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A conversation with Independent Scientist Leuren Moret on HAARP - as a space-based weapon of mass destruction - and Environmental War. This is a substantive, scientific discussion of the empirical evidence for the following events as HAARP-induced acts of Environmental/Scalar Warfare


robertS / 15,000 underground bases world wide, ounsds like the earth is like a swiss cheese. There are certain people doing certain things for the elite, that gives them a ticket to enter these tunnels for them and their family. They think they will escape the coming disasters, and be safe underground. I heard that they cannot keep enough spare parts for the air-conditioners and key machinery that keeps people alive underground. Any problems and they all suffocate. It is all relying on machines to clean the air, the water, for lights to grow food, and vitamin B for health. Also the earthquakes will get more intense, and they will be forced back onto the surface to face the fate of the rest of us. There are other tunnels that are ancient that belong to the Anunnaki, or the fallen sons of god, that went underground after the biblical flood. The lizard races will also have to come to the surface because of the earthquakes caving in their tunnels, and they will be coming out pissed off and ready to claim the surface by killing those that they find. It will be hell on earth at this time.

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Hay otros túneles que son antiguos que pertenecen a los Anunnaki, o los hijos caídos de Dios, que pasó a la clandestinidad después del diluvio bíblico. Las carreras de lagartos también tendrá que salir a la superficie a causa de los terremotos de espeleología en sus túneles, y que va a salir cabreado y listo para reclamar la superficie matando a los que se encuentran. Será el infierno en la tierra en este momento.

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