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You won't find any accountability from American courts,or any of the branches of it's govt
Due to the fact theit is a convergence if issuses that is absolutely Devastating to America ahnd it's citenzens
1) Economy not only down but on the verge of absolute collapse due to years of pork barrel and greed which has le3d to them owing more money than they can ever pay back
the people can not be further taxed they owe personal debts beyond being able to sustain more debt via new taxes
2)The Nwo must get rid of the Constitution to move forward this has led to not only to executive branch but congress and senate knowing that the nation is about to fall and they in turn know they will be held accountable and be strung up when the people find out the truth
3) the crimes of 9/11 are the precursor not the apex of what is about to happen
in America the Govt personel know they are going to get nailed to the cross if any such war crimes is laid on the govt. Once you find Bush cheney etal guilty well the rest of the faciltors know you will be coming for them as well they are afraid trust me
But as sad as this is it is mild by what is coming
The revolution will not be televised

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