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The South African Amnesty, on the surface, appeared impressive, but the average person is still basically a slave to the power elite, which the oppressors represented. So what good was the amnesty other than making some people feel good for a while?

The hiding of advanced technology had everything to do with maintaining power and control over the populace. Claiming national security and that the people weren't ready for ET contact were simply ways of justifying the power grab.

Your proposal could be interpreted as buying amnesty with advanced technology? Amnesty will only work and be fair if those requesting amnesty face off with those whom they've tortured and their families. Otherwise, it's giving them a free pass and makes amnesty a farce.

If your reptilian ETs were even half as smart as you claim, surely they would have figured out long ago that the Elite were stringing them along regarding first contact; moreover, they would have known better than to present such an amnesty farce.

Is it not just a little bit too coincidental that Iceland has this volcanic eruption just after they assert some soverighty and refuse to give money to central banks? It sounds like a HAARP atack to me. What does Lauren think about that?

HARRP must be able to be monitored by terrestrial based directional receiver/monitors of some sort to determine how the scalar waves are generated and directed, that should not be so difficult, is it not happening?
enjoyed your presentation at Camelot that got cut short. Would like to see the info on center of universe wavefrom that has to do with frequency time multiplication, I th9ink it was in a Mayan calendar article somewhere.

Amnesty looks like a good idea, an insight even, but is it?

Ask yourself how could this EVER come about. In order to have an amnesty bill there has to be a stated logic and reason for it. If you state your reasons you are already confessing to the crimes from which you want protection. And you have to do that *before* the protection is in place. The consequence is that you will get fried. This logic is surely apprarent to those who need amnesty - hence they won't push for it. If they dont push fo4r it, who will? The victims? The dead-in-the-head sheeple who don't even know the issue exists? The readership of Jim Sparks book? Amnesty is not a good idea and it is no insight, it just has the momentary appearance of being so. I cannot see any way it can actually happen.

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