PODCAST#1: The Lucifer Rebellion: Adjudication & Correction with Donna D'Ingillo, Institute of Christ Consciousness


PODCAST#1: The Lucifer Rebellion: Adjudication & Correction with Donna D'Ingillo, Institute of Christ Consciousness

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The Lucifer Rebellion occurred upon Urantia (planet Earth) approximately 250,000 years ago.  This was a system-wide event, involving 37 material planets, originating at the level where Lucifer was the administrative head.  His Manifesto outlined his perspective to stray from the divine plan of evolution and created his own plan of planetary management.  At the system level, there were a large number of spiritual personalities who defected with him, which are outlined in “The URANTIA Book” in Paper 53—The Lucifer Rebellion (see link below).  

According to spiritual messages from a variety of celestial helpers, the information received indicates that around 1985 the rebellion was adjudicated at the system level, and those who participated have either been vanquished or have received redemption based upon their own individual choice of repentance.  While these rebels no longer exist, they left a heavy and dark imprint upon planetary consciousness, which has adversely impacted our consciousness and DNA evolution.

Now each of the 37 rebellions worlds are in their adjudication period called, “The Correcting Time,” an accelerated timeline to help them recover from this insidious event.  Pressure is being applied upon our world and the other 36 planets from the spiritual realms to reveal the truth of what has occurred to help humanity understand its role in cosmic planetary evolution and to recognize the larger universe reality where divine values of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty are the motivating factors for human behavior. 

Correction is fostered via a massive infusion of Light exposing the dark agenda to help people recognize the truth, choose whether or not to participate in it, and receive the spiritual redemption and rehabilitation necessary to heal the past and move forward into co-creation with Spirit to build a spiritually vibrant planetary culture. 

Suggested Reading in The URANTIA Book (www.urantiabook.org); in the search bar, enter the paper number or title:

Paper 53:  The Lucifer Rebellion - https://urantiabook.org/resources/UBSearchEngines/ubfsContainer/ubfs/eng01search.html?searchFor=paper,53#53

Paper 54:  Problems of the Lucifer Rebellion - https://urantiabook.org/resources/UBSearchEngines/ubfsContainer/ubfs/eng01search.html?searchFor=paper,54#

Paper 66:  The Planetary Prince of Urantia - https://urantiabook.org/resources/UBSearchEngines/ubfsContainer/ubfs/eng01search.html?searchFor=paper,66#66

Paper 67:  The Planetary Rebellion - https://urantiabook.org/resources/UBSearchEngines/ubfsContainer/ubfs/eng01search.html?searchFor=paper,67#67

Paper 73:  The Garden of Eden - https://urantiabook.org/resources/UBSearchEngines/ubfsContainer/ubfs/eng01search.html?searchFor=paper,73#73

Donna D'ingillo
Institute of Christ Consciousness