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Introduction-what is the Federal Reserve??

America must Nationalize The Banking Industry and take back the Federal Reserve (FED) that was illegally privatized by the efforts of the Rothschiles in 1813. (Thomas D. Schauf, THE FEDERAL RESERVE IS A PRIVATELY OWNED CORPORATION, Americans Have Been Deceived and Stolen From by the Privately Held Federal Reserve Banking System, 1992) Rothschild, a London Banker, wrote a letter saying "It (Central Bank ) gives the National Bank almost complete control of national finance. The few who understand the system will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favours, that there will be no opposition from that class...The great body of the people, mentally incapable of comprehending, will bear its burden without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical (contrary) to their interests." Further, those who do understand this bad and illegal system which includes Obama, Hillary and McCain will not try to educate the American voter nor try to correct this criminal agency called The Federal Reserve!!
The illegally privatized Federal Reserve directly causes the present financial crisis in 1813. The Great Depression of the twenties was directly cause by this grievous attribute greed of the private banks as they creamed a piece of the action off the top of all transactions made by Americans. This cartel presently consist of American banks and also are partly foreign owned and control the New York FED District Bank. First National Bank of New York James Stillman National City Bank, New York Mary W. Harnman National Bank of Commerce, New York A.D. Jiullard Hanover National Bank, New York Jacob Schiff Chase National Bank, New York Thomas F. Ryan Paul Warburg William Rockefeller Levi P. Morton M.T. Pyne George F. Baker Percy Pyne Mrs. G.F. St. George J.W. Sterling Katherine St. George H.P. Davidson J.P. Morgan (Equitable Life/Mutual Life) Edith Brevour T. Baker. (Fed May Nationalize Banks, http://www.infowars.com/?p=1166, March 31, 2008)

Why did it happen??
These money people found out that every person essentially had their price and that a price could be placed on every thing from people to goods and materials!! Each person could be defined in the terms of their worth money for work production. The latest objective of the World Banking Industry is the control and sale of drinking water worldwide. Notable, for example, Jeb Bush Governor of Florida had an Environmental Protection Agency that enforced fewer regulations than any other time in history. In addition, Florida issued more license for the private production and sale of drinking water than any time in Florida history!! (Vandana Shiva, World Bank, WTO, and corporate control over water, International Socialist Review, Aug/Sep 2001) (Press release, Scottish campaigners demand halt to business takeover of third world water, 22 March 2005)
How did it happen?
History shows that after previous attempts to push the Federal Reserve Act through Congress, a group of bankers funded and staffed Woodrow Wilson's campaign for President pushed this legislation through congress during it’s recess. He had committed to his supporters to sign this act. Even Wilson, who passed the legislation, Later stated, "I have unwittingly ruined my country”. Many presidents which include Lincoln, Jackson, and Kennedy tried to stop this Federal Reserve family of bankers by printing U.S. dollars without charging the taxpayers interest have tried to correct this travesty but were defeated by the investment of these bankers in their defeat!
How is it effecting America and the world today?

As mentioned earlier, the Great Depression of the twenties was directly caused by the inaction of America's financial system for work project that were for the public good but not necessarily in initially profitable. Only the actions of President FDR, who made bold programs of public services, broke this depression through such programs as the CCC, and The Tennessee Valley Authority Dam projects. As soon as these public projects were successful and profitable, private industry took strong actions to privatize them and make big private profits. The Far Right Wing Republicans and G. W. Bush raised this privatization of essential public services to perfection!! This magnitude and intensity of this outsourcing and privatization has essentially emptied the public coffers and brought the US to the brink of another Greater Depression of 2008. George W. Bush and his cohorts have quietly dismantled more than a century of good regulatory history. If we truly are to have change in Washington, the changers must begin by restoring those proven, efficient and protective elements of the regulatory state. The essentially unregulated money institutions deliberately made sub prime loans to homebuyers, who had no obvious means of paying these loans. Then after the expected failure of the homebuyers to pay the mortgages the banks went into potential bankruptcy. G. W. and the Federal Government then saved the banks by bailing them out with federal funds. In addition, to save these banking criminals from jail they are pushing a law that will hold the CEOs’ faultless and decriminalize these corporate crimes! (Stanley Kutler,
The Decriminalization of Corporate Crime, Mar 29, 2008)

What must be done?

Therefore, it is easily seen that the first step to regain the power of our nation is to Nationalize The Banking/money Industry or take back The Federal Reserve, as we understand it!! (Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Fed eyes Nordic-style nationalization of US banks, International Business, 31/03/2008)
In addition, our universities must regain the teaching of philosophy, sociology, and humanities with a reevaluation of including the Creed of Greed for unadulterated profit beings one of the primary virtues!! America universities with the assistance of Capitalist, have allowed their Schools of Business to over grow and submerge their Schools of Humanities!!

Dr. J. Alva Scruggs, BS, MS, MA, EdD
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C'est assez unipersonnel comme parti... :)
(pas écouté du coup, dommage, ça avait l'air intéressant)

You should tell blogs.com to update their engine so that different comments are clearly separated.

"America must Nationalize The Banking Industry and take back the Federal Reserve (FED) that was illegally privatized by the efforts of the Rothschiles in 1813."

Three errors already appear in the post the above is quoted from. It's not Rothschiles, but Rothschild(s?); the FedRes wasn't created or established until 1913; and Rothschild was (I read) Zionist, and corrupt, greedy, ... fiend, but not sole to be blamed with or about the FedRes. Perhaps the rest of the post, besides the repeated mistakes, is fine, but I didn't bother reading the rest; only wishing to note these three errors. The rest or even whole may otherwise be true enough, but I won't bother trying to learn from people who make three blatant mistakes in the first sentence they present.

We have the elites corrupting the U.S. (bank-owned, etc.) Fed. Res., the corrupted or sidelined Bank of Canada, the IMF, the WB, the UN, the SC part anyway, the predecessor (to the UN) League of Nations, and ... more. And I haven't listened to the interview with Connie Fogal, but know CAP, and realise that she may have spoken on the (US) Fed. Res. [Bank] and/or the Bank of Ca, and possibly more. I know that the (US) FR and BoC are common topic among CAP'ers; it's even central to CAP policy proposals for Cdn govt.

And "they" (someone, many, lemmings) call the filthy-rich-pig elitists of all of this hell-renditioning of Earth reality 'philanthropists'! My buttocks! Even Ron Paul is pro-Big Pharma., and doggedly anti-socialist; according to his words (not originally mine).

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