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They have or had something like this going on in Central Wisconsin!
It's a gang or satanic cult type deal(?) What was heard, but not a fact... and there is a place called the "Bridge to the heavens: In Latin? over at one of the Wisconsin areas! At the new similar place they also have a burial place and it's almost like the one near Lindsey a dark and forest type area!
There is nothing wrong with doing activities of such unless using illegal criminal activity that would hurt another person or animals!
How-ever there is harassment and other stuff going in places that people are afraid of and control issues that are targeting certain people to not live their own lives and it is frightening!
The USA has to stop this targeting gang stalking/serious disastrous and intimidating control mind GAME and control by criminal activities using illegal Implants and mind control not done or none by experiment through military or with all laws in-acted through the government/patient and family and or President authorizations,
because we have criminals using it to destroy life as it was with no authorizations and illegal activity!
Electronic laws /telephone/TV frequencies Laws/emergency radio Communications and frequencies are being abused because it is heard through telephone and TV Air waves frequencies, causing Health human issues and mental abuse is what this is about through criminal activity not known by the law! This activity is also criminal because of Animal abuse!.. because it is a different sound audible to pets, separate then what pet dealers sell as a bark control machine in pet stores which use electronic waves that dogs and other animals can here to stop barking or other nuisance activities! This activity causes run away underground electric for animals who may feel it more then other animals!
Mind control or harassment/stalking/listening /INTERNAL NANO BODY BUGGING ( Not grounded by the way!) with NANO Implants/sound or frequencies is a electronically ran system and can pass to another person, children or pets in the family!
Also this Implant brain initiative is scary cause this could
also get into revenge artists and criminals hands!
(Quoted) Steven Hawking's said something to this information also and he is right!

Jim Harrell

Hi Alfred - Thanks so much for this interview and all your cool info and vids. I thought this info dovetailed and expanded on Harald Kautz-Vellas materials really well. The Archon- Acari arachnoids link, that are generated from EM fields was really intriguing. I have often wondered how or why the "genetically altered mycoplasmas" came with the "Gulf War Illness" and spread publically in the 90s onward- before the onslaught of chemtrails. Wonder how it was a precursor or possibly how it is being utilized now.(?) Fantastic interview - both parts.

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