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Jason Eldridge

Victim here of this 5g, cybertoture, harrassment, genocide technology perpertrators. Myself and family here in very small town southwest Va. Atkins. 24311, have been forced by these "figures of authority" to live in constant 24/7 tech. Induced anxiety, pain, harassment and fear. Constant worries over poisonings etc.. Emf and DEW has been an obvious factor in these attacks and threats of death. My Mom having shown exact symptoms of havanna syndrome as do I. She has also had skin cancer return from a few years remission, noticeably after more frequently intensified attacks. My stepfathers heart condition, during certain heavy and very intense weeks long periods of these attacks before a few days of the average, and the cycle repeats itself, has put him in ICU during these "episodes" with congestive heart failure. I myself have recently noticed a definite difference with my own, experience pain, palpitations, etc.. that isn't normal for me at 35yrs old. Just too many issues and personal experiences with this "group" and their tech here in a tightly populated park that point out these Organized criminal agendas in such a location it typically wouldn't have been expected, in my opinion, so I just thought I should let it be known that the tech is real. The torture is real and its happening in areas such as small home country towns with no regard for seniors or children, the environment etc.. I'd like to thank you Judges for your honorable duties and ask that you please continue to look after our public safety and health by putting an end to these atrocious organized crimes and "experiments" forced upon individuals and communities in poor regions of the country as well, by the hands of only interested in fulfilling torturous mind manipulative research and death dealing agendas,"lawlessly" to justice and seeing reparations for the victims. Thank you soo much and may god bless!

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