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Positive future, pushing lies about the past - your star - Leuren K Moret is a total fraud. She is no expert, let alone radiation expert or DU expert. She is a self-promotional genius and she wants you to help her raise bucks to support her own lifestyle of jetting around the world in style. In reality, Moret was a graduate student at the Lawrence Berkeley Lab and the research project she assisted on had nothing to do with radiation or uranium. In reality, Moret was a Senior Scientific Technologist, not "Scientist" as claimed, at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory and she worked there less than a year, not two years as claimed. In reality, Moret is not a whistleblower. Moret never filed an appeal and someone as mouthy and pushy as Moret certainly would not have decided to just slink away and take being fired as just "what happens". The truth is that she probably just quit and she never knew anything to blow the whistle on, but claiming to be a whistleblower gets her on internet radio and fills the seats.

http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/DUStory/message/57 has links that allow the reader to see for themself what Moret does not know and how her claimed career differs from reality. I invite readers to use the username and password provided in the message and go to the Files Section and look for Leuren Moret. They will be amazed at how they have had the wool pulled over their eyes.

Lt. Col. Roger Helbig has made harrassing and internet stalking his retirement career. After he was fired by the US Navy for harrassing the Navy at his Civil Service Job in Vallejo, he continued harrassing his neighbors who suffered his abuse for over 32 years in Richmond, California.

It seems to run in the family. His brother, as Editor of a large newspaper conglomerate in NY state was fired for stalking, harrassing and threatening a much younger woman he had engaged in an affair with. When she found a much younger man, Roger's brother did the same thing to her - stalked and harrassed her. http://www.niagarafallsreporter.com/cover4.1.08.html Fortunately he was arrested but that has not stopped his abusive behavior.

It runs in the family.

Moret continues to lie about me, just like she was ready to lie at the Small Claims Court trial of the case brought by my neighbor Jamal Fares (who lost the case) to get us to replace the sewer of his 49 year old house because we had a nice Japanese Maple Tree in the front yard that predated either of us owning our respective properties. If Moret wants to face me in court and see who has the facts, I encourage her to do so; I might even sue her for slander based on this posting. We countersued Fares for harassment and he brought in Moret and her mouthpiece Bob Nichols that he dug out of the internet. Moret has been lying about me for years - her lies made me go look for the facts. Here is what Moret really did at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory - this is a lot easier to access than through Message 57. http://www.archive.org/details/LeurenKMoret-RealJobAtLawrenceLivermoreNationalLaboratory

Another of her lies is explained here

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