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Hola, my name is Verito, and Im very concern of what is happening. It is very sad to here about mind control, and all that haarp conspiracy. It really breaks my haert in two. How can mankind, our human specie evolutionate in a low primative way....REALLY PRIMATIVE ....Haarp is for cavernicolas, they just want to control and destroy this world, they are really bad people. Humanity has to grow espiritually with love, not with war, nor with wealth. I wish I a can do something against it, guess we all have to pray a lot. The diabolic haarp proyect has to END, before they destroy this lovely planet. We all have to pray and give light to this planet in a angelic way. God Bless you all. Veronica (Verito). ECUADOR

Hi All.
Leuren you are a great lady with great courage.

Thank you so much for giving this information, I will certainly place these interviews on my site as I have already covered it briefly on a radio interview in Liverpool England 7 September 2008.
Thanks again...

Tried to listen to Moret interview but file seems to be inoperative, cuts out after introduction.

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