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Lisbeth Johnsen Berg-Estenson

Tiamat/Kengu was of many suggested to be to planets,in my opinion it was two super volcanoes,on the sea floor,booth erupted,Fennoskandia sunk,the maories also have the story of the hearts of the lake,who swallowed the Earth,very old history.So Tiamat and Kingu was to super volcanoes,maybe the solar cycles caused the event.Pyroclastic heat has caused the mountains here about to melt deep marks,holes on the upheavels and main terraine,come see for yourselves,fascinating.

Lisbeth Johnsen Berg-Estenson

Well,i am sondering if any off you guys have beste about mr.bål gangadhar tiltak ?
He's studies about Artig Home in the Vedas,an "ignored" historically classic !
Why,because it unveil a lot of the missing links,about tribal/human history and extinction of trives,and the birdtribe(the blackswan)the dragonlike viking symbols,as i asume is an expressing of the blackswan,earlier located in the noe sunken Polar area known as Fennoskandia,the old world.I experienced memories,and i found the answears to that existence in his explanations,translations of the Vedic scriptures who is a part of the sunken territorium North of Svalbard/Norway.
But the Vedic explains about the Arayans,a Tribe descended to North India.Originally living in the then very mild climate of the northern regions.
astronomisk values,estimates the place,the stars mentioned in the
Vedas hymns about the sunken Paradise,the "survivers,many trives there,where lost.Ancient spirit memories confirmation that.Enjoy.

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