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David A Howard

5G is the pandemic. https://actionagainst5G.org/

Sue Skidmore

Thank you. i will forward this important information along to others. As i do not have pine trees i will use the fennel and anise tea. And pine oil aromatherapy.

Does anyone know the length of time that the "vaccines" are transmissible? I have seen that the spike protein circulates for 29 days. Is the spike the vector of transmission? Or is the vector of transmission something else?

Thanks for this information.

Jessamy Goddard

Thankyou for this information!!
I will share it publicly.

I just want to let you know that the subscribe button at the top is not working.

All the best xxx

John mc laughlin

Would sea buckthorn be good for spick protein


In recent days (30th June) I have heard several recommending dandelion as well. Easy to find. Don't pick by the roadside fumes.


yes i have heard of Dandelion too.


Live Pine.com has pine needle oil and Schizandra as well.


For anyone being bulled by an employer to get any COVID mRNA bioweaponized vaccine, search all the "COVID lawsuits" on beforeitsnews.com (Attorney PCR has the original lawsuit that proved WHO and CDC shut the world down based on COVID PCR nasal swab tests that give "false positives" that showed people having COVID virus when they did not, they were healthy until they got the swab pushed up their nose that has poison on the tip of the swab that can give people brain cancer. The vaccines are bioweapons per Dr. Igor Shepherd. Look at the video with mRNA inventor Dr. Robert Malone warning, "do not take COVID mRNA vaccines," on beforeitsnews.com and thehighwire.com

George Douvris

Can you suggest a safe source for pine needles so as to get the right ones for making tea?


There are reports that graphene is in the vax. Can anyone explain this article ? https://www.csun.edu/sites/default/files/Graphene.pdf


Etsy.com has a number of organic pine needle tea sellers. See reviews. I bought a ground version and strain it through a coffee filter in a strainer with hot water. Delicious hot or chilled.

Adli Saleh

I take Propolis and its extracts have numerous applications in treating various diseases due to its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, antimycotic, antifungal, antiulcer, anticancer, and immunomodulatory properties.


Also wormwood,or artemisia may be helpful Chinese skullcap etc.see Steve Bunher's po protocols

Margaret Lange

I got the Delta Variant from sleeping in my grandsons bed (13 years old and vx'd) did not think a problem until very sick. I had Covid in March and did not realize what I had being symptoms where not the same, would like to share so others don't go through what I did

Jacqueline Bontzolakes

thanks for this compilation of things to do and things to know!


If you want to make pine needle tea or extract, find the pine needle tree that has 5 pine needles on each stem. That’s the one you need to use. Just count the needles to make sure it has got 5



DWolfe fan

Chicken egg yolks block binding of SARS. (Grow or buy local organic.)


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