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Jennifer Maeve

I would be honored to join as an Earth Representative the Regional Galactic Governance Council. Thank you for all that you are.

Jennifer Maeve

I would be honored to join, as an earth representative, the Regional Galactic Governance Council.

Rafael Farias

Many thanks Mr. Webre, it's of great satisfaction to know about people like you who brings not just hope of Peace and plenty of Life to Earth, but the evidence of such realization / the many activities on that regard. Thanks again.

I've been doing my own effort in that sense but I prefer to share the huge work of someone that has 'surpasses' us (Spanish only);


I second Anon's directive to just get rid of money altogether. Just by doing that, all other good things fall into place. The term is Resource Based Economy, and it's inevitable so y'all best be learning about it.


Hi Denybedoomed,
I would highly suggest checking out the work of Nassim Haramein on the some YouTube videos and you will see where much of this info comes from. Also check out John Kehoe's Book Quantum Warrior: The Future of the Mind


Hey there.

i like this idea an all. i've had enough positive experiences to realize we are all one and consciousness is the key to everything, but i am a little confused about the information presented here. it is perhaps a bit wordy for me.

are you saying, that simply by emanating a positive consciousness, we are in turn creating the positive timline?

also, what's with the bio i read about the gov't sending your book back in time or something?

and why are all your sources just other things you've written? where are you getting these ideas from? who is influencing YOU?

just curious. thanks for your time!


Thank's for ispiration.After reading those lines I've recognized a smile on my face.Great news That there are friends trying to make the World a bether place.


Thank you Alfred,
Excellent view on the current state of Humanity.
I know & feel this is true. To participate in the energies of the positive timeline. It's magic.
Everyone can now... it's here.
In your thinking, intentions & expectations daily..
every second you are the creator of it..

Real truth

* We can only Be One if, and only if, WE CAN BE FREE INDIVIDUALS in the first place. And that doesn't match with "Singularity" but, on the contrary, respect for DIVERSITY is the Key. That's why THEY are dominating Nations&Cultures, creating havoc between Religions, destroying legitimate Governments&Monarchies, extinguishing animals&plants, and stealing ancient technology to control us and to keep us ignorant. To Unify would only make it even easier for them to control, don't you get it?

Real truth

"Positive Future = Positive Timeline + Unity Consciousness" ... hum.... This sounds more like: Zionist Nazi NWO dream = Zionist Nazi Virtual World + Unitedly controlled cyber humans.

It's so clear that technology is destroying humanity health and freedom (for instance, just measure how much radiation we're getting from all our i-phones, lap tops, smat meters/tvs, microwaves, refrigerators, etc, not mentioning how much surveillance we're getting from all this consumerist-unnecessary-polluting-junk techs! ) and to think that it's going to be "positive" the more humanity depends on it is INSANE. Stop and Think: "Unity" is what every Facist Dictator ever wanted.... Diversity is the Key, Nature is Diversity and Freedom!
These freaks works on CONTROL, what's a better way to control than trough the unity of humanity and nature BY THEM? Wasn't "Globalisation" all about uniting? Now see what we're stuck with: UN, EU, USS... Would a completely unified world be any better (worse)?

Positive Future = Positive ACTION Right Now By THE PEOPLE AND FOR THR PEOPLE + Respect for Individual Divinity and Freedom in LOCAL ABUNDANCE United with NATURE -not by Corrupting/altering Humans and Nature to "perfect" them (in order to benefit/profit WHO?)

Alexandra's interviews are GREAT about what can you DO to have a positive future right now. She also interviews Kevin and Tellinger and clarify so much about what's really goin on online at

Listen to your Heart With your Brain and see the Truth: it might not be what you've expected. You need to ask yourself "who's working 4 who?" In order to find legitimacy and also blue prints in all of this.

P.S.: Although this equation might sounds like a good idea, remember that human history is full of exemples of good intentions that backed ideologies/experiments/technologies/inventions that always ended up in the wrong hands to do harm... To believe that we would have "democracy" in a virtual world is if nothing else but naive. A few controlling many either in a moneyless or with "new" money is all but control again and is meant to fail. In the day when EACH of us control our ownselves because of ethical and moral reasons for the benefit of the whole (not for the benefit of the controllers) with no need of any external "goverment", then I believe that an utopian society might be possible on this Earth.

We Can only Be One if, and only if, WE CAN BE FREE INDIVIDUALS in the first place. And that doesn't match with Unity but, on the contrary, respect for DIVERSITY is the Key. That's why THEY are destroying Nations, Cultures, animals&plants, and stealing ancient technology to control us and to keep us ignorant. To Unify would only make it even easier for them to control, don't you get it?

This is beautiful and wonderful news and I am happy to be a part of this type of world and life. Thank you for the info. and all of the you tube videos.

Christina Boutloukou

For some people the fact that we are all one is difficult to understand. In simple words and pictures the Greek professor in Astro Physics Manos Danezis explains this scientifically perfectly in his videos.
He is a gifted person who attracts a lot of people in Greece and is convinced that a part can never be happy if it does not contributes positively to the whole.
Look at his site

Luis Magno

Falta conciencia de unidad y trayectoria conduciendo a tal.

¡Poneos fin al genocidio del hispanoparlante! End the genocide of the Spanish American!

El Manifiesto terminaba con el versículo 28 del capítulo 21 del Evangelio de Lucas: "Poneos de pie, compatriotas, y levantad la cabeza, pues vuestra liberación está próxima".


I am with all who are saying I AM WE ARE ..WE ARE all who are aware, consistently say it and envision how we will be as ONE.. I believe to achieve this positive timeline is very simple, just believe it, say it, and visualize it..
we cannot fail, it is our destiny to become whole in the Source and in Each other..

David Cooper

i'm so excited about the new positive timeline, I cant wait to see this as it happens. we are one, i can see it and i can feel it on this planet. We are ready. Give thanks to the universe.


Thank you. Reblogged @ AbZu2


"“Unity Consciousness” is the end of duality, it is the return to The One. Creator did not create duality, a world of Unity was Created and we created duality. "

The entire 3D holographic illusion is based on duality, and conjured up deliberately as duality. The end of duality is the realization that the entire 3D holographic illusion is NOT REAL and a lie, and has no value, validity, or worth, and should not be clung to. There is no such thing as time and space in Reality regardless of what you have been indoctrinated to believe.

To find out more information about what is stated above, read the information on the following website:


“Positive Future = Positive Timeline + Unity Consciousness”

“Alfred, this is wonderfully positive news!”

What is a “positive timeline” ? It is the continued use of duality. “Unity Consciousness” is the end of duality, it is the return to The One. Creator did not create duality, a world of Unity was Created and we created duality. Saying”positive” infers that there is “negative”.

Here is something that I wrote about this a few years a go.

"Negative--- also known as- the darkness, the unseen, the
unknown, nascent, unborn, potential, the mysterious, the
The sun is the positive, the earth the negative. Try
growing plants with just the sun.
Out of the negative comes everything positive. If you
have a photographic print (positive) how much is that worth
compared to a negative from which you can make an infinite
number of positive prints?
This is not just a word game. The ego frame of reference
is threatened by the negative. When the negative is
embraced fully, the One is remembered.
When people use the word negativity, they really mean to
say the word bad. But everyone knows that bad is a ‘bad word’,

and no intelligent person would use it. So people hide behind

the word negative, the use of which has become very politically
correct. What does a phrase like "stop being so
negative" really mean? It means this-- "Stop the flow of
the life force within you that is attempting to free you
from the bonds of judgment. Stop that which is trying to
free itself from the collective unconscious of humanity.
Stop the flow of that which the rest of us deny that we have
any knowledge of because we're all so holy and “positive."
Please understand that I am just just saying that I am here supporting all of us in returning to The One.

Rich Buckley

The devil's in the details me thinks.

Account Deleted

Thank you Alfred!

A dimensional Earth shift on 12.21.12 to a ‘positive timeline’ explains the unmasking of extreme deception and assault on life world-wide.

The human brain is a powerful filter that interprets reality as we ‘perceive’ it to be, not necessarily as it is. Knowing how the brain works compels us to check the facts, upgrade limiting perceptions, and replace separation with unity consensus, to advance a coherent new world coming toward us.

What we focus on will find us! I ask everyone to share this information widely, to strengthen a new positive Earth timeline. Be sure to inform men and women stuck in the outdated dark matrix formula that is no longer effective. You never know. They may feel relief and even thank you.


The following items should be added to the list:

1) The abolishment of all money and the idea of profit. All goods and services, as well as education, would be available free of charge. The abolishment of all banks and central banks (Federal Reserve, Bank of International Settlements, national central banks).

2) The abolishment of all governments, government agencies, intelligence agencies, taxes, fines, courts, laws. The abolishment of the United Nations, NATO, UNICEF, Agenda 21, Codex Alimentarius, the Council On Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Club of Rome, the Bilderberg group, all other Elite groups.

3) The abolishment of corporations and for-profit business. People will be encouraged to discover what they are passionate about doing that can help others, and resources for this will become widely available.

4) The release of all suppressed information, discoveries, and effective treatment (non-mainstream and outside of the modern non-functioning ineffective Rockefeller-sponsored "medicine" paradigm in hospitals) for all diseases. The abolishment of the current Rockefeller-sponsored ineffective "medicine" paradigm and the training of doctors in the nutrition-based, holographic, energetic, holistic paradigm probably in the suppressed information and also in what real healing facilitators do. The abolishment of Big Pharma, pharmaceutical corporations. The abolishment of fraudulent psychiatry and psychology. The abolishment of all bullshit scam disease charities.

5) The change from wifi to li-fi (using light to transmit data) for internet connections, as wi-fi is harmful and li-fi isn't. I read an article saying someone had come up with this new data transmission method.

6) The abolishment of the current corrupt "education" (really brainwashing with lies) system, and the release of all suppressed science / technologies / discoveries / information guarded by the Elite, in an open-source manner over the internet and in books.
There would be the education of children towards empathy, compassion, helping others, altruism, non-violent conflict resolution, communication, reading, writing, and discovery of their innate talents, gifts, skills, passions, education in connection to intuition, direct cognition, claircognizance, healing.

7) The quarantining / expulsion from society of all Elite psychopath families and psychopaths, genetic testing for psychopathy so that psychopaths can never be in leadership positions ever again, and genetic therapy for children before they are born to change them from psychopaths to non-psychopaths, or abortions of psychopath children before they are born in the worst case scenario, to make sure no psychopaths are ever born again.

8) The abolishment of the bullshit news media, and replacement with true, accurate information of what is going on, by people who are not presstitutes.

9) The abolishment of the entertainment (music, movies, tv, magazines, radio, sports, video games) complex designed to degrade, dumb down, corrupt, manipulate, deceive, depress energetically and emotionally, create fear, narcissism, selfishness, lust, materialism, greed, obsession with money and things, brainwash, mind control, hypnotize, destroy the relationships between men and women, mislead, misinform, destroy, and condition with luciferian/satanic/occult symbolism, and the replacement with a positive one designed to correctly inform, inspire, uplift, empower, tell the truth, support life, educate, push people to express the unique expressions and geniuses they are and express their power and wisdom, heal, unite, reconnect people to their wisdom and intuition, awaken, encourage service to others, help people find out what they are meant to do to help others.
The abolishment of all dishonest, manipulative (including subliminal) advertising.

10) The mass distribution of 3D printers, Fab Lab technology, and everything that allows people to make what they need (including downloading and uploading designs for these objects from and to the internet), to make corporations obsolete and unnecessary.

11) Automation and AI fully implemented for industrial mass production for those not inclined to make their own things.

12) The abolishment of the making of junk food and fast food. Only nutritious food, non-GMO, organically grown, will be available, to everyone on Earth, erasing the Elite's plans to depopulate the planet through forced starvation and poisoning of the food supply. Animals will no longer be slaughtered for meat because meat can be cloned over and over again. Something akin to 3D printers for food, or the food dispensers on Star Trek, would be available.

13) Everything that encourages competition and separation will be abolished, and everything that promotes co-operation and true unity and harmony will be promoted.

14) The abolishment of the military, and the disarming and discarding of all weapons of mass destruction. The cessation of all wars.

15) The cessation and deconstruction of all technologies used to do harm and kill by the Elite and their lackeys, and reversing them where possible so they help instead of hurt or kill.

16) The dissolution of all secret societies (Freemasonry and all affiliated groups, Shriners, Luciferian / satanist / occult groups).

phillip w kokesh

Kudos, sir. Brilliant analysis of the information available. Thanks for tying all the pieces together into a cohesive whole for those of us who have been struggling with coherently organizing the many individual pieces of the puzzle into the 'Big Picture'. Positive reenforcement indeed!
Thanks, Alfred.

I also like the proposal submitted by Exopolitics Hungary (04:49AM

Exopolitics Hungary

The implementation of 1. geographical: continental, regional, national, local 2. functional: educational, health-care, intergenerational knowledge-management, environment-protection purposed complementary currency systems and networks of these systems, all accepted by the appropriate governmental organization and/or tax authority to make all these complementary currencies both de jure and de facto a legal tender.


Quit posting this stupid krap

Jean Haines

Alfred, this is wonderfully positive news! Your grasp of the total picture is so important and inspires confidence in me. I'm looking forward to following the input of others concerning the practical development of your ideas for our creation of a positive future!

Thanks so much for your efforts on behalf of humanity and our planet . . . Hugs, ~Jean (from 2012, What's the 'real' truth?)

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