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Tony Rogers

The Government of St.kitts and Nevis is doing the same thing they are threatening the citizens of the country, if they refuse to take the vaccine they can lose their jobs, businesses have already sent out memos instructing their employees to take the vaccine or they will be out of a job, and these businesses were instructed to do so by the prime minister of St.kitts and Nevis in a meeting held at the Marriott hotel in St.kitts, they are violating the right of the citizens here on the sister islands, It need to stop.

Jana Murray

Quote from Joyce Bowen, vaccine-injured:"What needs to go before The Hague is a suit against Human Experimentation/Crimes against Humanity. Human Experimentation performed by the USA since at least 1971 with their toxic shots laced with viral material to legitimize them as vaccines. The WHO is guilty of Human Experimentation as are the other organizations. They cause persecution for the vaccine-injured by being vaccine-injury deniers. If Human Experimentation is not addresse and only COVID, they will come up with something named something else [like SPARS] and continue their carnage." https://t.co/bVzVZ345Cp?amp=1

Marjorie Mudd

Crimes against humanity, should never go unpunished, set the precedent in all countries, with fair warning to cease and desist immediately. We all have the right to refuse to have anything injected into our bodies. This jab , had red flags all over it .

June Melanson

I was surprised to see Donald Trumps name listed on page 8 of the following link:

Alfred Lambremont Webre

June Melanson Hi! The Tribunal found that Operation Warpo Speed that developed and promoted the genocidal and spike protein bio-weapon "COVID vaccine" was developed and promoted by POTUS Donald J. Trump who continues as of June 1, 2021 to promote a Vaccine bioweapons genocide for the American people

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