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Read The Omniverse Trilogy: "The Dimensional Ecology of the Omniverse"


Read The Omniverse Trilogy: "The Dimensional Ecology of the Omniverse"

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The personal, Source-oriented, story of how Alfred Lambremont Webre discovered and documented the Omniverse (the 3rd major cosmological body, after the Universe and the Multiverse, through which humanity understands the cosmos).

The Dimensional Ecology of the Omniverse discusses Alfred Lambremont Webre's discovery of the Omniverse, which is the 3rd major cosmological body now discovered through which humanity relates its scientific understanding of the cosmos, the other two being (1) the Universe [first mapped by the Sumerian astronomers 3500-3200BC], and (2) the Multiverse [first formally named by the American psychologist William James in 1895].

As is often the case with new scientific discoveries, The Omniverse was independently discovered by two scientists who published books on the Omniverse in 2014 - David Bertolacci and Alfred Lambremont Webre. Webre's discovery of the Omniverse grew out of a request from Oxford University Press to write a book on "Extraterrestrials and the Law". The American researcher OMNISENSE defined the Omniverse in the Urban Dictionery in 2010.

The Omniverse is defined as (1) the totality of all physical universes in the Multiverse, plus (2) the Spiritual Dimensions including the Afterlife, Intelligent Civilization of Souls, Spiritual Beings, and Source. The Spiritual Dimensions, once thought to be solely the product of subjective belief, can now be shown to exist by the same scientific methods and law of evidence as the universes of time, space, energy, and matter.

Hence, the existence of three major cosmological bodies - Universe, Multiverse, Omniverse - now qualifies for the scientific canon.