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Harrel and Carol Brooner

Yeah GOD!!!
Thank You Abba!
Thank You, and All,
and God Bless All involved helping to make it happen!
Restore oh LORD!
Yeah let THE LORD be Magnified!

Dr Robert Borger

What comes next?
How can you arrest and incarcerate all of the mentioned parties ?

Daniel St-Hilaire

Thanks, The FDDLP.ORG is behind you!


Yes, "what comes next" ... how indeed can so many defendants be held accountable when they are "above the law"? How does "International Natural and Common Law" prevail?

Stephan Schurmann

Great work. And how do you get all of these crooks arrested when they are all "above the law"? I am the founder of the International Criminal Court against Child Kidnapping. https://www.childabductioncourt.eu/

I would be glad to help in any way I can to stop these criminals. Lets talk.

Stephan Schurmann

Please look at our Founding Treaties and tell me if you see an "open door" to further strengthen and enforce your approach?

The Nuremberg Principles
In 1950, Principles of International Law Recognized in the Charter of the Nuremberg Tribunal and in the Judgment of the Tribunal were formulated by the International Law Commission and submitted to the General Assembly of the United Nations. The report with these Nuremberg Principles, together with commentaries later appeared in the Yearbook of the International Law Commission, 1950.

With these Principles, the concepts of individual criminal accountability for crimes under international law, end to impunity, equality before the law, fair trial rights were universally recognized. Moreover, the crimes against peace, war crimes and crimes against humanity were defined.

The legacy of the Nuremberg Principles extends to other international, internationalized, regional and domestic practices. The Nuremberg Academy’s mission is to carry forward the legacy of the Nuremberg trials and the Nuremberg Principles.

Ditshego Isaac

Thanks God at last justice will prevail and good will triumph over evil. Finally God the almighty heard our cries from heaven above and answered our prayers. Jesus Christ reigns and He is still in charge. God speed the right.


I think that people in various nations need to explore their statute books for the "Settled Lands Acts". These acts (speaking from UK, ergo the Settled Land Act 1925) created the modern citizenship agreement, wherein the government have rights to third parties to make claims as against the parliamentary Franchises (legal persons) that are vested with the interests of our Decedent estates held in trust.

The settled land Act provides a Guarantee and Warrantee, presumably put there by our wise forefathers. There is no need for riots or insurrection as we have the lawful and legal rights to "Re-vest" our interests away from parliament and into say an 'alternative" public trust/trust asset management company.

Where monarchies are concerned, following revestment of interests, Reversion is the "right retained by the Grantor over that which they grant". We can therefore lawfully "revert" our lands from monarchies.

This could be done over a weekend as a "Legal/Lawful" means of avoiding civil war and or claims of insurrection. Our governments are not De Jute entities.....merely de facto corporations providing services of a government, nothing more than a trust asset management company. Under the Settled Lands Acts the government's ARE acting under Our consent BECAUSE we have not re-vested our interests out of their de facto/presumed control.


As said a lie will travel around the world the speed of sound yet the truth takes it’s time, for it is the truth and has no need for anything but it’s self ! And finally the lies can be put to bed now and the truth do it’s Only job…
The truth is.!

Carol Tarasoff

I pray this is truly happening as we speak and I thank everyone who has been a Freedom Fighter from the bottom of my heart. God Bless you all.

Dan Boronico

Dedicated to fight for our freedoms www.DanBoronico2024.com

Theon Mooney



A pivotal moment in human history. This is like the twighlight zone.

Rae Schimmel

We need to get Bill Gates's name on that list.


J espère de tout cœur que ces criminels cités et bien d autres non cités répondront de leurs crimes

Connie Long

I am sure that this is not a complete list yet there will be more issued

S. Verhegge

Thank you 🙏🙏🙏

Mark Stephens, Exec. Dir. of Peacemakers International

On what authority does this international tribunal have to be able to command international organizations to do what you want? Just as the WHO has no authority to tell the US what to do, how can anyone tell these globalist what to do without being apart of a government that has military power to take action? If there is no punishment for non compliance, then whatever ruling is given is non-binding.

Miriam Newton

So very grateful for all the work you have done. It is truly a light.
May I ask why this is not huge news all over the media?
Here in Canada not a peep. Video gone

colleen nolan

Thanks to all for the hard work. This is amazing news that the World was waiting for. My question is, is there a timeframe for the season desist to move forward because IT SEEMS THAT NO ONE IS AWARE OF WHAT IS HAPPENING. IS THERE A TIMEFRAME THAT THE DANGEROUS 5G6G TOWERS AND CELL PHONES ETC.

Who overseas that these orders to see that they are carried out? Will there somebody be appointed to oversee the contamination that they've done to the waters, the Earth via the planned, Ohio derailment for example, or the chemstreams planes in our skies?

Who will oversee all the behind the scenes, acts of control and manipulation for their purpose example the digital ID our personal information?

How will the public know if the water they are drinking it safe to drink? What piece of mind we have that we are not still getting poisoned buy foods from our grocery stores, and the meat we eat hasn't been injected what toxins? This would include the eggs we find at the grocery store have they been contaminated milk from the cows, fluoride put in our water, and then our toothpaste that they've been poisoning us with for decades, well, this come to an end, and if so, who overseas it? Shouldn't the media be ordered to finally give accurate news, rather than lies?
I'm sure these are questions many will have.

Patrick Thornton

Sounds amazing, but unfortunately I have no doubt they will ignore this and continue on as ever. These people are above the law and there is no way to arrest these individuals because it is impossible to get near them. Don't expect any results.

Bernardus Agus

Lavoro veramente encomiabile!
Siete un faro di civiltà e diritto in questo mondo di corruzione e tenebre.
Ci affidiamo alle poche menti governative e giudiziarie ancora libere e non corrotte, che abbiano il coraggio e la dignità di non piegarsi e di fare scelte coraggiose.

Miguel Vargas

Quiero justica para todos los muertos provocados por la vacuna, quiero el infierno para todas estas ratas de caño , que paguen con sus vidas por el daño hecho a la humanidad y a mi familia

Paul Golter

Let's end all medical and political Malfeasance today!

Alida thorig

So when are trudeau freeland minister ohealth and those monsters who are still poisoning our food water and everything else to kill more people look what happened in Maui it’s all talk and nothing happens as you said had a special interested in trudeau Shwab wich was happening in may the sees and desist fizzled out and all those on youre list tedros gates and more are still free promises were made but nothing happens still trudeau has created MAID government assisted suicide many took it had nothing home job income are now dead get them gone we are at the end scared to buy food even our pills are not safe my heart stopped from bisopralol that what it does now have a double pacemaker! Cardioligist does not want to make changes,nothing feels safe anymore and it’s taking to long all thes stories of arrest and excecution people are still alive we’re starting to believe that there’s no hope for the future !

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