Dr. Theresa Tam: A Trojan Horse of the Evil CCP?

Image source: cbc.ca

On December 13, Daily Hive reported that, Dr. Theresa Tam, the Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, said that Pfizer’s vaccine candidate can protect Canadians against the CCP virus but no data are available on its prevention of transmission. She added that the vaccine may have mild side effects, such as redness and swelling at the injection site that are common after a vaccine and can be resolved quickly and completely [1]. However, it was recently reported in USA and UK that Pfizer’s vaccine induced a serious allergic reaction after injected within minutes [2]. Actually, there were six participants died during the 44,000 person Pfizer vaccine trial [3]. Dr. Yan Limeng warned a few months ago that there is no effective vaccine until we can effectively reduce the antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) following infection after vaccination [4]. Vaccine developers are also well aware of ADE phenomenon so as to pursue approaches that can make ADE less likely [5]. Should we believe Dr. Tam to accept being injected the vaccine?  Obviously No! Very badly, Dr. Tam asked public health leaders and parents to collaborate to shut down any hint of anti-vaccine thought. All governments, including Canada and the U.S. are also working with social media companies to remove vaccine misinformation and promote scientific literacy. She intends to make sure people not allowed to publicly say anything against vaccinations, and establish them as just a normal part of life, no questions asked [6]. Clearly Dr. Tam wants to cover up the true information on the vaccine with media-control.

In early this year after the outbreak of the CCP virus, Dr. Tam did weird things. She worked for a WHO oversight committee to prevent politics interfering with health emergencies. The WHO has been a puppet of CCP for over a decade and assisted CCP to cover-up the CCP virus’ outbreak in January. Dr. Tam continuously cited the WHO as an authority such as face masks not useful and closing borders to travelers from virus hotpots not helpful. In addition, Dr. Tam dutifully repeated the propaganda of the CCP government [7]. As the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada, Dr. Tam should work for Canada but not for the WHO or CCP government.

Derek Sloan, a candidate for the leadership of Conservative Party of Canada questioned about Dr. Tam’s integrity and asked Dr Tam if she was more loyal to the CCP than Canada [8,9]. Sloan wonders if Dr. Tam is actually working for China instead of for Canada and Alberta’s Premier Jason Kenney has said much the same previously [8]. However Sloan was accused of being a “racist” without any response from Dr Tam.

Dr. Tam was born a man in 1965 so that Dr. Tam is biologically a male who suffers from gender dysphoria. She is a Hong Kong native and Chinese nationalist with possible links to the CCP [10]. There is very little information available on internet about Dr. Tam. For example, her birth date and birthplace are not revealed except that she grew up in Hong Kong. Even the schools she claims to have completed have no searchable information about her. In normal things, on their web-pages of those schools, they would happy to boast about the accomplishments of their alumnus. This is extremely odd, given her high achievement in her career. When she acted as Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, she is also a member of WHO Committee and a part of that Committee along with an ex-Gates Foundation operative. The WHO gets a substantial amount of funding from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, World Bank, GAVI Alliance (Gates funded) that are collaborating with CCP. Those entities are the same ones lobbying the Provinces and Federal Government in Canada, which in some sense conflicts in interest, since Dr. Tam’s employers are funded by same special interest groups. In addition, there is no information available to show Canadians Dr. Tam a Canadian citizen, the date when she arrived in Canada [11]. She’s just like a ghost in the dark to endanger the public health of Canadians. I suspect she could be a Trojan Horse sent by the Evil CCP.


Original Opinion Article by Himalaya Gfarm Vancouver – 2020/12/18

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