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I find this interesting.


What about the other provinces of Canada? Any movement on them agreeing with and complying with the C&D order?

Richard Gronvall

Un UNEXCEPTABLE, our tax money paid in to the health care should not be controlled by entities that are not wanted or needed to force into a didgetal concentration camps.NO.

Kim Hardy

I am quite disturbed to know that a "cease and desist" order was served on February 13, 2023 to our British Columbia government & Public Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry who ignored this order and pushed forward Bill 36 on March 17, 2023 (a month after receiving the order). This government passed this bill on the same day, March 17, 2023 that I received a letter from my bank (dated March 6, 2023) which shows that they were going to pass bill 36 regardless due to the date of this March 6, 2023 bank letter. We protested this bill and demanded a recall of Premier David Eby, prior to March 17, 2023, who was appointed by previous Premier John Horgan who stepped down. British Columbians have been disregarded. This government already agreed to a deal with Prime Minister Trudeau in order to receive Health Care funding. The bank letter is to inform me (dated March 6, 2023) - if I refuse the digital ID my TD bank access card will be terminated anyways as of April 24, 2023 (Obviously I will no longer be able to access my funds unless I agree to the digital I.D.)

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