humanity expresses unto itself, can be quantified and qualified by how much positive energy that flows through the collective sum total of man's living consciousness, at any given time along the space time, time space dimensions that give form and structure to the world we create for ourselves, as a subset to what flows through us and our creator.

Richard J Hannah

What do you do if you ate the host of a popular radio show and you find out that a known scam artist and conspiracy theorist has used your name to promote her cause. Well, the Big H’s Richard J Hannah was faced with just that and decided to make light of it. He argues that the trouble with the Conspiracy Theory Sites is that they have no interest in debunking a story, no interest in the actual truth – there mind is set on supporting the scammer. Hannah says , there is little point resorting to law because a theorist (when it suits them) will claim its all part of the cover up, and any evidence you may have is fabricated.
Hannah was accused of killing at least 57 people, orchestrating the Police and Judiciary against an industry wannabee, conning her out of her intellectual property rights, hounding her into meetings and then conducting a decade long war against her.
Hannah says,” I met Charles Seven, 12 years ago, at an open day and never laid eyes on her since. She claims she is the creative genius behind ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, ‘Dancing on Ice’ and most reality elimination shows. Thankfully, for last 12 years I was blissfully unaware of Ms Seven’s machinations. I think it’s a shame that she cynically exploits 7/7 Charlie Hebdo and no doubt any other atrocity that comes along. For me, the man accused of masterminding the whole thing, I will tell you this….there is a reason why Ms Seven has no credibility in mainstream media – she’s delusional – every person group or authority that ever told her she was lying was put into the ‘you are in it too’ camp. I can’t even get angry….the lady needs help. “
Hannah though things as a piece of entertainment, he could not resist having a giggle at the expense of his accuser and on Sundays show he shares his thoughts.
You can listen to show 25 on

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