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Thanks for your efforts in bring this to the public light....I research HARRP some years ago and know of it's true purpose and how it manipulates the Ionosphere:


Moreover, how this is the backbone of the mind control mechanism that controls 100 of thousands minds via the hive mind Methodology etc.

Love "Light" and Energy


HAARP is not a weapon. These people are producing lies. HAARP is for scientific research.

The tecnological Age is very rapidly moving forward. Four Square miles of hidden seacret electronic software, And the Statements of individuals- are enough evidence of What comes out of man's mind for good, but we know what happens to good things, And the power that harnesses the ego.

I agree with gregdude HAARP is not a weapon.

My knife is not a weapon, I use it for sharpening pencils.

Splitting the atom was not intended to create a weapon, yet had we not, we would not have the Atomic bomb.

Where IS Leuren Moret?
She seems to have disappeared after 1st wekk of June.

Hi! Thanks for your question. For updated interviews from Leuren Moret please go to:




The only way to make the World safe from these weapons is that all the countries which have these WMDs must get rid of these.This only can happen when Powerful countries start from themselves....!!!

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