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I am unable to see the detail alleged although I have relatively good equipment. I can print out at 1400 dpi but am not seeing the details that would convince me.

Every clear night, you can see UFOs using third generation night vision goggles. This is now a proven fact since Ed Grimsley and I went internet public with the information and now that Ed has been on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory 4 times since last year. Millions have listened. Many have looked. Most have seen. In fact and as you would suppose, not only can you see craft every night with the third generation night vision goggles, but it would beg you to conceed that the universe is "full of life". Hence the probability of finding artifacts on Mars showing remanants of past civilation would be better than 50/50. If you want the odds to go up even higher in favor of life being universal you only have to answer this next question for yourself. But first, let me clear my throat... "HAS THE GOVERNMENT EVER LIED TO US BEFORE?"

"If you can see UFOs with third generation night vision goggles,and you can, then everything else is a lie."

WWW.EDGRIMSLEY.COM Contact Bob Oliver 831 383-2676

The Quantum Leap Radio Hour Saturdayas 9 PM
www.krxa540.com [email protected]


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