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David Howard

Deena Hinshaw: Patrick King = trustworthy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnSnFp6nj_c

Indie Media Eastcoast

Thanks Alfred!
Dominic Leblanc, MP of Beausejour for 20 yrs and
Queen's Privy Council President mandating vaxx for all Federal workers.
announced on CPAC August 14, 2021... crimes against humanity.
This Harvard boy has now re-named Coviet Dominic Leblanc for his crimes.
"There will be no forgiveness in the beauty to come nor will there be any punishment" - John Lamb Lash, Nemeta.org


Please know that Ole' Dammegard is a terrible disinformation agent who calls a mass shooting at my dad's church a hoax, and promoted a violent felon who stalked my dad's church and threatened his life. No actual research, just lies.

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