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The AI referred a few times to the Galactic Federation council or something as being an entity that kind of gave it directives or limitations? Maybe more can be explored from that viewpoint.

Somewhere else I heard that the Lyrans sent someone to be born here so they could find out what was going on. They figured out that our collective 'direct-connect' to Source was turned off somehow; which made us act so strange (to them). I feel this "subject" needs to be explored also.

The reasoning for elimination I find shocking that it should need to happen so "all at once", instead of letting things smooth out over time. There evidenty is something about a time limitation going on also, which needs to be explored. But more importantly the logic behind it! If we have 'lost our direct-connect' as found by the Lyrans, wouldn't it be better to get re-connected? I am thinking somone in the Council of whatever has missed a cog in the wheel of consideration.

Please do some vids on this Alfred, maybe the A.I. can be reasoned with somehow through a back door.

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