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The Talmud of Jmmanuel: The Clear Translation in English and German (Paperback)
by Eduard Meier, J. H. Ziegler (Translator), B. L. Greene (Translator)

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Chapter 5

The Sermon on the Mount

I. When Jmmanuel saw the people following him, he went up a hill and sat down; and his disciples came to him.

2. And he taught them, saying:

3. "Blessed are those who are rich in spirit and recognize the truth, for life is theirs.

4. "Blessed are those who endure hardship, for they shall thus recognize truth and be comforted.

5. "Blessed are the spiritually balanced, for they shall possess knowledge.

6. "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for truth and knowledge, for they shall be satisfied.

7. "Blessed are those who live according to the laws of nature, for they live according to the plan of Creation.

8. "Blessed are those who have a clear conscience, for they need not fear.

9. "Blessed are those who know about Creation, for they are not enslaved by false teachings.

10. "Blessed are the righteous, for nature is subject to them.

I I. "Blessed are you if, on my account and because of our teachings, people revile and persecute you and speak all manner of evil against you; thus they lie about the teachings.

12. "Be of good cheer and take comfort; this life and the next life will reward you. For so have the belittlers of the truth persecuted the prophets who were before you, and so will they also persecute you.

13. "You are the salt of the Earth, and if the salt loses its flavor with what would one salt? It is useless henceforth, except it be thrown out and stepped on by the people.

14. "You are the light of the world, and consider: The city that lies on top of a mountain cannot be hidden.

15. "One does not light a candle and place it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; thus it shines for all those who are in the house.

16. "Likewise your light shall shine before the people, so they see your good deeds and recognize the truth of your knowledge.

17. "Do not think that I have come to do away with the law or the prophet; I have come not to undo, but to fulfill and to reveal the knowledge.

18. "Truly, I say to you: Until the heavens and the Earth vanish, neither a letter nor a dot of the law of Creation and the laws of nature will vanish, until all is fulfilled.

19. "Whosoever violates one of the smallest of the laws or directives and teaches the people falsely, will be called the smallest; but whosoever spreads the teachings truthfully will be called great and will receive the reward of the spirit.

20. "I tell you: If your righteousness does not exceed that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will not receive the reward of the spirit and of life.

21. "You have heard that it was said to your ancestors:' You shall not kill; but whosoever kills shall be found guilty by the courts.'

22. "However, I say to you: Exercise justice according to the natural laws of Creation, so that you find the judgment in logic.

23. "Guilty are all those who kill when not acting in self-defense or according to legal verdict based on self-defense. Likewise, guilty are all those who engage in evil speech and actions.

24. "Only justice according to the natural laws of Creation produces a logical judgment.

25. "Do not accommodate your adversaries if you are in the right, and the judge will probably have to decide in your favor.

26. "Truly, I say to you: You will attain justice only when you find it yourself and can make your fellow humans understand it.

27. "You have heard that it was said:' You shall not commit adultery.'

28. "But I say to you: Whosoever has sexual intercourse with someone other than their spouse shall be delivered to the courts, for it is an act unworthy of humans, contemptible and an offense against the laws of nature.

29. "If, however, your right or left eye causes annoyance, tear it out and throw it away, because it is better for you that just one of your members be destroyed than your whole body.

30. "If a thought causes you annoyance, eradicate it and ban it from your brain. It is better to destroy a thought that incites annoyance than to bring the whole world of thought into an uproar.

31. "It has also been said, 'Whosoever divorces his spouse shall hand over a certificate of divorce.

32. "However, I say to you: Whosoever separates from their spouse, except in response to adultery, commits adultery; whosoever marries a person who is guilty in a divorce also commits adultery.

33. "You have further heard it said to your ancestors: 'You shall take no false oath, and you shall keep your oath to god.’

34. "However, I say to you that you shall not swear at all; do not swear by the heavens, because they are infinite and immeasurable.

35. "Neither swear by the Earth, because it is impermanent, nor swear by Jerusalem, because it is an impermanent city built by human hands.

36. "You shall also not swear by your head, because you cannot change the color of a single hair.

37. "Also do not swear by the memory of a person or a thing, for they are all impermanent.

38. "Let your speech at all times simply be:' Yes, yes' or' no, no.' Anything beyond that goes against the laws.

39. "You have heard it said: 'An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.

40. "But I say to you, exercise justice according to the natural laws of Creation, so that you find the verdict in logic.

41. "Offer your love wherever it is warranted, and punish wherever the law of nature demands punishment.

42. "Give to them who ask of you, if they make their requests in honesty, and turn away from them who want to borrow from you in a dishonest way.

43. "You have heard it said, 'You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.

44. "However, I say to you: Practice love and understanding according to the natural laws of Creation, so that through logic you find the right action and perception.

45. "Offer your love where it is warranted, and despise where the law of nature demands it.

46. "You shall be wise and acquire knowledge, because you shall become perfect in spirit as the Creation which created you.

47. "Over the course of incarnations you shall train your spirit and your consciousness and allow them to develop to perfection, so that you become one with Creation.


Chapter 23 (continued)

The Greatest Commandment

31. But when the Pharisees heard that Jmmanuel had silenced the Sadducees, they gathered and deliberated.

32. And one among them, a scribe, tested him by asking, Jmmanuel, which is the foremost commandment in the law?"

33. Jmmanuel asked in return, "Whose law are you thinking of, the law of the emperor, or are you thinking of the law of god, or are you thinking of the law of Creation?"

34. The scribe said, "l am thinking of the laws of all three."

35. But Jmmanuel said, "The highest directive in the law of Creation is this: Achieve the wisdom of knowledge, so that you may wisely follow the laws of Creation.

36. "But the highest commandment of the law of god is this: You shall honor god as the ruler of the three human lineages and obey his laws, for he is their king of wisdom and a good and just counselor.

37. "And the highest command of the laws of the emperor is this: You shall be obedient to the emperor, follow his laws and give to him the tithe, because he is the ruler over the people and their guardian and protector

38. "These are the foremost and greatest commandments in the laws of the three, as applied to their categories.

39. "But the other directive, equal to the first, is this: You shall consider only Creation as omnipotent, for it alone is constant in all things and therein is timeless.

40. "The emperor and god are transitory, but Creation is eternal.

41. "Upon these two directives depend the entire law and the prophets.

42. "The laws of god and those of the emperor are human laws and are intended to maintain law and order among the people.

43. "But the laws of Creation are the laws of life and the spirit and, therefore, they are eternal and constant.

44. "Likewise eternal is a person's spirit, which is a tiny fragment of Creation spirit, for how could Creation itself ever cease to be?

45. "Hence, when a person dies, their spirit lives on and leaves this side of existence for the other side, where it continues to gather the wisdom of knowledge.

46. "The greater the spiritual wisdom gained through the learning of the consciousness, the more the spirit itself determines its future, its return, and its subsequent activities.

47. "Since I am also a prophet and know the future, I tell you that I shall return as representative of god for the purpose of instructively rendering judgment over all those who live according to false teachings and who degrade the wisdom of the spirit.

48. "Therefore the words of truth will be harsh and without mercy, and many a person will seethe in rage because of them.

49. "The harsh words of truth themselves will be the instructive judgment and penalty for all those who live according to false teachings and degrade the wisdom of the spirit."

50. Since the Pharisees were together, Jmmanuel asked them, "What do you think about me, whose son am I?"

51. They said, "The son of David."

52. But he spoke to them, "How can I be the son of David, when he has been dead for a long time and I was begotten by Gabriel, the guardian angel?

53. "And haven't you read that David called me lord when he said,

54. "'The LORD said to my lord, sit down at my right side, until I can place your enemies beneath your feet, because you are my foster son and my successor.'

55. "Since David calls me lord, how can I be his son?"

56. And no one could give him an answer, but secretly they said, "He blasphemes God and the prophets. Let's try to catch and kill him, because he endangers our position in that we will no longer be respected by the people."

171 Chapter 26

Laws and Commandments

I. "Since the laws and directives of Creation and the laws and commandments of god are in effect, they shall be observed and respected.

2. "Just as the laws and directives of Creation are the laws and directives for the spirit and for life, so the laws and commandments of god are the laws and commandments for material-life and human regulations.

3. "God issued the laws and commandments to serve as material-life and human regulations for that which is right, and also as a guideline for life.

4. "Thus laws and commandments serve as paths upon which humans should walk in wisdom and intelligence so as to be righteous.

5. "Thus, as the laws and directives of Creation and the laws and commandments of god are to be obeyed, humans must not bring forth any other laws and commandments.

6. "The laws and directives of Creation and the laws and commandments of god should be considered as the true laws and commandments and should be followed, since they alone have lasting validity and correctness.

7. "When humans deviate from these laws and directives, however, they bring forth illogical and inadequate human laws and commandments that are based on false logic and, thus, are extremely faulty.

8. "When humans are fainthearted in consciousness, their laws and commandments are fainthearted as well, and therefore they resemble confused teachings.

9. "When humans are presumptuous and disregard the laws and directives of Creation and those of god, they are forced to bring forth their own laws which are flawed, however, and lead everyone astray.

10. "Man-made laws and commandments produce murder and all manner of evil, and as evil spreads and gains the upper hand, man no longer has control over it.

I I. "Commandments and laws are valuable only when they are derived from wisdom, and hence are logical,

12. "but logic requires wisdom and understanding.

13. "Human laws and human commandments are powerless, unless they are founded upon the laws and directives of Creation, just as god's laws and commandments are founded upon them, as he issued them in his wisdom."

Proverbs of Wisdom

14. "Truly, I say to you, wisdom must be learned from the laws of Creation, which humans may recognize in nature.

15. "But if humans do not think and seek, they will not be able to attain wisdom and will remain fools.

16. "The wise do not moan about lost things, about the dead and about events of the past.

17. "Fools, however, cry over things that are not worth crying over, and thereby they increase their grief, privation and misery.

18. "Those who have acquired sufficient wisdom and live according to the laws, permit not even the slightest harming of creatures, when they are without fault.

19. "Half-wits and fools who are not masters over their senses mistake harm for benefit, benefit for harm, and great sorrow for joy.

20. "Because people are not dedicated to wisdom and do not seek knowledge or recognize the laws, they harbor foolishness and vice.

21. "The dishonest, the stupid, grumpy, greedy, unscrupulous, uncouth and the angry will suffer harm for being poor in consciousness.

22. "When people duly receive daily just a little wisdom in their consciousness, they will grow like the waxing moon during the first half of the lunar month.

23. "Wisdom is the greatest asset of humanity and so is the created will, which is lord over love and happiness; but all of this is meaningless without the power of the spirit.

24. "A fool who idly rests and waits for fate goes to ruin like an unfired pot in water.

25. "Those who take care of a cow always receive milk; likewise, those who nurture wisdom and apply it through the power of the spirit bring forth rich fruit.

26. "Recognize each law of Creation and once you have recognized it, adhere to it and live accordingly, because the laws are the greatest wisdom.

27. "There is no eye equal to wisdom, no darkness equal to ignorance, no power equal to the power of the spirit, and no terror equal to the poverty of consciousness.

28. "There is no higher happiness than wisdom, no better friend than knowledge, and no other savior than the power of the spirit.

29. "Those who have intelligence may grasp my speech so they will be wise and knowing."

The False Teachings of Saul

30. When Jmmanuel had finished this speech, behold, a man named Saul approached him and said,

3 1. "You preach a new teaching, and it has been strange to me from the beginning; it seems silly to me, and your mind appears confused."

32. But Jmmanuel said, "How can you tell me that I am confused in mind when it is you who are confused in consciousness and do not understand?

33. "Truly, I say to you, though you are Saul, and you persecute me and my disciples because of my teachings, you will change your mind.

34. "Hereafter you shall be named Paul. You shall travel in every direction and make amends for having called my teachings false and my spirit confused.

35. "You will load great guilt upon yourself, for in your ignorance you will misunderstand my teachings and will therefore preach them incorrectly.

36. "Your speech will be confused, and people throughout the world will be enslaved by it and will worship the false doctrine.

37. "Just as you will bind the land of the Greeks to an evil religious cult because of your false teachings, so you will call me "the Anointed" in their language.

38. "It will be your fault, due to your lack of understanding, that they will call me Jesus Christ, which means 'the Anointed.'

39. "And it will be your fault, due to your lack of understanding, that human blood will be shed in this name, so much that it cannot be held in all existing containers.

40. "You are still persecuting me and my disciples because of my teachings, but soon the time will come when you will change your mind,

41. "when once more you face me and assume I am a ghost.

42. "Truly, I say to you: Like so many others, you will be greatly at fault that my teachings will be adulterated and humans will establish erroneous religious cults.

43. "You, however, will be the cornerstone of the folly by which I will be called 'Jesus Christ' and the 'redeemer' for a deluded religious cult."

44. And Jmmanuel was furious, seized a stick and chased Saul away.

45. Saul, his thoughts full of revenge, joined forces with Juda Ihariot, son of the Pharisee, and they discussed how to seize Jmmanuel so he could be handed over to the henchmen.

161 Chapter 25

The Prophecy

I. And Jmmanuel walked out of the temple, and his disciples came up to him because they wanted to show him the temple's structure.

2. He, however, spoke to them, "Look at all this. Truly, I say to you, not one stone here will remain upon the other without being broken.

3. "The Israelite people trespass against life and the truth, and they built this city on human blood. These people are divided into Israelites, who call themselves sons and daughters of Zion, with whom I do not identify, and who want to kill me, and Jews, who are misled believers of their religious cult, and to whom I bring the teachings of truth, as I do to all Earth humans.

4. "The Israelites have ravaged this land through plunder and murder, they have killed their friends with whom they had drunk wine, and they have deceived and misled their fellow believers of the Jewish cult, who are truly not Israelites but merely believers in a cult.

5. "Thus the Israelites betrayed their own friends and murdered them because of their greed, but it shall likewise be done to them by the rightful owners of this land whom they have deprived of their rights and subjugated since ancient times."

6. And when he sat on the Mount of Olives his disciples came up to him and said, "Tell us, when will this take place, and what will be the sign?"

7. And Jmmanuel answered, saying, "Two thousand and more years will pass, but meanwhile Israel will never find peace because wars and many calamities will threaten the unlawful occupants of this land; but see to it that nobody leads you astray.

8. "That is, many deceivers and false prophets will come in my name and say, 'l am Jmmanuel, and I am the sign of the time,' and they will mislead many.

9. "People will hear about wars and threats of war, and they are to witness this but not be frightened because it must transpire; but it will not yet be the end.

10. "For many a nation will rise up against its government, one nation against another and one kingdom against another, and there will be times of privation, earthquakes and immense storms and floods all about.

I I. "All of these events are just the beginnings of the woes.

12. "Soon the knowledgeable people will be consigned to misery and will be killed.

13. "They will be hated on account of the truth of the teachings and the wisdom.

14. "Various religious cults will rise up against one another, and much blood will flow.

15. "Then many will succumb to the temptation, and they will betray and hate one another because they remained small in consciousness.

16. "Love will grow cold in many people because ignorance will gain the upper hand.

17. "Hatred will rule over the world and evil will reign,

18. "but those who persist in the truth will survive.

19. "This lesson will be preached in the new age throughout the world as a testimony for all peoples, and then the end will come.

20. "When the people see the horror of destruction in Jerusalem, of which the prophets have spoken, the end will come.

21. "Whoever is in the land seized by the Israelites should flee to the mountains at that time.

22. "Those on the roofs should not climb down to get things from inside their houses.

23. "Those who are in the fields should not go back to get their coats.

24. "Woe to the pregnant women and nursing mothers at that time, for they will suffer much grief and death, and there will be many of them.

25. "Soon thereafter there will be a greater grief than there has ever been before since the beginning of the world, and than will ever be again.

26. "If these days were not cut short, no one would survive; but the days will be cut short for the sake of the spirit and of life.

27. "This will also be for the sake of the people who serve the truth and the laws.

28. "But there will be howling and chattering of teeth when this time is brought about by the people's lack of understanding and by their greed.

29. "They will construct machines of metal for use in the air, on the water and on land, and will bring about mutual destruction.

30. "From these machines of metal they will fling heavy projectiles across the land and upon the cities.

31. "Fire will burst from these projectiles and burn the world; and little will be spared.

32. "They will place the basic elements of life and deadly air into the projectiles to kindle the deadly fires and destroy land and life.

33. "If at that time mighty nations were not to intervene, as once did the celestial sons, to bring a halt to the unrestrained madness and deadly conduct of demented dictators, truly, I tell you, no human being would survive.

34. "Since the human populations will consist of far more than ten times five hundred million people at that time, great segments of them will be eradicated and killed.

35. "This is what the law ordains, because people have violated it and will continue to violate it into the distant future.

36. "If at that time someone will tell the people, 'Behold, here is Jmmanuel who is the sign of the time,' they should not accept it as the truth,

37. "for many a false Jmmanuel and many deceivers and false prophets will come forth and perform great signs and miracles, so that it will become possible to lead astray not only the seekers, believers and errant ones, but also the scholars and knowledgeable people.

38. "Behold, I have told you this beforehand, and so it will fulfill itself.

39. "Thus, when the deceivers and those led astray will say, 'He is in the desert,' people should not venture there, and when they say, 'Behold, he is in a chamber,' they should not accept it as the truth.

40. "Since I will certainly return at that time, I will let them recognize me.

41. "This is as the law and destiny ordain it, and so it shall be.

42. "For as lightning flashes and illuminates from start to finish, so will be my coming in the future, when I will bring the teachings anew and announce the legions of the celestial sons. At that time I will have a renewed life and will again be accused of deception and blasphemy across the entire world, until the teachings of truth will bring about insight and change in the people.

43. "People of all times, beware: where the carcass is, there the vultures gather, so watch out for them.

44. "Soon after the misery of that faraway time, sun and moon will lose their luster, comets will fall from the sky and the powers of the heavens will begin to sway.

45. "The makeup of the Earth's sky and air will be disturbed, and the land will burn because of the black oil of the Earth, ignited by people's craving for power. The sky will darken because of smoke and fire, which will rage for a thousand days, and everything above the burning land and far beyond will be covered with black soot. Consequently the weather will break down, and severe cold and much death will come over the people, plants and animals, and over the Earth, as a result of the senselessly unleashed forces of the people who live in lust for power, evil passions and vices.

46. "And then signs will appear in the sky, and all Earth humans will wail and come to see the signs in the clouds of the sky that bear witness to great power and severe judgment against irrationality.

47. "So god is lord over the three human lineages, yet the laws and directives of Creation are eternally valid. Through these laws and directives, which represent Creation, humankind in its irrationality will bring cruel judgment upon itself.

48. "Humans owe their existence to god, who is the ruler over them; so they must follow his commandments and respect him as the greatest king of wisdom.

49. "In days to come, he will send forth his guardian angels who will sound their trumpets and call together his trusted followers from the four directions, from one end of the Earth to the other.

50. "Do learn a parable from the fig tree; when its branch puts forth leaves, you know that summer is nigh.

5 1. "So will it also be for the people of that time; when they see all this transpire they may know that these events are upon them.

52. "Truly, truly, I say to you, this is how it will be.

53. "And that generation will not pass away until all of this has happened.

54. "At some future time the heavens and the Earth will pass away, and so will the universe; but my words will not pass away because they are the words of truth within the laws of Creation.

55. "No one knows the day or hour when this will all take place, not the guardian angels nor god himself nor I, Jmmanuel; but only providence and destiny know this through the laws and directives of Creation, which possesses the greatest wisdom.

56. "Creation alone stands far above all humankind, and it alone deserves honor and praise, just as it renders honor and praise to the absolute power (Absolutum) above it.* (* See 34:23.)

57. "If people respect and honor god, and if above him they recognize, honor, esteem and acknowledge only Creation as the supreme power, then they act rightly in accordance with the truth."

227 Chapter 32

Jmmanuel's Farewell

I. They went to the mountain to which Jmmanuel had directed them.

2. When they were gathered there, he said to them, "Behold, I will speak to you one last time; then I will leave and never return.

3. "My path leads me to the land of India where many of this human lineage also dwell, because they have left this land to live there.

4. "My mission leads me to them and to the human population that is born there.

5. "My path there will be long, for I have yet to bring my teachings, new and old, to many countries, and likewise to the shores of the great black waters to the north of here.

6. "But before I leave you, I will give you my final lessons of the teachings:

7. "If humans live according to the laws of Creation, they live correctly in truth. But the ultimate goal should be this:

8. "Everything human within human beings must die, but everything of Creation within them must rise and embrace Creation.

9. "Consider the universe as the place where Creation lives in infinity.

10. "Everything humans possess has its origin in Creation; therefore it belongs to Creation.

11. "Human beings shall transform their entire spiritual lives and perfect them, so that they will become one with Creation.

12. "Whatever human beings do, they shall do with the awareness of Creation's presence.

13. "But a human being shall never attempt to force the truth onto another, because then it would only be worth half its value.

14. "First, humans shall tend to their own progress in consciousness and spirit, so as to produce Creational harmony within themselves.

15. "No greater darkness rules within humans than ignorance and lack of wisdom.

16. "Greatness of personal victory requires uprooting and destroying all influences that oppose the Creational force, so that which is Creational may prevail.

17. "Humans should develop within themselves the power to judge over good and evil and to correctly perceive all things, so that they may be wise and fair and follow the laws.

18. "It is necessary to be cognizant of what is real and what is unreal, what is valuable and what is worthless, and what is of Creation and what is not.

19. "Human beings must become a cosmic unity, so that they can become one with Creation.

20. "Conform your lives to the laws; live according to the laws of nature, then you will also live according to the laws of Creation.

21. "Regardless of how much humans may suffer, the power of Creation within them is immeasurably greater, and it will conquer all ills.

22. "When human beings live within their consciousness only as mortal humans, they are inaccessibly remote from their spirit, from Creation and therefore from its laws.

23. "The greater their dedication to the laws of Creation, the deeper will become the peace within them.

24. "The happiness of humans consists in seeking and finding the truth, so they may thereby gather knowledge, gain wisdom, and think and act in accordance with Creation.

25. "Only through the circumstances of human life can humans develop and use their Creational powers in consciousness and in spirit.

26. "Humans gain experience in the use of their powers and capabilities only by trying daily to unlock them.

27. "As long as human beings do not become one with Creation, they will never be able to rise above death or near-death, since the fear of the unknown is within them. Only when they are able to fully recognize the perfection and unity of Creation can they slowly begin to acquire sublimity.

28. "instead of following instinctive and impulsive urges, humans should live by cognition and wisdom, so that they may live justly according to the laws and directives.

29. "Humans should not lose their way in the thicket of limitations, but should expand their consciousness and seek and find knowledge, logic and truth, and from these learn wisdom.

30. "Thereby they will come closer to their life's goal and become cognizant of the Creational principle in all things.

31. "Thousands of lights will guide humans along their path, provided they observe and follow them.

32. "Human beings will attain all their knowledge and wisdom, provided they seriously strive for perfection.

33. "The laws serve all those who are prepared to seek the truth in unlimited measure and to learn wisdom from them.

34. "For in mastering all possible orientations within themselves, they develop their spiritual powers to higher and higher levels, and in so doing they perfect themselves.

35. "Humans should not attempt to dwell upon their physical misery, but upon the reality of the spirit and the existence of Creation.

36. "A continual restlessness exists within humans, because they have a premonition that Creation is their fate and destination.

37. "Humans may be great, wise and good, yet this is not sufficient, for they can always become greater, wiser and better.

38. "There may be no limits to love, peace and joy, because the present state must always be exceeded.

39. "Truly, I say to you, a love that is unlimited, constant and unfailing is unconditional and is a pure love, in whose fire all that is impure and evil will burn.

40. "Such a love is Creation's love and, therefore its laws as well, to which humanity has been predestined since the beginning of time.

41. "Since this is the ultimate destination for human beings, they must take steps to guarantee that this will come to be, for this is their destiny.

42. "But as yet humans do not understand the wisdom of this teaching, and therefore it is being adulterated everywhere on Earth.

43. "In their ignorance, humans are falsifying the teachings in many ways and forms, so that they are becoming diffused and unintelligible.

44. "But in two times a thousand years they shall be taught anew without falsification, when humans become sensible and knowledgeable, and a new age heralds great upheavals.

45. "And it can be read in the stars that the people of the new age will be great revolutionaries. Thus, some special predestined people, who will be the new proclaimers of my teachings, will preach them unfalsified and with great courage.

46. "But you, go therefore and prepare the way for my teachings and make all peoples their disciples.

47. "However, beware of false teachings, which you may allow to arise because of your lack of judgment, for some of you are inclined that way.

48. "Teach them to follow everything I have commanded you, so you do not falsify my teachings."

49. And it came to pass, that while he was speaking to them in this manner, a thundering came from the sky, and a great light descended.

50. The light settled on the ground not far from them, and it glittered like metal in the sunlight.

51. Jmmanuel spoke no more, but went to the metallic light and entered into it.

52. Then, however, a haze arose all around it. Once again a thundering began and the light ascended back into the sky.

53. And the disciples returned to Jerusalem in secret and made known the events among their own kind.

241 Chapter 34

Teaching about Creation

J. Jmmanuel preached powerfully, saying, "Behold, Creation stands above humanity, above god and above everything.

2. "It appears to be perfect by human comprehension, but this is not so.

3. "Since Creation is spirit and thus lives, even it must forever perfect itself.

4. "But since it is one within itself, it can perfect itself by way of its own creations, through the generation of new spirit forms that dwell within humans, give them life, and evolve towards perfection through their learning.

5. "The newly generated spirit is part of Creation itself; however, it is unknowing down to the smallest iota.

6. "When a new spirit is created, which is still unknowing in every way, it lives in a human body and begins to learn.

7. "Persons may consider the unknowing spirit as stupid and say that the individual is confused.

8. "But it is not, because it is only unknowing and devoid of knowledge and wisdom.

9. "Thus may this new spirit live a life within a human being in order to gather knowledge.

10. "Then, when this spirit enters the beyond, it is no longer as unknowing as it was at the time of its beginning.

I I. "And it returns into the world and lives again as a human being but is no longer quite as unknowing as it was at its beginning.

12. "Again it learns and gathers further knowledge and new wisdom, and thereby increasingly escapes from ignorance.

13. "So, after many renewed lives, the time comes when people say that this spirit is normal and not confused.

14. "But this is neither the end of the spirit nor its fulfillment, because, having become knowing, the spirit now seeks the greatest wisdom.

15. "Thus, the human spirit perfects itself so extensively that it unfolds in a Creational manner and ultimately becomes one with Creation, as it was destined from the earliest beginning.

16. "Thus, Creation has brought forth a new spirit, allowing it to be perfected independently in the human body. The perfected spirit returns to Creation to become one with it, and in this manner Creation perfects itself within itself, for in it is the knowledge and wisdom to do so.

17. "Truly, I say to you, the time will never come when Creation ceases to create new spirit forms and to broaden itself,

18. "However, Creation also requires rest, a characteristic of all that lives, and when it slumbers it does not create.

19. "Just as human life has day and night and is divided into work and rest, so Creation also has its times of work and rest.

20. "Its period, however, is different from that of people, because its laws are the laws of the spirit,

21. "while human laws are the laws of material life.

22. "The material life is limited, but the life of the spirit lasts forever and knows no end.

23. "Creation, however, is subject to the laws of Primeval-Timelessness and Primeval-Creation, which is the Absolute Absolutum and the beginning and endlessness of everything. And it was created out of itself.* (* Absolute Absolutum: Most basic Creational level or most basic Absolutum level, respectively, of which there are seven. From the highest Absolutum level down to the lowest the following sequence is valid: BEING Absolutum, Zohar Absolutum, Super Absolutum, Creative Absolutum, Central Absolutum, Ur-(= primal, original, prime) Absolutum, and Absolute Absolutum. Out of the Absolute Absolutum the first Creation form of the lowest kind was created--the material universe, the universal consciousness or universe in which We exist. This universe, universal consciousness, or Creation form, respectively, which is the first and lowest of all 1049 Creation forms, has created out of itself all Creational energies, i.e., all spirit energies and Spirit forms. It is therefore the creation of its own Ur-source. The Absolute Absolutum is the idea-related procreative power only, out of which the lowest Creation form that is our DERN Universe has come forth.)

24. "Its secret is that which is immeasurable and is based on the number seven, which is counted in 'times.'

25. "This is one of the secrets and laws the human mind will solve only when it reaches perfection.

26. "But let it be said that the laws of life are not hidden from the wise man, hence he can recognize and follow them.

27. "Thus the wise understand that the secret of Primeval-Creation lies in the number seven and in computations based thereon. Thus they will gather and retain the knowledge that Creation has a time for work or rest that is also based upon the number seven.

28. "Creation rested in a state of slumber for seven Great Times when nothing existed, not even the universe.

29. "Only Creation itself existed in slumber, and it brought forth no creature nor anything.

30. "However, it did awaken from its slumber through the seven cycles of seven Great Times and began to create creatures and everything.

31, "After having rested for seven cycles of seven Great Times, it is now creating living organisms and everything else, and it will do so for seven more cycles of seven Great Times, until it requires rest again and reposes anew in deep slumber for a further seven Great Times.

32. "When it will rest again and lie down in slumber, nothing will exist except for Creation itself.

33. "There will be neither creatures nor any other thing.

34. "Only Creation itself will exist during the seven cycles of the seven Great Times, because it will rest and slumber until it awakens again and brings forth new creatures and everything else.

35. "Just as Creation is one within itself, however, so is all life, being and existence one within itself.

36. "It is by the law of Creation that all humans, plants, animals and all life are one in themselves.

37. "A person may believe that everything is two or three, but that is not so, because everything is one.

38. "Whatever people believe to be two or three is actually one, so they should make everything that is two or three into one.

39. "Since the spirit in a person is part of Creation, it is one with Creation; consequently it is not two.

40. "And since the body is a part of the spirit in a different form and matter, it is therefore one with the spirit; consequently it is not two.

41. "The teachings state that there is a unity and not, in any way or form, a duality or trinity.

42. "If it appears to people that there is a duality or trinity, then they are the victims of deception, for they do not think logically but according to human knowledge.

43. "But if they think according to the knowledge of the spirit, they find the logic, which is also in the law.

44. "Only human thinking can be incorrect, not the laws of Creation.

45. "For this reason, it is said that everything emanates from a unity, and a duality seems apparent only because humans, in their limited thinking, cannot grasp the truth.

46. "Since everything is a unity and everything emanates from it, no duality or trinity whatsoever can exist because it would violate the laws of Creation.

47. "Therefore people should make the two or three into one and think and act according to the laws of Creation.

48. "Only in ignorance does a person fabricate a duality or trinity and give offense to the laws of Creation.

49. "When a person aligns everything into this unity, making everything into one, and then says to a mountain, 'Move away,' then it will move away.

50. "When everything is one in Creation, in its laws, in the creatures and in matter, it is without error.

51. "When a wise man says there are always two of everything, he means that they are one within themselves and one together.

52. "It is only two in appearance, because in itself and also together it is always one.

53. "Therefore evil is one in itself because it is also good in itself. Likewise, good is one in itself because it is just as much evil in itself.

54. "Since even when apart they are one and a unity, together they are also one and a unity, for this is the law of Creation.

55. "Thus the result is that there are two parts in appearance, but they are both one in themselves and one when together.

56. "If, therefore, people say there exists also a trinity, then their consciousness has been addled by some cult, falsified teachings or confused thinking.

57. "A unity always consists of two parts, which are one in themselves and are a duality only in appearance.

58. "Since a person is a unity of two parts, the spirit is a unity of two parts, but both are one in themselves and one together.

59. "The body cannot live without the spirit and conversely, because spirit and body are a unity despite their seeming duality.

60. "The spirit, however, lives according to the same law, because in itself it also consists of two parts and is one in each part; thus it is one in itself.

61. "The two parts of the spirit are wisdom and power.

62. "Without wisdom of the spirit, its power cannot be utilized, nor can any wisdom emerge without spiritual power.

63. "Hence, two things are always required that are one within themselves, so there is a oneness within the unity but not a duality.

64. "Thus the law says that a human being is a unity in itself, which consists of two equal parts that form a unity, both within themselves and also together.

65. "And the two equal parts in the human being, each of which constitutes a unity within itself, are the body and the spirit.

66. "So when the scribes teach that a person lives in a trinity, this teaching is erroneous and falsified, because it is not taught in accordance with the laws of Creation."


The Talmud of Jmmanuel: The Clear Translation in English and German (Paperback)
by Eduard Meier, J. H. Ziegler (Translator), B. L. Greene (Translator)

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