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Chandler Armstrong

Hi Geri,
Wow remember when you first came into British Columbia from the states, we meet to discuss the Body Soul & Spirit Expos, and worked with you at several of them during the follow years.. Great news, we're back, and are about to embark on the our HomeComing... back were it all started 14 years ago! It's going to be our most exciting events yet. Hope your going to be part of it... we are expecting it to be some re-union. http://www.bodysoulspiritexpo.com 1-877-560-6830 call me.

Paul Coulter

Hi Geri - Could you please resend my latest reading with you. I have not yet received a copy. It was a pleasure seeing you again and I look forward to your response. Dr. Paul Coulter

tenzin buzz

hi Gery, please ask Alfred to talk today, to david at davidicke.com , for he needs some quick help, about Canadian stuff, ''the warman defence fund '' article from today on Davids' site will explain things. I had the idea to contact u, ans wrote to him about Alfred. they both research and talk about same stuff- truth, exposing illuminati/cabal... and all the whistleblowers material that Alfred knows a lot about, and knows many ppl. maybe some of them can help david with ideas/evidences... you'll see. did not want to register to alfreds' site, so- telling u on this free option to write a response. thank u so much, for letting Alfred read this , and please contact david a.s.a.p. bye, Buzz(wrote to Alfred couple of times, and he answered back, am a grat fan of him and his work! ((wrote same to Alfred on twitter page, but just in short words. please go to davids' site, to read his plea from today, 2/11/2014 11:11 , about this issue.))

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