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Janette Valdez

Can we get to stop government from their harmful corona virus measures through the judicial system of the International Criminal Code? This is more urgent than going after the criminals.

anders pedersen

But what about the poisionous 'chemtrails' and 'geo-engineering' and its creation of Morgellons?
Which have killed by the tens of thousands? and what about the HAARP and EISCAT which have killed and maimed by the 100 thousands?

anders pedersen
people's court of norway


What a joke! Canada belongs to the UK

lawyer blog

how is this possible can you provide sources?

Christophe- Papa J Petit

US in it?


Has Russia not ratified the Statute of the International Criminal Court ? It is not on the list , will they do what they want ?


Does it help at all? Here in Croatia they have now started with al the smaller cities to put up 5G, to be finish next year Marts 2022.

david -eugene: of the family/clan spence

The united States of America is not in it. US, Inc. is now bankrupt and defunkt. The actual government has been nonfunctional since about the end of the Civil War. But now, under Trump, the Republic under common law is once again breathing.

Go Wakeel

i like this type of artical on and very information artical

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