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Excellent interview of Steve Bassett-very informative.

Interesting perspective by Mr. Bassett vis a vis why disclosure did not transpire due to republican blocking it using the financial collapse. A perspective that I've heard most often on the collapse is that the financial collapse was planned long ago as part of the global takeover. Moreover, the Republican-Democrat dichotomy is just for public-sheeple consumption. At the top both are controlled by the same entity. Saying that the democrats would have jailed Wall Street bankers seems naive given the well known control of the Democratic Party by the Rothschilds who are intimately involved in Wall Street and the fact Wall Street money elected Obama. From this perspective, believing the democrats only play softball is untenable because the game is rigged to make the democrats play softball much as Carter was used as a respite between Republican administrations but continued to carry on with the policies of the Elite vis a vis the Afghanistan War.

Carter was the "son" of Rockefeller for he put him into power. The only non-controlled president, as you know, was JFK.

JFK assassination: Secret Service Standdown

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