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Who do I contact to get KROCKS RadioOne/ZeroPointRadio to become an affiliate?

Hi Alfred.

I looked at your site below:
and concluded -for many months- that
the (3-21-09) show was your last show.

Then I bumped into your site below:
and saw that there have been subsequent shows.

Should that first site not be

Just a thought, hopefully a helpful one!

I do not understand, a Nov, '09 show talking about the '08 elections. I enjoyed the show and particularly the interview by our lobbiest but is this not a little out of sync?

I'm unable to get your subscribe in iTunes link to work. And when I go to iTunes to find your link, it only has your old shows.

I also thought your 3-21-09 show was your last show and have missed you!

would like an interview about constructive, coming from solutions, in addressinf the archon delema.
Dicipline and conciousness and avoiding their trap of dualism,id est. life or death dualistic choices are childish non- workable solutions.

one solution is to welcome archons and then transform them to the inevitable raising of vibratory nature. this is done by a discipline and logic AND works!
Don Weeden shaman and friend to your guest robert stanley. may we comunicate.

I certainly appreciate the ability to download audio and video. At about 20 Kb/s max, even streaming audio is painful. I watched your video on ETs setting up a shield to protect the Earth from the interactions between our Sun and Nibiru. It gives me hope. I am aware of the power of prayer, so I am directing readers to the Globalcarerooms.org website so that their focused prayers will improve the outcome of the Nibiru flyby.

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