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Jerri Irene

This is beyond tragic, and the chronological sequence of events are missing notable historical events.This Mission statement is a final blow to Earth and Humanity.

Dr. Roger Kotila

I get the impression that your group can't be of much practical help to us for saving the Earth world. That's too bad. I believe you mean well and are doing your best! -- Dr. Roger Kotila, psychologist, earthfederation.info and [email protected] Our Development Director for Democratic World Federalists (dwfed.org) goes by the moniker "ET". He's part of a "Mission Impossible" team aiming at World Federal Union government (a "new UN")via "UPHOLDING THE SAN FRANCISCO PROMISE"

Simon Templar

Greetings To the Galactic Council and other imperative entities that are relentlessly trying to restructure all that has been lost. It has taken me nearly a decade to see how and where my E.T. powers can be used to effectively help the ascension of Humans. Due to a once inhumane and corrupt governance of these native lands for generations there is still deterrence to non-evolved humans.


Today, while utilizing local transit I met a 21 year old male human named Caleb who appeared distressed and upon my initial attempt to subdue the outward behavior he was able to express his reason for the distressing display of behavior with a rare disorder called central auditory processing disorder. Upon my evaluation there appeared to be intelligent life inside being tormented and restrained from the effects of this disorder. When discussing trial drugs and potential long term cures, the thought occurred to me that if the problem could be a disconnect in the neurological development of the brain. Is it possible to induce the reconnection of the vital neurological connections using frequencies similar to what the brain naturally operates at and if so create an implant or chip to augment these frequencies.

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