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It won't download for me, player doesn't run.

why is it that I seem to feel a little less comfortable with the camelot folks and their revelations when in the abstract it is every bit as much credible as other exo stuff? Just feels a litle too show biz for me

About ethical aliens. Is it ethical for us to cut the heads off frogs to dissect them in biology class. Could other civilizations be so advanced that we are as frogs to them or prehaps we have been a child's science project all along?

So now all of a sudden we have Nazis on the moon and in Anartica, blues greys, anatacis on mars, nordics,

and turtles with human heads walking around on mars near the water fountains and folks enjoying a picnic at the beach

beam me up scotty, and be sure I get the drugs to keep m e from getting sick because of the trans dimentional shift

am i getting it all right

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