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Richek Vishinsky

I experienced a similar situation here in Northern Ca. just near SF I was driving along and my radio started fuzzing out so I leaned in to see what channels would come in as it is not unusual for the radio to have bad reception in that area. As I leaned in I caught movement and I looked up to see a silver ball drop down right in front of my car windshield, follow me for a second then blast me with such a white light that I pulled over thinking that I had been blasted by a nuclear bomb. It was early eve and their was a car coming from the other direction and they just drove by like nothing happened. When I spoke to others later many people had seen the white light up to 50 miles from where I was. My friend thought of me at that moment and thought for some reason I was outside her house taking photos with a flash... she related later .. One gentleman I spoke to said he had the exact same experience on the road that parallels the one I was on at the same time. Either way it is a strange parallel for me as it shot back up in the sky after blasting me with the white light. I then was wishing my dog was in the car with me so he could have sorbed some the white light. I always drive past there now and look up. I cannot really feel like anything changed in me physically from the blast I did not feel it in any way. but it was certainly fantastic anyway. I think this case is very important as it was picked up by multiple cameras simultaneously from a variety of vantage points including one guy filming another guy who was videoing the same object out in front of him> All the footage and the infant they found int he dome of the rock the next day is certainly a head scratcher.

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