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Paul Keeling

Ihope this works but they have a lot of power

Troy Graham

has there been any news yet. they seem to be in a hurry here in the United States. if I just start 24 hours out there the vaccine is ready


Hi from South Africa
How do we go about signing the 5G/Corona virus Genocide truth and Reconciliation Commission.
I tried by clicking on it but it doesnt do anything.

Tiago dos santos serra

Please give the place to fill in petition/signature,these governments must be put in jail for this mass genocide and collusion ,ramaphosa of sa is a criminal (tried and imprisoned three times for terrorism

Eugene Havenga

There are many millions of people who are too scared and many millions more who are too confused. This is a great opportunity thank you.

Linda Wentzel

No more!!!


What can we do, this needs to stop; They are now speaking about pushing a presumably MRNA based flu vaccine in the the UK on everyone including children.
Large number protesting, but zero media coverage in UK at least.

All strength to you in bringing those responsible to justice.

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