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I love your blog and judging by the commentary you have a great list of followers. Will bookmark this site

Brian Caldwell

This information is enlightening and explains a lot. I don't understand how Ms. Moret has such a beaming grin on her face discussing this subject matter, I wouldn't be so happy with myself and proud of all this. Much of this is overblown and contrived/woven in or interwritten with unrelated matters for political purposes. This is the kind of information that blackens the prospects of hope, so there has to be an antidote for this somewhere. Try directing your laser beam on the perpetrators of this and away from the casual observer.

Alfred Lambremont Webre

Hello Brian - There is nothing personal about this information presented in the interviews. It is simply facts. If we have misrepresented the truth then please correct me and provide better information so I can upgrade the quality of the info we are presenting. Instead of attacking my appearance or interpreting how I feel while presenting this information - which is all irrelevant - please attack the information. The information has the power. I am just a messenger.

If the information is disturbing to you then you should think about why it is disturbing. Your belief system may need to be upgraded to the reality in our world today. All species are facing global extinction, and no one gave the perpetrators permission to do this. Start with the Anglo-Dutch monarchies and then go to the international financiers - Rothschilds, Wallenbergs, and Rockefellers:

The Coming Fall of the House of Windsor

For Leuren Moret

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