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@Pieter Kling: "Years ago while driving to Denver, Colorado on Interstate 70, I could see the very top of Pike's Peak poking above the horizon, as we got closer to Denver more and more of the mountain became visible until we could see right down to the base." - You can use your finger to block out the whole sun or any mountain in the distance. When you viewed the top of Pike's Peak, a small hill or any small object can obscure any size object easily on the horizon. It has been proved with long range scopes that when a boat fades over the horizon you can still see that boat in full with a telescope although it looks like it went "over" the horizon... Remember that the horizon is only the distance your eyes can see, not necessarily the curvature of earth. Every +/- 9 miles an object is supposed to drop about 16 feet according to earth curvature. That's not the case when viewed with a telescope, the object is viewed in full, despite the distance. Another interesting fact is gravity. A test was done to determine if the iron core in earth is the cause of gravity. Two pendulums where dropped down a very deep shaft. It was determined that the pendulums moved away from each other and not towards each other like it should do according to current theories. I'm not saying Earth is flat, but it is possible that Earth is neither spherical.


We have been so much programed to see what we are told...and our humain natural abilities are still dormant for most of us.... So i think that a flat earth can be real....To me, this "new" controversy is no big deal because i take what is questioned as more food for disclosure... I will beieve what i see and what i feel intuitively....

Lynn Metcalfe

The video was very hard to watch. The music was so loud and distracting. I found it difficult to read the text and watch the diagrams at the same time. Why would all the planets in our universe be round and ours flat. He never joined his theory to a synopsis of why the lie was being told to us. Advert for book? Didn't convince me.

Dr Tony Minervino, DC

Hi Alfred - My best guess at this point is that the Earth and the other planets and suns are spherical and in motion, and sometime appear to manifest behavior consist with actually being flat and static. Understanding that this reality is actually a holographic projection generated by the consciousness of the observer, this phenomena is understandable and not at all unexpected - much like the particle/wave phenomena observed by quantum physicists. I have no doubt that this is the waking dream, and is as such a virtual reality. Perhaps we can play around with this subject on the Dr Tony Minervino Show on DarkCityRadio.com when we get together. All the Best, Dr Tony Minervino, DC

Karmeshvar Tagorda

To what length they would go to engineer their disinfo! I would also like to see inch~perfect views of Mars by Hubble. And, isn't it that there is a statue of Atlas in the Holy See from the early days?

Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg

My book "Path to Orion" goes into this change in earth's configuration in detail.

--http://www.amazon.com/dp/1484851161 ...
Path to Orion, Yes We Can Overcome the Crisis in Belief

What I didn't realize until now was that Earth changed shape when it popped out of its gravity well . . . as a red blood cell pops into torus shape from spherical when the body comes to rest.

Earth is now a torus, not a flat platter; however, every point on a torus sees a perfectly flat horizon.



I have wondered why no psychic or Remote viewers or those claiming to be in contact with ETs have mention this. Also, those very well known galactic channelers that claim to channel have mentioned the earths axis and wobble and have never talked about a flat earth that I know of. For some reason this flat earth info is starting to show up everywhere now. Maybe it would be a good to ask the remote viewers and those claim to be in contact with Ets these questions and ask why it has never been mentioned.

Adolfo Rios Pita Giurfa

Dear Alfred: You know that movie is a complete non-sense. The only meaningful and indirect message it is that WE DO NOT SEE REALITY AS IT IS. It is very hard to admit but it is painfully true that though we believe we live in a 3D world, psychologically we really live in a 2D world, and this is our MATRIX. As long as there was no film in an old film photographic camera there were no photos possible, as long as there is not a separation between SUBJECT AND OBJECT there is neither individuality nor "freedom". There is NO SPACE IN BETWEEN "ME" AND "MYSELF" neither I perceive or sense any forces acting around and from me; like Carlos Castaneda´s Don Juan said (paraphrasing) "We are like sail boats with the sail full of holes, so we do not sense any wind acting on it.."or, like the Chinese book of "The Secret of the Golden Flower" says: "There is a thousand Li (miles) between one who simply does not know and one who knows he does not know"
It is painful for us to acknowledge that though the Laws of the Universe are extremely simple to understand everyone really REJECTS THEM, and this is because real knowledge, understanding is a RESULT of an ending fight against our own entropic tendencies: Jesus said "I came not to bring peace but to bring war" and this is also the real meaning of the Islam´s Jihad. It can be explained in terms of acquiring or losing energy, in terms of thermodynamics: It is not the same to fall than to ascend; and we do need effort, to work, in order to ascend. In the same token that we cannot tune a UHF station with a long wave radio receiver. What even a child could comprehend and accept, like for example that in order to be a piano player we must take piano classes and practice every day unceasingly and sacrificing other occupations, we do not accept it and we think "it will be given to us FOR FREE", and, of course, THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!
Of course, exterior "conditions" may be favorable.....but PHYSICAL LAWS are there and will be there, so it does not matter how much wind there is around, as long as your sails have holes they won´t work!
An there is another PHYSICAL LAW: Knowledge is MATERIAL as anything else: If you have a cake for ten people you will not be able to give a piece of it to a thousand people, moreover if the MAJORITY DOES NOT WANT IT!!!!!!!!
There are several ways, paths, to acquire knowledge, and TO BE, many "DO" ´s as Japanese tradition and other cultures know. But if you are in real NEED and you are really HUNGRY, you will find them, perhaps in your own neighborhood, even in the next door.
In these times that you americans depreciate and propagandize hate against Islam, you need to learn, to humbly learn and recognize such "advanced technology" like this one (dancers in this video are AMERICANS and ENGLISHMEN, and it is an excerpt of the Film english director Peter Brooks called "Meetings with Remarkable Men")
(Ya know my dear Alfred: The Superman Saga was really A CARTOON and NOTHING BUT A CARTOON, but there are and exist enough American initiates from who you can learn . OUR WORLD has been UP SIDE DOWN, our LEADERS, world wide, are not but the worst ones among us. The GOOD NEWS is that the real ones do exist but are anonymous and you can find them!)


Peter Kling

The biggest issue against a flat earth is a little thing called surface tension. In a vacuum a drop of water is spherical, space is one big vacuum hence any liquid, as in liquid magma, which the Earth once was, will naturally form a sphere, it's simple physics.

Years ago while driving to Denver, Colorado on Interstate 70, I could see the very top of Pike's Peak poking above the horizon, as we got closer to Denver more and more of the mountain became visible until we could see right down to the base.

Regardless of NASA's showboat productions of a "Space Program", which may or maynot be anything more than window dressing and a distraction from the Truth, physics and scientific laws would dictate anything having surface tension will become spherical in a vacuum. It's not complicated it's simple physics.

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