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Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd, CERTPublicHealth

FROM MARK HOUSE ;-) Mark House: Top 3 Solutions: 1. Hydroxy torches. 2. Hydroxy furnaces. 3. Bio remediation using Worms, Hemp plants, Algae's, and microorganisms.

Alfred Lambremont Webre III: Thank you Mark!

Mark House: It is only an ELE ...extinction level event if we do nothing. If Tepco is not removed it may be the end of all life on Earth

Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd, CERTPublicHealth

Deva Priya: FINALLY an open dialogue BEGINS...TY and deepest bows, Alfred Lambremont Webre III

Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd, CERTPublicHealth

FROM LEUREN MORET [In response to an offline comment]

My information in the interviews is based on scientific published and peer-reviewed studies - when I can get accurate ones - and there are almost none coming out now despite the seriousness of the issue. Frequently my information is shocking and hard to believe/accept for some people, but within a short time, I have proven to be accurate, having done careful and thorough research and trained for 13 years by one of the last Manhattan Project scientists.

The global community is very aware at this moment in time, and since Fuku happened, that governments and other entities are completely hiding the true effects and real danger of the Fukushima disaster. My interviews are posted on Alfred's site and most of them have extensive outlines and links to sources, scientific studies, and other information/observations supporting my statements in each interview. In fact I have put out more factual data and deeper insights than I have seen anywhere else thanks to Alfred's willingness to interview me, and much of what I have seen otherwise is disinformation. People interested in Fukushima news without scientific backgrounds are at a disadvantage. In fact most scientists are too because they lack the ability and knowledge base to gather information that crosses many disciplines, and are almost non-existent, because most scientific disciplines require very a narrow focus and are able to only present a very narrow discipline-specific perspective. So there are very few people who can actually do the research AND integrate the cross-discipline data in order to be able to present the radiation issue accurately and meaningfully on Fukushima. Radiation REQUIRES many disciplines to evaluate and understand the impact of radiation disasters - and Fukushima is UNPRECEDENTED. Finding the information now is the problem because this has been a huge coverup from the beginning.

You mentioned that I reported observations of birth defects in babies in the Bay Area post-Fukushima, but did not provide any published studies. That is not true, because Dr. Janette Sherman and Joe Mangano (I have worked with both of them since 2000) have published a number of peer-reviewed papers on the increase in birth defects and infant mortality since Fukushima from Centers for Disease Control data. You can look up that data yourself. Its reported every week by every county in the US. However it requires special training as an epidemiologist to be able to make sense out of the data. I have mentioned those studies many times when reporting on effects on infants from exposure to Fukushima radiation.

Alfred and I are putting this information out to empower and inform the public, BUT what they do with the information is none of my business. I am glad to hear you don't believe some/much of what I have put out to the public, I don't want people to blindly accept what I present. But I really don't care if anyone believes me, I am just a messenger encouraging people to investigate what I have said - people believe WHAT THEY FIND OUT FOR THEMSELVES. And since you question my information, I am certain you will have no trouble finding truckloads of (dis)information on the internet that will make you happier and that your knowledge base finds more acceptable... until you are ready to look a little deeper into sources I have mentioned.

Good luck - the tsunami debris field arrives in full this spring and summer - I hope you have some better observations and answers than I have provided before that genocidal pile of Japanese radioactive debris the size of the state of Texas arrives on our beaches:
(see attached Chinese paper w maps published in August)

Maybe you just might believe the Chinese scientists. China declared the past week that they will no longer accept/buy food from the West Coast of N. America... and they are not planning to ever lift that ban in our lifetimes. I might mention that the Cesium maps provided in the Chinese research paper attached are for Cesium levels across the Pacific Ocean from Fukushima - and that nearly 2000 other isotopes of radioactive elements were produced in the Fukushima plant and are presently on their way to our shores.

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