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Living Platform for a New Earth Community

2. Principles of IAM

Living Platform for a New Earth Community


December 21, 2020 Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction - Unity Consciousness Age of Aquarius Positive Timeline

Subjectively I feel Awakening humanity passed though a Portal on the December 21, 2020 Saturn Jupiter conjunction onto a Unity Consciousness collective timeline toward a positive future. 

Living Platform for a New Earth Community is open to networking and participation by any and all ethical Human Souls of Good Will genuinely and authentically committed to the principles enunciated in the Living Platform for a New Earth.


Thank you.
In Light and Life, Alfred

Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd
Living Platform for a New Earth Community
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Living Platform for a New Earth Community

Truth & Disclosure - A full public disclosure of the presence of intelligent civilizations in Earth’s environment and a global referendum as to whether and on what conditions humanity should enter into relations and space travel, space colonization, space governance, with organized intelligent universe, multiverse, and Omniverse society.

New Energy, Teleportation & Time Travel - A full public disclosure of secret (new energy, zero point, free, antigravity, exotic) new energy sources now available for application on Earth. Public implementation and rollout of sequestered of free energy technologies for powering dwellings, human settlements, industry, transport and propulsion, communication and many other areas.

Implementation of teleportation as a global, national, regional and local transportation system, replacing polluting fossil fuel vehicles (trains, buses, trucks, autos) and their intensive land use in highways, railways, and urban freeways, as well as of a regulated time travel public education program.

Recognition of Animals as sentient beings with rights - Worldwide grant of personhood rights to animals with concomitant rights against murder, slaughter, torture, and cruel and inhumane treatment.  Special intelligent civilization status for cetaceans including whales and dolphins. Development of healthy, safe, tasty protein meat substitutes for humanity's consumption and nutrition. 

Secure Online Direct Democracy at the local, regional, national, and global level - Secure virtual technology now permits the implementation of Swiss canton democracy worldwide.  There is no more need for intermediaries such as City Councils, State or Provincial Legislatures, National Parliaments or Congresses, or even, ultimately in time, a gathering of nations such as the United Nations. Experience over the centuries has shown that the powers that be buy off all intermediaries.  Direct virtual democracy adapts secure virtual technologies and provides virtual hack-proof citizen voting at the municipal, provincial/state, regional, national, and world level.  Under direct virtual democracy, the entire city votes on municipal laws; the entire nation votes on national laws; the world population votes on global standards, all duly informed by government staff at the respective local, national and world level. Municipal Government, for example, is tasked with efficiently picking up the garbage and managing the city according to the laws passed by local virtual democracy.

Reinvention of money as a human right and public utility like air, water or electricity available for creative investment at public money utilities. A global ban on privately controlled central banks like the “U.S. Federal Reserve System” and on privately owned commercial banks. Support of complementary currencies. Licensing of consumer cooperatively owned banks. Imposition of heavy criminal penalties for violation and astronomical fines, for individuals, organizations, and nations.

Social guarantees in the form of annual income, health care, and elementary, secondary, and post-secondary education for every person on the planet, for life. Funded by universal state pools, tax on all financial transactions and by post graduation contributions to education plan, and more.  Implementation of traditional and alternative, as well as advanced extraterrestrial medical technologies.

World Debt Forgiveness – Global forgiveness of all public and private debts – a world bankruptcy for a bankrupt system and an end to the debt – fiat money prison system.  Criminalization of charging interest on money and of fractional reserve lending. 

Disenfranchisement of the state power of monarchies and religions worldwide – The UK monarchy and the Vatican are examples of the abuses that occur when two institutions based on non-democratic principles (Divine Right of Kings and Popes) are given established state rights in a modern democratic world.

Criminalization of the war industry - A criminalization of and global ban on war, genocide, and depopulation in all its varied forms, overt and covert. A ban on war as a dispute resolution method. A permanent ban on the design, production, or sale of weapons systems, including nuclear weapons, space-based weapons, and conventional weapons. A permanent ban on the maintenance of offensive armed forces.  Imposition of heavy criminal penalties for violation and astronomical fines, for individuals, organizations, and nations. 

Criminal Prosecution and Conviction of War Crimes Racketeering Organization and Restorative Justice for War Crimes Victims - Criminalization and rigorous prosecution of the international war crimes racketeering organization for a planning and implementing a genocidal depopulation program, including (and not limited to):  (a) planning and triggering wars and armed conflicts through false flag operations; (b) regional and global radiation genocide and ecocide through depleted uranium (DU) and the nuclear agenda; (c) planning and implementing environmental war attacks including geo-engineering, weather warfare, HAARP, chemtrails, and scalar weapons robotization and genocide of humanity, famine, vaccines, GMO foods, DNA manipulation and more; (d) Carrying out a program of assassination and Cointelpro terror against activists, researchers and social inventors in the multiple areas of peace research; new energy; food and nutrition; radiation; democracy and electoral politics; (e) Carrying out as DOPE INC. a lethal, 300 hundred year old conspiracy to addict humanity to narcotics and to criminalize useful substances such as hemp for profit and enslavement; (f) the transhumanist agenda of population mind control through nano-weapons, emf and other weapons. (g) Abolition of big tech monopoly of online video broadcast and communications, telecommunications, social media, and the establishment of consumer cooperatives to create online video broadcast and communications, telecommunications, and social media. There is no statute of limitations on murder. Imposition of heavy criminal penalties for violation and astronomical fines, for individuals, organizations, and nations.

How will these suggested collective actions and policies for a positive future manifest along humanity’s positive timeline?

The basic equation of a positive future suggests that these collective actions and policies (or variations of them to achieve essentially the same goals) will manifest out of the synergy of the positive timeline and humanity’s awakening to Unity consciousness.

The Positive Future equation reflects a new level of collective manifestation by humanity and its individuals, resulting from the synergistic dynamics of the positive timeline and a humanity awakening to Unity consciousness.

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