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1 more important info: It's apparent that the 'aliens' can do much damage using the tokamaks (aka colliders) they already have in use. The coded info on Antarctica happenings (Antarctica is the code word for ex Yugoslavia) shows that they aldeady damaged the crystal structure under the Balkan pyramids, which causes magma to rise and flow freely, and thats the cause of ubnormal massive fires all accross the Balkans.

Still, they are in the process of building yet more powerful tokamaks/"colliders" Lisac4 and ITER, and that must absolutelly be stopped right now !!!!


"Al-i-Ens" is the code word for Albanians='Albions' (exVenetian traders came to UK back then) +English united in the quest of seizing the world's still functioning pyramids, to use them as weapons of mass destruction, as giant HAARP.

UFO is regular patent of Nikola Tesla, and it is the flying machine which uses electromagnetic force to fly; but it needs to have strong EM field to be able to fly properly, the kind that exists on pyramids.

Suma summarum: the 'alien' HEllite's enhnic kin Sicilian mafiosos (they are also ethnic Albanians) in the US has hacked the papers of the Serbian genious Nikola Tesla, and learned about the power of Serbian and other Balkan pyramids, and plotted how to kill off and expell the locals, in order to get access to the pyramids that Serbian ancestors made.. Now they have it, have connected those pyramids with CERN collider and the one NA-TO has built in Kosovo, and experiment with the system. So far they succeeded to make earthquakes, unleash fires (because the Balkan lies on a supervolcano, and one of the pyramids' functions is to serve as the exhaust vaults for magma below), and do all kinds of weather modification. Similar story applies in regard to Syrian, Iraqi and Afgani pyramids. The main thing is that NATO and albanian/albion/sicilian 'alien' mafia must be urgently expelled from Kosovo and all the Balkans, because Kosovo is the crossing point of all world's pyramidal leylines, and therefore helps manage HAARP facilities from USA to China, which use pyramids as the HARP devices.
Likewise, Western people must free NATO from spiritcooking 'aliens' right now, disable America's Ligos, a colider in Almaty etc, to neutralize the immediate danger which 'aliens' want to cause in their quest to enslave humanity.

This so called 'alien' mafia was so succesful in their enslavement of people because they've been secretly using Nikola Tesla's high tech patents that can influence human organs based on frequencies, and disable or confuse the victims (like Alfred was). In the same time, they were helping themselves with the same high tech in a good way.
(For instance, Alfred's wannabe 'ufologist' so called friend from the program was using good high tech for herself, and bad for her victims).

To disempower those evil 'aliens', people must have the same high tech EM/vibrational weaponry for attack and defense (1st aid would be aluminum foil, but one needs something stronger nowadays).

That't the long story short.

Now the most urgent is to expell NATO from Kosovo and the Balkans, and to guard Serbian mightiest pyramid Rtanj from being robbed of "the Arc of the Covenant" (=capacitor) and so called Ray Brown's crystal (=transformator), because 'aliens' are exavating there already, and if they find those items, they'll unleash new global deluge. And go figure, new WTC in NY is a giant HAARP facility, able to "call" flooding of NYC at the command...

Good luck with dismantling NATO, Westerners!


https://www.forbes.com/2009/08/27/ted-kennedy-soviet-union-ronald-reagan-opinions-columnists-peter-robinson.html. Yeah, those Democrats really value our Democratic values, alright. Maybe Carter losing had a little more to do with the gas shortage and hostages of Iran not having been gotten back. Maybe he did achieve that, but not in time for the elections. Was there some big conspiracy that caused George H.W. Bush not to get re-elected? He was Skull and Bones and the campaign in Iraq worked out pretty well for him. Oh, no, because he was a Republican. No conspiracy theories for that party losing any elections, right..

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