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Random Hello

We are literally free. let them live in their illusionary delusions XD haha
joke :)

geez you're so serious ;)

Alfred Lambremont Webre

Unity Consciousness is the consciousness that we all are ONE, as opposed to Duality Consciousness, whose paradigm meme is, "I win you lose". The Positive Future Equation (FQE) is premised on a positive timeline as awakening humanity lets go of duality consciousness and enters Unity consciousness in ascending frequencies of consciousness.

Real truth

"Positive Future = Positive Timeline + Unity Consciousness" ... hum.... This sounds more like: Zionist Nazi NWO dream = Zionist Nazi Virtual World + Unitedly controlled cyber humans.

It's so clear that technology is destroying humanity health and freedom (for instance, just measure how much radiation we're getting from all our i-phones, lap tops, smat meters/tvs, microwaves, refrigerators, etc, not mentioning how much surveillance we're getting from all this consumerist-unnecessary-polluting-junk techs! ) and to think that it's going to be "positive" the more humanity depends on it is INSANE. Stop and Think: "Unity" is what every Facist Dictator ever wanted.... Diversity is the Key, Nature is Diversity and Freedom!
These freaks works on CONTROL, what's a better way to control than trough the unity of humanity and nature BY THEM? Wasn't "Globalisation" all about uniting? Now see what we're stuck with: UN, EU, USS... Would a completely unified world be any better (worse)?

Positive Future = Positive ACTION Right Now By THE PEOPLE AND FOR THR PEOPLE + Respect for Individual Divinity and Freedom in LOCAL ABUNDANCE United with NATURE -not by Corrupting/altering Humans and Nature to "perfect" them (in order to benefit/profit WHO?)

Alexandra's interviews are GREAT about what can you DO to have a positive future right now. She also interviews Kevin and Tellinger and clarify so much about what's really goin on online at galacticconection.com.

Listen to your Heart With your Brain and see the Truth: it might not be what you've expected. You need to ask yourself "who's working 4 who?" In order to find legitimacy and also blue prints in all of this.

P.S.: Although this equation might sounds like a good idea, remember that human history is full of exemples of good intentions that backed ideologies/experiments/technologies/inventions that always ended up in the wrong hands to do harm... To believe that we would have "democracy" in a virtual world is if nothing else but naive. A few controlling many either in a moneyless or with "new" money is all but control again and is meant to fail. In the day when EACH of us control our ownselves because of ethical and moral reasons for the benefit of the whole (not for the benefit of the controllers) with no need of any external "goverment", then I believe that an utopian society might be possible on this Earth.

We Can only Be One if, and only if, WE CAN BE FREE INDIVIDUALS in the first place. And that doesn't match with Unity but, on the contrary, respect for DIVERSITY is the Key. That's why THEY are destroying Nations, Cultures, animals&plants, and stealing ancient technology to control us and to keep us ignorant. To Unify would only make it even easier for them to control, don't you get it?

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