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Hoffman Jane

Alfred You are a splendid candidate to represent earth. Can you please make sure it is true all controlling agents have been removed from earth i.e. Annunaki, Khazarians, Draco, Aldabarans, Chimera etc.? We do not want a repetition of what happened post WW 2, with all the obfuscation of who won and things like Operation Paperclip. The Alien Controllers must leave earth totally so we can espouse unity consciousness. Thank you for your leadership.

David C Loree

It's so time to have all of these procedures and recommendations and plans to be brought into action on this planet Earth the special place of transformation and change a movement forward to essential to the 5th dimension

Maggie Balson

Happy to support you, Alfred.

Maria Amélia

I agree with all the measures you propose to change the world into an enlightened place where people and nature can be loved and respected as they deserve. Here I leave my support and greetings from Portugal.


Glad to support you Alfred

Tree Hensel

go for it now ----no more back door politics---My question is who had the right to put Mr. Trump in such a position? My vote would be for Weber who has much more information and contacts then any government entity!!!!Just because it was viewed on the Chronovisor that he would be the American president? I don't believe he is a stable enough individual.He has many enemies. If Mr. Weber wants the position then he is the wiser choice. We need the assistance now not 50 more years of holding us back.Stop the current Harvest Now!!Stop the slavery to off planet and the murder of our children. I AM and this is my vote...

David Gilker

I'll vote for you Alfred. You're the man for this job for sure.

Will Hamilton

Yes Alfred you have my support for this significant role as you have been dedicated to the understanding of these issues for a long time and you have demonstrated that you come from a well informed, balanced and loving perspective in dealing with such matters. We will all benefit by having such a well intentioned colleague in this role instead of elites and politicians.


thanks for your determination to assist and the comprehension of collective consciousness, you have my support

Americo Ramos

You can have my support certainly...Changes must bring a new Postive Reality of Peace,and Abundance for all living beings on Earth according to the Laws of the Universe !...

Dr. sc. Zvonimir Milošić, M.Sc., B.Sc., E.E., Spec. of Hydroacoustic systems

Comment & My Support for Alfred Lambremont Webre:

Poštovani gospodine Alfred Lambremont Webre, podržavam Vašu inicijativu da budete predstavnik Zemlje za galaksijsko upravljanje u Vijeću naše galaksije, Mliječni put.
Ovom prilikom Vam zahvaljujem na velikoj hrabrosti u najavi planetarno važne vijesti i želje za vraćanje Izvornog Ustava USA iz 1789. godine s Vašim obrazloženjem nastanka falsifikata još davne 1871. g. danog u Vašem radu u EXOPOLITICS.
U skladu s rečenim, šaljem Vam na korištenje u istraživanju još nekoliko informacija vezanih za Hrvate: s Weba, iz Webstera i iz Svjetske enciklopedije. R. Hrvatska ima ukupno 4.5 miliona stanovnika te 3.5 miliona dijaspore u: Australiji, Argentini, Čileu, Kanadi, EU a od toga je najviše naših potomaka u USA. Ipak u ovim povijesnim okolnostima stalnih ratova, imamo neke impresivne činjenice važne za povijest USA i Republike Hrvatske:
- da je hrvatska jedinstvena neosvojiva Dubrovačka republika u Parizu (in Paris) u Francuskoj 1783. godine 1. na planeti Zemlji priznala USA kao slobodnu državu, sklopivši trgovački ugovor s USA, ref. biblioteka Sveučilišta u Dubrovniku.
- da su dubrovački trgovci i izvrsni moreplovci a zbog dobrih odnosa Hrvata i Španjolske krune bili prvi kolonizatori istočne obale USA. Kolonizatori su civili, a vojne formacije su osvajači, ref. Lost Colony , 1585. godine, Svjetska enciklopedija.
- da je iz kontakta dubrovačkih trgovaca (ne vojnika) Hrvata (lat. name Croata) i Lumbu indijanaca na miroljubiv način došlo do rađanja novog naroda Croatoan indijanaca u Sjevernoj Karolini, uz rijeku Roanoke. Croatoan indijanaci su danas najnapredniji Indijanci u USA with University in Penbrok. Hrvati nisu nikada ratovali s Indijancima u Americi.
- da je ime najvažnije rijeke u američkoj povijesti Potomac (Potomak) došlo jedino od hrvatske riječi 'potomak' a njeno značenje na engleskom je 'descendant', ref. older Webster.
- da je davne 1416. godine Dubrovačka Republika zabranila trgovinu robljem na svom području, što je bilo čak 400 godina prije USA.
- da je Dubrovačka Republika s vrhunskom diplomacijom bila fizički i politički neosvojiva tvrđava za sve osvajače. Bila je stoljećima vojno zaštićena od muslimanske Otomanske imperije a ipak je ostala 100% katolička. Dubrovačka republika je uvijek štitila sve političke izbjeglice iz Vatikana i ratoborne Venecije.
Srdačno Vas pozdravljam i puno sreće u Vašem radu u Vijeću naše galaksije, Mliječni put !

Author: Croatian Kingdom 925. y., 1st King Tomislav

Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd

7 Principles of I AM
Techniques To Embody Our Divine Blueprint Through The 7 Principles Of I AM with Kendra Jonas
Blog: http://exopolitics.blogs.com/the_7_principles_of_i_am/

"This webinar presented by Kendra Jonas and hosted by Alfred Lambremont Webre is entitled, "Techniques To Embody Our Divine Blueprint Through The 7 Principles Of I AM." We expose the control systems that have deliberately been put into place to hijack us away from our divine blueprint --- to keep us from activating our DNA and ascending out of the artificial matrix. Kendra is a channel, author, and life coach who helps bring higher dimensional consciousness into our everyday lives. Kendra shares information and messages directly from her spirit guides and extra terrestrial contacts whom she has been receiving messages from for many years."

Norm T Marple

You certainly have my vote Alfred ! I know of no other with your qualifications, desire, heart, knowledge and experience that could and should fill such a position. I thank you for being the man you are and for stepping up as always, to make this world a better place for all mankind. And if what I've read is true, the Inter Galactic Confederation is getting rid of the hostiles that have controlled us for far too long. I'm excited seeing you in my mind's eye talking with our space brothers and sisters as Earth's Representative ! How awesome is that ?!! Well deserved Alfred !!!

Mary Back

Glad to support you Alfred

Eunice Howe

Luv you Alfred...for you are a Truth Seeker and Magnificent Light Worker...may all of your energy be used in this new role...the world needs more of you...and for those doubters..no one asks you to comment...go and leave this amazing Soul to do his work! We are fighting the dark energy and those obsessed in negativity, are not wanted here!

Bevanjones V

Yes, Alfred you well qualify :) Love and Joy I look forward to the changes. Your doing a wonderful job already. Namaste

Melody Henriksen

Yes, I strongly support Alfred Webre for the position of, Earth's Representative on the Regional Galactic Governance Council. His knowledge which also includes galactic, his experience, past history, high ethics, along with his personality, simply he cares about this world and the people on it, in my opinion, makes him a perfect candidate.

Erica Rainhart

Yes! Thank you Alfred Lambremont Webre excellent choice, deep multiple level - breadth of issues/naturally unfolding elements require committed peaceful oriented perserverence
in Character demonstration you clearly offer. Welcome sir!

William Jenkins

The link for "Comment feed" simply shows the coding.
In general these objectives seem positive. I don't see how they would prevent over population if every cause of death but poor health and age is prevented. Of course, we can always hope for a meteor strike or sea level rise of 100 feet.

Starte Christ

Alfred, you have our support.

Richard F Dihlman

Glad to support Alfred.

Emily Windsor-Cragg

There are already authorities dealing with this:

At the Galactic level there are the Eloheim.

There's the Godhead, the Corps of Angels, there's the Sovereign Creator-engineer [YHVH] who runs Pole Magnetics and Schumann Resonance.

There are the Annunaki techs who operate this artificial sun and Moon, as well as their Sanhedrin composed of many factions; but their Sacred Faction runs both the Vatican and Russian Orthodoxy. A radical faction runs Islam.

There's the Enlil-Luciferian Faction [including Jesuit Order] and the Enki-Satanic Faction that runs human trafficking, soul-trafficking and body-parts marketing as forms of commerce.

So, where do you place yourself in this list of authorities, and how do you plan to confront and address these others?

Luigi Di Rosso

I have followed Alfred Lambremont Webre's work, read his books and listened to his Interviews etc on the Internet for many years and believe that he is a well qualified and worthy individual for the post of Earth's Representative on the Regional Galactic Governance Council.
I wish him all the success in the world and am impatient for this vision for the world to become a reality.

William S

Alfred, I've listened to almost all the interviews you've done on the internet. I have a lot of respect for your views. I cannot think of anyone better than you to represent the people of our planet. It's sad that such a small percent of the people recognize the severity of humanity's problems. Within this group, only a small percentage seem to care. Even more sad is that most of the young people, who have been born into this way of life, think this is normal. That's all they've seen.


I'm with you in this initiative. There is only one point that I don't support and that is the money/financial parasite in all of its form. Any word associated with money or finance has to be dropped, disappear.
Thanks Alfred


INDEED--- YOU are the Chosen One for this undertaking...
AND the TIME is right...NOW

Caroline Ryan

This is the best and most comprehensive proposal on I have EVER read in my life.

It gives me hope to see in detail how we can start to rectify and address all that is misaligned on our planet today.

I also can't tell you just how much it lifts my spirits to see such a wise, ethical and multi-dimensional being such as Alfred at the helm of such an inspired and overdue inititiative.

Thank you so much, Alfred for all you do: for your divinely inspired vision, commitment and actions. THANK YOU!!


Whilst I think that you may be ahead of your time, I also think that what you propose is a fantastic idea and the only way forward. Thank you.


Delighted to reed the hope is in the future for animals to have aright to life.
Find it depressing ther killings of human beings in countries
like Palistine South Africa Siria and whole World turn a blind eye to the attricity.


you're an A-1 nutcase (from a guy who many think is a nut because I believe in "conspiracies").
But don't let that worry you. Just teleport to another dimension that I and other doubters aren't inhabiting)

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