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Robert Authement


Robert Authement

NSA / CIA / Military Domestic Handling of Civilians & Human Rights Violations Presently Occurring in USA

This physical document was handed to me by a gentleman named "John" whom identified himself as "Corporate Security" at the beginning of Million Mask March in Washington D.C. at the base of the Washington Monument, November 5th 2016. I am copying it word for word because even to me, some of it makes sense and other aspects still have me wondering. What follows is the actual transcript.

2nd location (race does not matter) is for punishement and control of citizen's lives. Homes, hospitals, and prisons. Non-voluntary hospice.

Undercover boss is not a privilege it is being used for punishment and control. Non-voluntary movement after illegal transitioning.

Electronic eye is (single blind) not good for foreigners or locals (if required) in DoD controlled electronic airspace.

US airwaves control of electronic eye assignment (possibly wireless internet).

Use of internet and cell phone to manage eye (click on or off) or see fake message (image on person), your silent audio can be managed also.

Most citizens alive are living in the blind (double blind). Don't know how they are being handled (no church would approve of this).

Your smart phone used to manage your image or electronic messages from you to receiver for management. There are many government employees or neighborhood manager (can be done by corporate security). They can be fooled by corprate security (using these digital tools).

Foreign eyes are not on the same frequency or same program. Cover (mil gogggles) the electronic eye and possibly leave an eye tap behind.

The labels assigned using your home internet or smart phone are being used to manage you by single blind folks who think it was assigned by the government or church. (KKK in government using the name of the church?) No separation of church and state?

Corporations with political influence can have you handled to prevent lawsuits, protect their reputation, and prevent you from getting a job.

Some corporations have corporate security taking part in this (Comcast). Corporate hire / fire (NAMIC James C. Jones)

These labels, images, and internal message can be changes via smart phone (different locations). Or to change your life when they want.

Wi-Fi, smart phones, home internet. They can keep you in an electronic bubble without you knowing. Either target you with data or manipulate the background to justify monitoring to other departments (FBI). Most labeled people have a clean record and do not know about it?

Corporate sector also labels (image) as they see fit. Employee phone or your own after separation (this can be actively managed).

Digital eye that can see, can be recorded. Also individuals can be given an eye tap only for recording purposes. Download via smart phone and kept in Utah (data base center). Unfortunately, corporation manipulate this data or certain government assigned divisions do it.

This can be cut and pasted like an iMovie from someone else's view point to another. To pretend you were the one committing the act.

They also go after financial records (government benefits) and tax history (sercet service or corporate security).

They are building a database of all people in U.S. to be activated for recording (audio + visual) when required or actively (in Utah?).

White wash (manipulation of this data) and higher level military caps (corporate sector) for certain individuals to keep their head clean, locked, and hide what they did at the second location while acting as undercover boss. Others have data collected, manipulated and use against you when needed. Some executives can make iMovie, visit or call to punish, manipulate location, and manage eye off or on w/ cover.

Tracking and monitor via smart phone or IP address on your head (for negative or positive management). With a translator installed.

They can create fights in your home (electronic fishing of family members) then use social services. Decide what job you get or don't get.

Pretend your family member require hospice or a divorce. And create problems when you manage your assets afterword's. [sic]

Negative elbow room on the drive towards prison time or the hospital. Or just to mess up your life using your family members and friends.

When required monitor your tax guy and you to see you are doing anything wrong (drugs etc.) and then handle it appropriately. Your company executive can decide. Corporate influence in the government to gain access to several these tools and operate (at highest levels).

Everyone is considered in the military by the NSA and assigned the appropriate military cap. Electronic eye can be recorded (you may not know you have it). Sometime they activate the SSD up top for download and upload (using phone or remote database). Used to set you up.

Military level 6/7 above (including executives of some corporations & politicians) can data lock or data wipe people of lower levels after calling or (force) visit. Level 6/7 above can make you data lock or erase at both locations, the same time period (may affect memory).

Can use this data to make decisions in peoples' lives and pretend they are the church. If there is a seniors group, Bush is at the top.

The labels are believed to be given by church but they are given by local handlers. The latest technology is to load internally which can mislead HR, government official, religious leaders. People are just supposed to assume it is done for a reason. Divide and manage?

In the U.S., most who control this program were appointed under Bush (far right) and Obama. Maybe the Patriot Act was used to justify and people were told it is for their protection while building an advantage for a select few. If you step out of line you run into hard times.

England (Queen's appointed people) many use remote site management and have labels.

Russia (KGB) have remote site management. China uses remote site for their security.

No one can jump into DoD electronic zones (they get ID, monitored). The U.S. can jump almost anywhere covertly (1,2,3 cover image).

Latest is the facial imaging which fools the eye and spy community overseas. Especially for selected personnel (in a specific zone).

The government allows private sector to jump worldwide and assign appropriate tools to handle someone and then they play the good guy.

The problem is someone (private or public sector) can mess with your career and life as they see fit and this goes undetected because people are lead to believe this was done for a good reason. This is called living in the blind by the priavte sector as they manage your life (take revenge) and the higher ups are not supposed to know because no one questions it. They simply manage your tags via cell phone.

They can use remote site and control (audio + visual) to make local managers think there is an issure with an individual. (record - playback)

They also have the capability of creating undercover boss while citizens sit at home and make them jump anywhere in the world. And then punish them or have them punished. U.S.A. is almost like a digital North Korea with positive propaganda.

Remote site human control program exists and is presently being used for domestic management. Plus, labeling (and internal) via internet. This program is not on the same eye frequency as the rest of the world, but the single electronic eye (single blind) folks are lead to believe that it is. Central nervous system manipulation, attempts to interfere with human heart rate (digital hits), hospital are the test beds. They try to say the person died naturally or unexpectedly.

The silent audio (thoughts) can be monitored by higher military levels can be done remotely. It is like American football with calling people into the field (or image) and managing peoples' field of view (eyes off or on), then collecting the fake evidence. Referee (per group) keeping the time for possible data wipe or lock. This can be done from a remote location. Followed by punishement of the ones in view because the people who saw them think they did it, plus the data recovered from the view of the ones who were brought forward as viewing witnesses verifies it (this can be done in any location with internet). This is how wars can start using someone else as propaganda.

NSA --- builds the technology. They activate your SSD up top (like an IP address) to record remote site and know your location like a GPS via 4gLTE.

CIA --- Domestic enforces it or carries out the handling (negative elbow room). Team or undercover bosses to follow you. Secret servicing U.S.A.?

Military protects and manages the airwaves. Pretends it is not happening in the U.S. (positive propaganda). Foreign military cannot jump into the U.S.

Read about project MKULTRA and the future. Now they use internet and smartphone to activate and manage you (wireless taps).

If you resist --- first step is get you to a hospital or jail. Next to make you sound crazy and isolate while NSA monitors. Final is a CIA hit which can be done digitally. While DoD keeps the Russian and Chinese out via electronic fishing (catch someone who pounced in DoD zone).


FB post from Ashley Ann Justice, 1/18/2017

The NSA currently has satellites with millimeter wave technology that will allow visible intrusion into most facilities. The test facilities should be deep underground, AKA 1000 feet with no adjacent access from other facilities, sewer lines, water lines or power conduits etc.
Subliminal Implanted Posthypnotic Suggestions and Scripts Using Acoustically Delivered and Phonetically Accelerated Posthypnotic Commands without Somnambulistic Preparation in the Subject for Intelligence and Counterintelligence Applications by the United States National Security Agency.
1. Intelligence:
1. Used on foreign and domestic diplomats, spies, and citizens to gather intelligence, steal advanced technology for US Defense applications. Surveys of citizen's opinions to government events and propaganda. Heavy survey use during times of war, economic strife and political elections. War against drugs. Used to identify investments that have high yield to support clandestine operations. Used to direct field agents without the agents having to carry communications hardware and encryption devices.
2. Counterintelligence:
1. Used on foreign and domestic diplomats, spies, and citizens to identify intelligence operations; scope, participants, communication methods, and weaknesses in individuals, systems, equipment, or signals that can be exploited. Additional applications include misinformation dissemination, confusing and confounding leaders during critical decision moments, distorting significance of various facts to sway decisions and actions in US favor, behavioral modification of foreign spies to betray their loyalties, self initiated executions (suicides).
3. Behavior Modification and Accelerated Resocialization:
1. This technology is used to develop and control spies, political candidates, and other public figures through psychological intimidation, fear and extortion.
2. The NSA uses this technology to resocialize (brainwash) the US civilian voting population into "Giving their lives to Christ" (giving up their personal will and civil rights to the NSA). Each subject is required to maintain a "Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ" (following the precepts of the Bible and doing what is ordered by the NSA). The technology is also used to monitor and optimize NSA employee performance and loyalty.
1. Age Regression: The act of bringing back past memories in a subject though the use of hypnosis. The memories can be very vivid and real in the mind of the subject.
2. Hypnoamnesia: Temporary loss of memory due to a posthypnotic suggestion.
3. NSA: United States National Security Agency, Fort Mead, Maryland. [9800 Savage]
4. ODO: On-Duty Officer, or officer-on-duty.
5. Posthypnotic Command: Same as Posthypnotic Suggestion. This term "Command" is more commonly used when the hypnosis is forcibly given to the subject and when the subject's will has been broken down though the use of REM Sleep Deprivation and Suggestibility Index. Increasing drugs like CNS and Cardiovascular Stimulants. The exposure to extreme REM deprivation and select chemical stimulants cause the subject to have no ability to resist the "Suggestion" any longer thereby making it a "Command".
6. Posthypnotic Suggestion: A subconscious suggestion or command resident and potentially active in the subject following a hypnotic trance or period of direct access to the subconscious mind.
7. Posthypnotic Suggestibility Index: An index or rating of a subject's susceptibility and sensitivity to hypnosis.
8. REM DEP: Abbreviation for REM Sleep Deprivation or REM Deprivation. A subject deprived from REM Sleep has multiple symptoms i.e. reduced protein synthesis, black circles around eyes, loss of short term memory, confusion, impulsiveness, anger, frustration, diminished self-esteem, increased suggestibility, reduced productivity, apathy, and depression. Long term REM Deprivation results in death.
9. Script: A carefully constructed series of words arranged in the form of a posthypnotic suggestion. The script will generally consist of four separate parts;
(1) an identifier (subject's name, description, or other identifying factor),
(2) trigger activation condition or conditions (when, what or how the suggestion will trigger),
(3) the content (what the trigger will precipitate in the perception of the subject),
(4) and a duration (when or under what conditions will it stop or finish). Additional reinforcing scripts are usually added to "strengthen" or reinforce the central posthypnotic command.
10. Somnambulatory State: An abnormal condition of sleep in which motor acts (like walking, running) are performed. This state is typically achieved and a prerequisite to traditional hypnosis.
11. Subliminal Implant: A posthypnotic suggestion successfully delivered to the subject's subconscious mind.
12. Transceivers (NSA): Nearly microscopic electronic surveillance devices that collect and transmit encrypted audio, color video, and location coordinates collected at the subject site to NSA Satellites that in turn forward it to NSA central intelligence operations. The devices also receive encrypted audio scripts from NSA central intelligence operations through the satellites and deliver it to the subject's site in the form of a subliminal posthypnotic suggestion. These devices are approximately the size of the head of a straight pin and can be concealed in houses, offices, automobiles, planes, and street corners.

[OP insert]
your webform does not recognize my website url so I am appending to the bottom of this document which WAS handed to me at the foot of the Washington Monument in DC, November 5th 2016.


Oh dear....you're going to have to leave behind a few concepts Alfred. The D3 consciousness, 2/3 of it to be precise, enters the phantom matrix during dream sleep. The Illuminati have the tech to harness that consciousness and transfer into a clone. That's a starting point for YOU to wake up. Donald Marshall isn't the issue, though he tells it as it is from his perspective.

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