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You have Donald Trump Listed? Must be an error.

Alfred Lambremont Webre

Defendant POTUS 45 was indicted and convicted for Article 6 Genocide and Article 7 Crimes Against Humanity for his leading role in sponsoring Operation Warp Speed Genocidal RNA DNA
Bioweapons against the American population under the pretext of “Vaccinations”, and for signing on
March 26, 2020, the enabling Act for the deployment of the 5G military
DEW directed energy weapons system under the pretext of an alleged telecommunications
System. See http://www.Peaceinspace.org Tribunal

SA Cunliffe

Thank you Alfred.

Tantramar Landowners Association

Shared here in Eastern Canada's Tantramar with much gratitude.

Sackville UN-censored

This is so important and I have shared at my university town blogger with the biggest of thanks... Mount Allison University is in Sackville New Brunswick Canada .. a very key node for the globalists and useful idiots. God bless all helping to spread the word.

Concerned New Brunswickers

Thank you for being a good warrior Alfred.... I'm so saddened by the loss of Sallie Elkordy - a good woman with the best intentions - she kindly had me on her blog talk radio show in 2012.. we become targetted individuals when we speak out.

Indie Media Eastcoast

Have you come across New Brunswick's Paul Kincaid's work yet?
He's doing a good job exposing Trudeau's corrupt regime... he lives in a motel in poverty in Moncton New Brunswick... I ask others to help send him support if they are able to... thanks Alfred.

Susan &William Conners n family

Thankyou for all the knowledge n all that’s been given out Amen 🙏🏼

Safe Schools NB 2011

Much appreciate all your efforts to wake others gently and steadily Alfred and friends... BUT....
As for Jody Wilson Raybould I say no... no thanks... she is not who you think she is at all.. she did a lot of damage to her own people selling them out on their lands in B.C. please .. look into this man's work from Nova Scotia, Shawn Paul Melville at CivilianIntelligenceNetwork.ca .. podcast from his interview with The Ensign Hour in 2019 at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOXFjWWC5Jc&ab_channel=CivilianIntelligenceNetwork

Gail Jones



I am still serving. I have little support in my area but this has not hindered my motivation at all. I do wish I could get more direction sometimes but I am doing my utmost for the children of earth. 🙏♥️


Is any of this information and pdfs good to use in Australia

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