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Thank You for having Connie Fogal of the CAP on and talking about the SPP and the NAU. I would just like to let you know there will be a rally against the spp at the Vancouver Art Gallery on February 16/08 at 1:00pm..... Come out and show your support for your country. Thank You.

Four years of working to educate the public and attack unassailable beaurocracy and the corruption inherent in the US govt.. and ALL the mainstream political parties in Canada to NO avail.. neither the supreme court., the senate..or our duly elected will answer any questions, nor will they speak up for Canadians as they swore an oath to do,commit treason and are traitors.. this is serious and needs addressing..before we are disarmed by the new fascists in our parliament..all north americans need think and research this horrific crime committed blatantly and arrogantly by the harper quasi tory govt..or the devastation on their personal lives will be a shame they will bear and when their children ask why daddy didn't you do something.. they will have to admit that they are deluded cowards..
not me..
gird your loins Canada.. time for bullshit or boogy..
stand up for Canada and write your MP and MLA asking for answers on these radical detours in our democracy..
the tools used are Free Trade..SPP< Security Prosperity Partnership, NAU, North American Union..WTO..PNAC..constitutional changes via unilateralism of harper govt..all parties are co opted..
do it now !! See how far you will get.. and then.. buy guns..hide them..have plenty of ammo.. urban warfare and bloody destructioon will claim cowards and fighters alike..it will be your last chance to stand up and die a patriot or if you rather live rightless and on your knees remain aloof and suffer the consequences..
We have to finish the second world war and do it thoroughly this time..
the people are the new super power..and we are making gains very slowly perhaps too slowly.. before it is irrevokable..before guerilla actions necessary in defense of freedom.. foget terrorists.. the govts we elect are the only terrorists.. financed by big oil and industry.. the military is on side with the corporate nazis on this so have no illusions the treatment you will recieve..
remember Hitler and the devastation he created and apathy and propaganda facilitated.. thimk, act.. or head for Switzerland.. the people will remember who stood and who hid.. good luck.

Thank you Coopradio.org for assisting the new freedom fighters of north america in our fight for democracy and our Nation.
William Lawson, supporter Canadian Action Party

Thank you so much for giving Connie the opportunity to warn us all of the SPP agenda. Every Canadian who cherishes Canada and the rights of both American and Mexican citizens to also maintain their democratic rights must speak up and educate contacts in their own areas to stop this agenda. Get involved...evil triumphs when good people do nothing!



Have a nice day!

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